Monthly Archive: December 2016

Best Shoes for Elderly Men & Women (to Prevent Falls)

Last updated on: 16th December, 2016Due to their weak bones and muscles, most elderly people (seniors) find it hard to keep themselves stable while walking. And that’s why they are prone to falls, which can result in various fatal consequences….
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Best Toilet Handles (Rails) for Elderly Seniors

Last updated on: 13th December, 2016When you’re young and free of┬ádisabilities, using the toilet requires no more effort than lowering yourself on the toilet bowl and doing your thing. But for seniors, this simple task can be very difficult and…
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Best Car Handles for Elderly Seniors (Review)

best car handles for elderly seniors

Last updated on: 13th December, 2016As a senior or caregiver, you sure understand how old age can complicate very simple activities like getting in and out of cars. The weak bones ache and the frail muscles protest at the slightest…
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Best Toilet Seats for Elderly Seniors (Review)

Last updated on: 8th December, 2016Need to take care of business on the golden seat (there is an actual golden toilet)? Simple! Just sail in, squat, do your thing and sail out, in record time — hopefully. Unfortunately, this ideal…
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