Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Golf is one of the best recreational sports for seniors and the elderly. To date, it remains the only sport that the aged can safely engage in, to exercise their bodies and gain recognition for their individual talents and shooting skills.

This explains why it’s the most loved sports among many seniors who, interestingly, do not bother with any other form of recreation or entertainment.

However, there is a huge challenge associated with this sport and the effective participation of seniors:

Getting good and reliable golf clubs.

Golf is played with clubs, and many seniors find it difficult to get the best clubs that are suited for the realities of old age. Our awareness of this fact prompted our decision to craft this review of the best golf clubs for seniors.

best golf clubs for seniors elderly

Are there specially made golf clubs for seniors?

As an elderly citizen, it is only natural that you seek out specially made golf clubs for seniors; this desire is clear and completely understood, since your performance on the course, right after your inherent skill is largely determined by the quality of your club and how suited it is to you or vice versa.

However, in this instance, it is our regret to state that there are no specially made golf clubs for seniors. However, there are clubs which, by their manufacture and special features (such as their lightweight nature), are very much suitable for the elderly. Such are the golf clubs we’ll be focusing on in this review.

Things to consider before buying golf clubs for elderly people

There are a ton of things to consider when choosing an ideal golf club for a senior citizen. However, the underlisted are the most important and deserve the utmost attention.

  • Get a model that is light enough for a senior to swing comfortably and with great accuracy. Any model that would only allow a swing with some effort should be ignored and another chosen in its stead.
  • Again, for a senior, a model that promotes fast ball speed should be favored and actively used. This way, the user can get great accuracy and results with the least direct input.
  • Since seniors are likely to miss their shots, pain should be taken to ensure that the chosen golf clubs for them are ultra-forgiving of mishits.
  • Finally, a club with a long shaft is ideal for an elderly user, so its use should be encouraged. This is because the longer the shaft of a golf club, the easier it becomes for the user to swing. If an aged user swings the club easily, then, greater chances are that they would actually hit their target without issues.

Best golf clubs for seniors (review)

Now, let’s take a look at the best golf clubs for senior citizens.

Remember, all the reviewed clubs here met the four criteria mentioned above. Accordingly thus, all you have to do is to simply pick up the option that catches your fancy. The hard work of selecting the best options has already been done for you – by us.

Carefully and painstakingly reviewed below are the best golf clubs for elderly seniors. Enjoy.

1. Callaway X Hot Driver

The Callaway X Hot Driver comes standard with 2 hand orientation options: right and left. It also has the option of either a regular or stiff flex – which is decided upon by the senior in question, considering his/her special preferences.

On the field, this golf club allows senior users to dial their preferred look at address – minimizing the instances of mishits and wasted time. Deploying very thin casting technology, the club is very light and can be swung with ease even by an octogenarian. To crown it up, it deploys speed frame technology that ensures longer, more consistent distances.

If you’re a senior golfer, this is the very first club you should take a look at.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 1 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 2

What we like

  • 2 hand orientation: right and left.
  • Regular and stiff flex option.
  • 5 and 10.5 degrees loft.
  • Allows golfers to dial in their preferred look at address.
  • Deploys very thin casting technology that ensures more distance.
  • Lower club and overall, lower swing weight.

What we dislike

There is absolutely nothing that we dislike about this club. The good thing is that buyers and its customers also completely agree with us.

Buyer opinions

The overall buyer’s opinion of this club is positively overwhelming. Customers praise the club for straight trajectory, its ability to forgive mishits and noted in particular that it has a solid feel and sound – all of which has contributed to their increased confidence on the course.

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2. TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver

The TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver sports both right and left hand orientations and is available in various shaft options for the senior golfer to choose from. Aside these, it also comes in 4 different loft degree options and carries an easy and intuitive weight that is equally easy to manipulate and enjoy with enhanced precision.

Made of a dedicated flex for Senior citizens, this golf club has a modern classic shape that does not only ensure that users achieve their sport in a most brilliant fashion but also fall in love with the club itself in the process.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 3 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 2

What we like

  • Right and left hand orientation options.
  • Various shaft material options to choose from.
  • Dedicated flex for seniors.
  • 4 different loft degree options available.
  • Modern classic shape.
  • Easy and intuitive SLDR sliding weight.

What we dislike

  • Physically challenged users cannot use or enjoy this club.
  • Very tall seniors found the shaft of this club too short.

Buyer opinions

Customers of this club opined that it is very forgiving of off-center hits; it is their further opinion that the club is light weight and has various adjustments to make all user segments happy and comfortable.

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3. Adams Golf Speedline Super S Fairway Golf Wood

If you’re interested in a golf club with a graphite shaft, dual hand orientation and incredible ball speeds, you should be taking a close and really interested look at the Adams Golf Speedline Super S Fairway Golf Wood. This club is very comfortable to use and has been specifically designed to be used by senior citizens.

The club is particularly very comfortable to use and is very forgiving of mishits. Elderly users love the club and have reported an overall improvement in their game when they decided to change to this model.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 5 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 2

What we like

  • Dual hand orientation.
  • Graphite shaft.
  • Dedicated ‘Senior’ flex.
  • Incredible ball speeds.
  • Super forgiving of mishits.
  • Very comfortable to use.

What we dislike

  • With vigorous and daily use, customers have reported that the paint comes of the club gradually.
  • For very powerful swings/swingers, the shaft is likely to break off.

Buyer opinions

The buyers of this club love the fact that it is very forgiving of mishits and comfortable to use. They also opined that, the club is excellent for beginner golfers/amateurs as well as seasoned professionals.

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4. Senior Tour Golf Set with Stand Bag

The Senior Tour Golf Set with Stand Bag is a golf club set specially designed for seniors directly. It is worth stressing here that these clubs are not just modified to suit seniors or the elderly, but have been engineered and constructed from the core to serve the elderly user.

Graphite shafted for increased accuracy and sporting oversized club heads for maximum forgiveness and errant shots, the Senior Tour Golf Set features great control and distance while at the same time, ensuring easy alignment and face balanced putter.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 7 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 2

What we like

  • Specially designed for the Senior golfer.
  • Ensures maximum distance and accuracy for Senior golfers.
  • Easy alignment face balanced putter.
  • Graphite shafted 5-PW irons for added accuracy.
  • Oversized club heads for maximum forgiveness and errant shots.
  • Great control and distance.

What we dislike

  • Lack of a dedicated sand wedge as an add-on at purchase.

Buyer opinions

Users of this club have opined that it is indeed perfect for senior users. Customers also indicated that the handling and general performance of the club clearly exceeded their wildest imagination/expectance.

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5. Senior Ladies Golf Club

If you are more than 55 years, are a lady and a golfer, the Senior Ladies Golf Club is your perfect fit. The reason is as simple as it can get: this golf club was manufactured with not just seniors in mind, but senior ladies. It thus fit the swings and reality of senior ladies in a manner that makes the average user believe that it was custom made for such ladies, individually!

The Senior Ladies Golf Club is designed in such a manner that it gives the golfer an enhanced control of every shot, perfecting the whole process of becoming a better golfer. Thanks to an aerodynamic design that reduces drag, this club is easily wielded even by the most elderly or frail user.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 9 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors 2

What we like

  • Designed specifically for the senior lady (55+ years).
  • Ultra forgiving of mishits.
  • Enhanced control of every shot.
  • Aerodynamic design that reduces drag.
  • Higher launch angles that ensure more distance.

What we dislike

  • The pack of clubs in a bundle creates a rather rattling and annoying sound.
  • Getting used to all clubs can take some time.

Buyer opinions

Customers of these clubs have held that it has helped them dramatically improve their game. They have also opined that the price is great and the clubs, overall, are perfect for elderly ladies.

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Getting the perfect golf club is the very first step to stepping up your game. In golf, right after innate talent/ability, a good club is next. As senior citizens however, it becomes even more important to take the selection process serious, given your increased age and reduced strength. Luckily, we have eased the whole process and have left you with just a few great options – options that you cannot go wrong with. Happy shopping.

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