Best Flip Phones for Seniors (Elderly People)

Last updated on: 2nd January, 2017If you for once harbored the thought that the opposite of a ‘smart phone’ is a ‘dumb phone’, then just hold on till you see the number of people who have little or no interest…
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Best Bed Alarms for Elderly Seniors

Last updated on: 2nd January, 2017If you’re looking for an unbiased review of bed alarms for elderly seniors, you’re just on the right page. Read on to understand why bed alarms are important for seniors and caregivers and what features…
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4 Best GPS Trackers for Elderly Seniors

Trackimo TRK-100 Universal Personal GPS Tracker

Last updated on: 30th October, 2016Can you remember when GPS trackers first began commercial circulation and everyone started getting paranoid about the functions and the negative effects it might have on personal relationships?  (Lol.) Well, if you’ve known about GPS…
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Best Lift Chairs for Elderly Seniors

Easy Comfort Infinite electric recliner

Last updated on: 7th July, 2016As a senior, you’d probably have known that resting on a lift chair is one of the best ways to relax after a busy day. Only few things are more soothing than bringing your body to its…
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Best iPads for Seniors and Elderly People (2017)

best ipads for seniors elderly

Last updated on: 26th February, 2017Due to the convenience, portability, and ease of use that they offer, tablets are fast becoming more popular than desktops PCs and notebooks. In the United States, the Apple iPad is by far the most…
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