Best Toilet Handles (Rails) for Elderly Seniors

    When you’re young and free of disabilities, using the toilet requires no more effort than lowering yourself on the toilet bowl and doing your thing.

    But for seniors, this simple task can be very difficult and time-consuming because their weak bones make it hard for them to just hop on the toilet bowl and stand up easily when they’re done with it.

    One of the best ways to make using the toilet much easier for elderly people is to install a toilet handle.

    What are toilet handles?

    Toilet handles, also known as toilet rails, are side bars fixed on to toilet seats to aid seniors and disabled individuals to get on and off the toilet bowl.

    In clearer terms, the user grabs the handle to stabilize themselves when lowering on to the toilet bowl and also as a leverage to rise up when getting off the toilet bowl.

    Why are toilet rails important for elderly seniors?

    Toilet rails are safety aid tools that help to prevent falls and accidents in the toilet. Independence is one of the major things elderly people desire, and a toilet rail is one of the many tools that provide them with that independence.

    Best toilet handles for seniors: things to look out for when buying

    • Comfort: Why use anything that brings no comfort? Ensure the hand rests of the toilet handle/ rail is ergonomically comfortable, meaning its outer part should be soft to the touch. This will prevent the appearance of blisters on the palms.
    • Adjustability: The height of the user must be proportionate to the height of the toilet rail, or else the user will derive no satisfaction from using the product. To save everyone time and stress, just go for one that is of adjustable height.
    • Weight support: This is very important, as it will determine if the toilet handle is durable. The toilet handle works by supporting the weight of the user when getting on or off a toilet bowl.
    • Non-slip feature: The hand rest must have a firm grip, usually this means it mustn’t have a smooth outer surface
    • Universal fit: it has to be versatile and compatible with all toilet types.

    Best toilet handles rails for elderly seniors (review)

    There are a thousand and one toilet handle rails out there, and trying to pick the best can be frustrating. Based on buyer opinions, product features, brand trust, and other important factors, we compared several car handles to make it easier for you to make a decision.

    From the pack, here are the best two we can recommend for seniors.

    1. Toilet Rail by Vive

    The Toilet Rail by Vive is a bathroom safety frame that is fixed on a toilet bowl for easy and graceful lowering on and lifting off a toilet bowl. It serves as leverage for the elderly who are weak of joints and muscles. Its 300 pounds weight support means it can safely accommodate most people.

    What we like

    • Fits universally on all types of toilets, including standard and elongated.
    • Easy to assembly in no time at all. Everything just clicks in place like magnet.
    • Has an adjustable feature to ensure optimum user satisfaction.
    • Padded armrests and hand rests to ensure you are ergonomically comfortable.

    What we dislike

    • Certain people may feel edged in by the bars.

    2. Medline Toilet Safety Rail

    The Medline Toilet Safety Rail supports 250 pounds. It is sturdy and stable with slip-proof textured armrests structured from closed cell foam. It has an adjustable feature within the range of 26-31 inches. It was produced with hygiene in mind making it easy to maintain and keep clean.

    The inner structure is sturdy due to the anodized aluminum tubing, while the rubber stooped legs make it skid-proof. The Medline toilet safety rail has universal fit, including standard and elongated toilets.

    What we like

    • Rotatable handles means you can adjust the bars and won’t feel edged in.
    • Easy to assemble and needs no tools to do so.
    • Does not require remodeling of the toilet bowl.
    • Includes a foot piece for foot rest

    What we dislike

    • Not advisable for full weight support.

    Now that you’ve been armed with two great options, you’re in a good position to make an informed decision. If you are budget-conscious and the intended user is of moderate weight, you can go for the Medline toilet safety rails. But if you’re looking for something more complete, your better bet is the Toilet Handle from Vive.

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