4 Affordable, Low-cost Hearing Aids for Seniors and Elderly People

The market is now flooded with inexpensive hearing aids that sell for as cheap as $100, but the truth is most of them don’t really work as expected. If you’re looking to buy cheap hearing aids that work well for the correction of mild to moderate hearing loss, then you’re just on the right page.

In our bid to help you figure out the best cheap hearing aids, we scoured the market for the various options that are suitable for seniors and elderly people. Then we cut out the low quality candidates until we were left with the best four.

Here are the four products made our top list of low cost, affordable hearing aids for seniors and elderly people…

1. LifeEar Hearing amplifier

If you’re looking for a much cheaper alternative to those ridiculously expensive audiologist-fitted hearing aids, the LifeEar Hearing Amplifier is our top recommendation, as it is designed by seasoned audiologists.

The device provides clean amplification and digital voice reduction, so you’ll no longer miss out on those interesting statements at business presentations, cinemas, and other social gatherings.

The LifeEar Hearing amplifier blends with the best of American technology and combines that with European styling. So, it’s not just great at amplifying sounds, it’s also aesthetically alluring. And it provides a world-class cleaning experience typically associated with those four-figure hearing aids to find everywhere.

The device feature a 4-volume noise reduction programs, so background noise doesn’t come in the way of what you really want to hear. And it packs a 12-band digital sound processing technology for crisp and clear sound amplification. Also impressive is the device’s conservative use of batteries. A set of batteries last several 18-hour days before replacement becomes necessary, so there’s reduced long term cost of batteries.

The device is not the cheapest low-end hearing amplifier in the market, but its high quality and great reviews informed our decision to make it our top pick. Even at its price, it way cheaper than — yet equally as effective as — most high-end hearing aids. It comes with a 6-month warranty.

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2. Tweak Hearing-Focus Model Personal Sound Amplifier

This device didn’t make the second spot on our list by mistake. It packs many amazing features that will help you hear well in any environment, especially if your lifestyle involves shuttling between noisy and silent environments.

We cannot guarantee that this product will help those with severe hearing loss, but those with mild and moderate hearing loss have reported great results with this device.

The Tweak Hearing-Focus Amplifier comes with programs for both noisy and quiet environments. In noisy environments the devices cancels out background noise so you can clearly hear what you really want to hear. The directional microphones in the device can be tilted towards the direction your preferred sound is coming from (all sounds coming from other directions are cancelled out).

The device also packs fast-acting, sound-activated compression, digital volume control, 8-band graphic equalizer, automatic feedback control, low battery tone indicator, and other features typically found in high-end hearing instruments. It’s ideal for TV and radio meetings, religious services, recreational activities, theater, group conversations, and other social engagements. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

Interested in the Tweak Hearing-focus amplifier?  Click here to buy it on Amazon.com

3. Sound World CS50 Wireless Bluetooth Sound Amplifier

Unlike most other hearing amplifiers that amplify every sound around, the Sound World CS50 Bluetooth Sound Amplifier allows you to adjust your hearing preferences. The device comes with three pre-programmed settings for different environments, but you can also tweak these settings to suit your preferences.

In a noisy environment, you can easily adjust the device to focus only on the conversation of the person on front of you while fading out other sounds in the background that you’re not really interested in. This explains why the device is perfect for one-on-one conversations, parties and other gatherings, outdoor and sporting events, business meetings, television programs, restaurants, and other noisy places.

The Sound World CS50 Wireless Bluetooth Sound Amplifier comes with a free app that allows you to customize its settings using your smartphone (Android or iOS). It also comes with bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect it with your phone, use it as an alternative handsfree kit in your car, stream music and audiobooks straight to your ear, and connect it with other mobile entertainment devices.

This device, however, isn’t free from downsides. The first is that it sometimes fails to pair with smartphones (but switching off both devices and turning them on again usually solves the problem). Another is that your voice might sound tinny to the person at the other end when you’re on phone and using the device as a handsfree kit. Finally, some users complained that amplifier’s case was just too big for their pockets.

Nonetheless, the Sound World CS50 Bluetooth Sound Amplifier is a great device that works fine for mild and moderate hearing loss.

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4. Siemens High-Power LOTUS 12P Digital Behind-the-ear Hearing Aid

For some time now, Siemens has been majorly into the production of high-end hearing aids. However, the company has a number of low-end models to their credit, one of which is the Siemens High-Power LOTUS 12P Digital hearing aid.

Though cheap, this device packs a good number of amazing features that helps it to compete seriously with more expensive models by other brands. There’s a 100% digital signal processor and an excellent feedback elimination system.

The device comes in a robust design and a moisture-proof appearance. It’s great at reducing background noise. Many users have expressed their satisfaction at the sound quality. However, there are complaints that the device doesn’t stay put together because the tubing comes apart at the joint (this isn’t a general complaint), though.

The Siemens Digital BTE hearing aid is no doubt a much cheaper alternative to high end hearing aids. If you ‘re suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss and are on a shoestring budget, this is the right device for you.

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Final recommendations

If you’re looking to buy a cheap hearing aid that works more like the audiologist-fixed ones that cost four-figures in dollars, then you won’t go wrong with these four. We recommend that you choose the LifeEar Hearing Amplifier because it’s audiologist-programmed. However, if you cannot afford that, then consider any of the other three options.

Do you prefer something that gives you more than what the average hearing amplifier delivers? Then opt for the Sound World CS50, which comes with Bluetooth technology that makes it versatile.

But if you no more than $100 to spare, then you won’t go wrong with the Siemens High-Power Lotus hearing amplifier (12P size). We however recommend the other three over it.

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