Best Car Handles for Elderly Seniors (Review)

As a senior or caregiver, you sure understand how old age can complicate very simple activities like getting in and out of cars. The weak bones ache and the frail muscles protest at the slightest movement. And this explains why it can take an elderly person as much as 5 minutes to enter a car or exit it. That’s even if they can do that without being assisted.

Truth is, old age shouldn’t make anyone enjoy less of life. It shouldn’t stop anyone from getting into and out of their cars. And that’s why car handles were made in the first place.

What are car handles?

Car handles are tools that can aid elderly seniors in moving in and out of a car. They are generally portable, although some are permanently fixed to the car.

Types of car handles

There are two types of car handles. The first is the object type, which is portable and usually keyed into the car door latch and then held for support. The second is the car caddie type, which comprises a tough strap and handle and is permanently fixed on the door frame.

The first type seems better because it can be carried around and used with any car, while the second type can only be fastened to one car.

Why are car handles necessary for elderly seniors?

Car handles are not just car decorations or are they a subtle way of announcing ‘Elderly senior on board!’ Rather they are more of a car aid and safety tool.

One thing elderly people complain of is their loss of independence. At their age, they seem require assistance for every little task — which was not the case in their youthful days.

A car handle can restore some measure of the much needed independence for seniors, meaning they can get in and get out of a car with little or no assistance.

As a safety tool, a car handle prevents falls, slips or other avoidable accidents that could have fatal consequences.

Best car handles for elderly seniors: things to look for when buying

Unless you’re a manufacturer, marketer or distributor of a particular product, chances are you may not know what features a particular product should to have. Before you make that purchase order, bear in mind the following essential things to look out for when buying a car handle.

  • Comfort: Why use anything that brings no comfort? Ensure the car handle is ergonomically comfortable. While its inner part is usually made of steel, its outer part should be soft to the touch, as this will eliminate blisters on the palms. So, always favor car handles with rubberized handles.
  • Adjustability: A car handle that cannot fit into the car door latch is not fit to be a car handle (pun intended). A car caddie on the other hand must be adjustable to required length.
  • Durability: You must be able to vouch for the durability of the car handle, you certainly do not wish to purchase a new car handle every time you drive your car.
  • Weight support: This is very important and closely linked to its durability. The car handle works by supporting the weight of the user when getting in or out of a car. You don’t want to imagine the casualties that could result if the car handle snaps because it couldn’t support the user’s weight.
  • Non-slip feature: A car handle must have a firm grip, that is it mustn’t have a smooth or slippery handle, which can cause avoidable accidents.
  • Lightweight: The lighter a car handle weighs, the better for the user. It means you won’t need extra hands to carry it around or fit it in the appropriate place.

Best Car Handles for Elderly Seniors (Review)

Sometimes, a good thing can be bad. And a good example is when you have too many options to pick from. Same runs true for car handles; they’re so many in the market that making a good choice can be a huge challenge.

Well, no need to despair. We are here to help you sift the wheat from the chaff. And we’ve done that here as well, based on product features, buyer opinions, pricing, and other factors that matter to seniors.

Here are the car handles we recommend.

1. Stander Handy Bar – Automotive Standing Aid Car Handle

The Stander Handy Bar is a 3-in-1 handle that that ensures you have an uneventful time getting in and out of your car. As an automotive mobility safety tool, it will keep the elderly person stable as they navigate in and out.

In event of an accident, you can use the car handle to break the window or cut away the seat belt. I guess breaking the window feature is made easy due to its 350 pounds weight.

What we like

  • Fixing the car handle into the door latch is easy, you do not have to lose an empire over it.
  • It weighs light enough to be portable and heavy enough to support most body weights.
  • Is compatible with most vehicle door latches, including driver and passenger sides.
  • Portable size that fits in your car’s glove box or better the door console for easy remembrance.
  • 3-in-1 safety features; for safe hop in and out, breaking the window and cutting the seat belt.

What we dislike

  • Works only with vehicles that have a door latch attached with two bolts. Thus, it doesn’t work with vehicles that have a door striker bolt.
  • A latch with a light switch might interfere with the car handle’s operation.

2. Emson Car Cane Portable Handle

The Emson Portable Handle is a car cane that acts as leverage for stabilizing you when lowering yourself and lifting yourself in and out of your car. It meets ergonomic standards and has the non-slip feature.

The Emson car handle is portable and weighs 350 pounds, making it feel at home in a glove box or better in a door console. And like the Stander car handle reviewed above, it serves three purposes: as leverage for hopping in and out of cars, as window breaker, and as seat belt cutter in case of emergencies. Its inner part is forged from aluminum and can support most weights. It operates with two CR2 batteries.

What we like

  • Non-slip proof due to its sturdy feature
  • 3-in-1 safety features
  • Inbuilt flash light feature

What we dislike

  • It is battery operated (cool but additional costs over time)
Emson 9663 Car Cane Portable Handle
List Price: $29.99
Price: $10.00
You Save: $19.99
Price Disclaimer

3. Stander Metro Car Handle

The Metro car handle is another great car handle from Stander. Heavy seniors have no need to worry here, as this car handle supports the 300 to 500 pounds range.

What we like

  • Compatible with most doors, including driver’s and passenger’s side.
  • Non-slip safety feature.
  • A wonderful option for heavy weights.
  • Inbuilt flash light for nighttimes.

What we dislike

  • Works only with vehicles that have a door latch attached with two bolts. Thus, it doesn’t work with vehicles that have a door striker bolt.

4. Stander Car Caddie

The Stander Car Caddie is arguably the best car caddie in the automotive aid market. It’s a bit different from the others on this list. Rather than slide it in a car handle (as with others on this list), you strap it to the door frame.

The car caddie can be adjustable within 7-16 inches. It’s fitted with an ergonomic handle to protect your palms.

What we like

  • It is faster and easier to install and remove than other car handles. It takes just seconds.
  • So long as the door has a frame, it will fit on it without much ado.
  • Room for adjusting to user’s height for optimum satisfaction.
  • At 5 inches, the handle is wide enough to take on most palms.

What we dislike

  • Not suitable for very heavy users.

5. Able Life Auto Assist Grab Bar

The Able Life Auto Assist Grab Bar has lots of other functions apart from it’s primary automotive aid duties. One of them is that it can be used to scrape snow off the windows during winter. It supports user weight of up to 300 pounds and is just a few inches in length.

What we like

  • It’s portable in size and weight, so you can take it anywhere you go in your purse.
  • Can double as a key holder.
  • Improvisation or modifications not required due to its universal fit.

What we dislike

  • The so called ice scrapper feature doesn’t really do much.

Now we’ve narrowed your choices to just five, you should have an easy time making a choice. Be sure to confirm the weight of the intended user before going for shopping, though.

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