GPS Tracking Bracelets for Seniors/ Elderly Persons

If you’re like many caregivers out there, you’re on the lookout for a reliable GPS tracker for an elderly or senior relative who is at risk of wandering off without notice. No doubt, your best bet is a GPS tracking device that can be worn discreetly on the monitored individual — such as a GPS tracker made into a wearable bracelet.

It’s quite understandable that a pocket GPS tracker or any other type that is too obvious will most likely be thrown away by the monitored senior. And that’s why wearable GPS trackers (bracelets, necklaces, watches, shoes, etc.) are more preferable.

Having recently discovered the booming demand — and the increasing number of Google searches — for GPS tracking bracelets, I decided to conduct some extensive research to figure out the best options available. (Just so you know, I’m an avid web researcher and product reviewer). And what I found out might shock you.

GPS bracelets for seniors: Are there any good options?

While scouring the web for the best GPS tracking bracelets available, I couldn’t find any — in short. From Amazon and other reputable online retailers to Q&A sites and forums, I was unable to find a good or reliable product.

On Amazon, Walmart and few other online retail stores, there were no GPS trackers in the form of a bracelet — as at the time of this writing. While I stumbled on a few product review posts that promoted GPS tracking bracelets, I soon discovered that none of them is presently available in the market. And according to what I found out, these products either delivered poorly or their production stopped for other reasons.

So, long story short, there are NO reliable GPS tracking bracelets in the market at the moment — as at the time of this writing. If you disagree, you can do your search.

GPS tracking bracelets for elderly people: What are better alternatives?

Now that you’ve learned that you can’t find any reliable GPS tracking bracelet in the market, your plan should be to look for an alternative. However, bear in mind that not all other types of GPS tracking devices are suitable for seniors (I already stated that earlier).

During my web search for good alternatives, I found some GPS necklaces, few watches, and few shoes. While the idea of GPS shoes might sound alluring, I found only one brand, for which I found no single buyer review. So, I really can’t recommend that.

As for the GPS watches, most of the ones I found were not really GPS locators. They’re fitness watches with in-built GPS function, which helps to improve the accuracy of steps and activity. Again, they can’t help to find lost individuals. And the few ones I found that can really work as GPS locators had very bad reviews on An example is the ERAY GPS Tracker watch, which had an overall rating of 2 stars out of 5 as at the time of this writing. So, I hold that they’re not reliable.

As for GPS necklaces, I found only few of them, but if the real buyer reviews I read are anything to trust, I’d state that they are far more reliable than the shoes and watches.

So, in short, the GPS necklaces I found are better, more reliable, and easier to use than the shoes and watches.

Now, what’s the best GPS necklace?

The Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is the best GPS necklace for elderly seniors, from what I found out. Although you might have found this page while searching for a GPS bracelet, I strongly recommend this alternative since there are no reliable bracelets that I know of.

Now, let me tell you more about the Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator.

gps necklace for seniors

The Yepzon One GPS Locator is a simple, easy-to-use device that helps to track the real-time location of the individual wearing it. This explains why it’s a great tool for monitoring senior (elderly) citizens who have memory issues and are at risk of wandering away.

The device is lightweight and comes with a neckstrap that converts it into a beautiful necklace. It uses GPS, Bluetooth, and GSM technologies to accurately track the wearer’s location without any limits to distance. So, you can track your senior relative from anywhere in the world!

The device works provides tracking information to any smartphone paired with it (via the official custom app). The app requires no registration or passwords, and you can use it to track multiple individuals at once.

The Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator runs on a rechargeable battery that delivers for several weeks to months. So, you can leave it hanging on the wearer’s neck for a long time without worrying about the battery. The device saves battery by going into sleep mode when the wearer is in a resting position, and activates itself on sensing the wearer’s next gps necklace for seniors

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator: Pros and cons


  • Excellent rating on
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Works from anywhere in the world


  • Requires monthly payment (free only for first six months)
  • Has no emergency button

For more information about the Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator, click here for our more detailed review.

Click here to buy the Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator on

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