4 Best GPS Trackers for Elderly Seniors

Can you remember when GPS trackers first began commercial circulation and everyone started getting paranoid about the functions and the negative effects it might have on personal relationships?  (Lol.)

Well, if you’ve known about GPS trackers before now, you’d agree that that they’ve done a whole lot good than whatever harm anyone might want to tag on them.

Truth is, a GPS tracker is one of the best devices for elderly people. And that’s because their memory index isn’t on the same level as it used to be when they were younger.

You sure have heard of elderly seniors wandering off out of sight in public spaces and not getting found for days. Or you’ve probably witnessed a ‘funny’ scenario where an elderly person was found scrambling around clueless… and unable to remember where they’re coming from or going to, or what they’re looking for.

Don’t laugh! We all are going down that route.

What are GPS trackers?

To save you the technicalities and complexities, GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers are simple devices that are used to track an individual or object. It reports the exact location of the monitored individual or object to the finder via a remote communication network. GPS trackers work by communicating with artificial GPS satellites stationed around the earth.

GPS Trackers have moved from the traditional two-piece end-to-end devices that they used to be to a simpler one receiver and one tracker setup. The receiver is sometimes a computer or smartphone loaded with the tracker’s custom app.

Why do elderly people need GPS trackers?

Due to old age, seniors have a reduced ability to remember things. This is much worse in those struggling with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors can forget where they are, where they’re going, etc. In short, they can become disoriented.

GPS trackers eliminate the pain of endless search parties whenever an elderly one slips out of sight. And it could put caregivers’ minds at rest whenever seniors have to go out for any reason. If anything, a GPS tracker will do the searching for you and tell you exactly where they are.

Security and convenience are the two keywords of all GPS trackers and that’s exactly what they aim to give.

GPS trackers for elderly seniors: things to look out for

While reviewing different GPS trackers, here are few important checkpoints we considered, which we believe you should also consider before paying for any device.

  • Weight: Although this might not seem like the most important feature, but ‘discomfort voids purpose’. Getting a device that’s lightweight would definitely serve more purpose and can be easily moved around, compared to a heavier one.
  • Battery life: Some of customer’s complains about a number of GPS Trackers is the annoying requirement of battery replacement or charge, as the case may be. While some Trackers have long lasting batteries, some have batteries that drain faster than water from a broken pipe.
  • Geo-fencing: This simply means setting a perimeter on your receiving device, and having Tracker’s alarm go off on the receiver (your mobile phone) when the senior wanders past that perimeter. It’s a feature to indeed be thankful for.
  • Alert system: This is also a very important feature. As a matter of fact, one of the most important features since this works mainly with your receiver and is the only way to know ‘where’ exactly the tracker is.

Best GPS trackers for elderly seniors (review)

This is where we’re most helpful — narrowing your search and saving you the stress of racking your brain over which GPS tracker to ignore and which one to consider buying.

We reviewed several GPS trackers available in online marketplaces and compared them based on real buyer opinions, product features, and brand trust.

And here are the 4 best devices we found:

1. Yepzone One Personal GPS Locator

The Yepzone GPS locator is one of the most purchased locators in the market. It was unsurprising after we checked it out, as the device doesn’t only hold functionality and affordability together, but is also one of the lightest devices on sale. It has six months of free usage (before monthly subscription) and can track real time movement with just 2G. And the battery life is ‘mind blowing’.

Yepzon One Personal GPS LocatorPositives

  • The mobile app is one of the easiest to use
  • Easy to wear with the included neck strap
  • Not discomfortingly heavy (Weight is just 1.5 Ounces)
  • Waterproof feature (enhances durability)
  • Ability to track multiple similar devices with just one mobile app
  • Strong and long lasting battery life
  • No ‘On’ or ‘Off’ button on the device; No inadvertent switching
  • Six months free usage
  • Very affordable


  • Some users complained about how long it takes to get fully charged.
  • The perimeter/geo-location fencing’s accuracy is still being worked on.
  • Mode switching (walking – sleep) isn’t very convenient.

>>> Click here to buy the Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator on Amazon.com

2. Spy Tec Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Don’t judge the Spy Tec Mini by its size at all. It’s actually one of the things that give it an edge over other tracking devices. The Spy Tec mini has a $25 subscription and no hidden charges. The Spy Tec Mini is one of the most accurate feedback sending devices in the market and its two weeks long battery is its major selling point.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker


  • Acceptable weight, at just 8 Ounces
  • More durable than most trackers
  • Fall and movement detection
  • Long lasting battery life (up to 100 hours)
  • Geo-Fencing feature
  • Auto speed exceeding alarm
  • Real time feedback of location (and movement speed)


  • Some users complained have complained that the device took some getting used to.
  • In some locations, the feedback tends to be a tad bit slower.
  • Speed detection doesn’t auto-adjust, sometimes gives false alarm.

>>> Click here to buy the Spy Tec Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker on Amazon.com

3. Trackimo TRK-100 Universal Personal GPS Tracker

If you want a really fine balance between functionality and affordability, the Trackimo TRK-100 may just be your best bet. Although the device doesn’t have a call feature, it sends alert over e-mails and text messages, and it’s one of the most accurate devices around. What’s more? You get a whole free year no subscription on this tracking device.

Trackimo TRK-100 Universal Personal GPS Tracker


  • Really light weight, at just 4.8 Ounces.
  • 12 months free usage (no subscription required).
  • Very fast location feedback.
  • Long lasting battery life (up to 100 hours).
  • Auto alarm/feedback ‘Panic’ button.
  • Motion sensitivity increases battery life.
  • Geo-Fencing feature.


  • Out-of-coverage inaccuracies can be over the top.
  • Due to the design, the ‘Panic’ button could inadvertently go off.
  • No auto-adjust mode, which could lead to decreased battery life.

>>> Click here to buy the Trackimo TRK-100 Universal Personal GPS Tracker on Amazon.com

4. Personal GPS Tracker by VisionOneGPS

Never mind. That’s just the name. The Personal GPS Tracker simply works like any other basic GPS tracking device, offering real time location feedback of objects from the tracker to the receiver. What makes it standout however, is the ‘Silent Call’ feature (SPY tracker mode) that calls the receiver when certain parameters are breached.


Personal GPS TrackerPositives

  • Acceptable weight, at just 7.2 Ounces.
  • Waterproof feature; enhancing durability.
  • 2-Way communication like a phone call.
  • Long lasting battery life (up to 100 hours).
  • Geo-Fencing feature.
  • Real time feedback of location (and movement speed).
  • Very affordable at a range of $110 – $125


  • Some users complained have complained that the device took some getting used to.
  • The SOS button sometimes inadvertently goes off, raising false alarm.
  • Depending on your settings, the device’s battery may drain faster than expected.

>>> Click here to buy the Personal GPS Tracker by VisionOneGPS on Amazon.com

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