Best Shower Seats for Elderly Seniors

Bathing is fun, no doubt.

However, when you cross your 60th birthday, you’re more than likely to find that bathing is no longer pure fun or an avenue to simply relax and revel in the moment. It becomes a risky business that if not done carefully, may result in tragedy.

One of the most reliable ways of making certain that bathing remains pure fun for you as an elderly person is to use a shower seat whenever you walk into the bathroom to take a bath.

What is a shower seat?

A shower seat is a stool, a traditional chair or any modified seating apparatus that cannot be damaged by water and is meant to assist users with the act of taking their bath.

Such a seat is modified or engineered in such a manner that the water is not retained on its surface in whatever manner. It either flows right to the drain by means of small outlets on the surface of the seat or it rolls down in a swift manner because of the finishing of the seat.

Shower seats are popular majorly with seniors and the aged.

best shower seats for elderly seniors

Why do elderly people need shower seats?

There are various reasons elderly people need dedicated shower seats. However, the under listed reasons are the most paramount:

  • Seniors do not often have the energy to stand all through a bath. A shower seat thus ensures that they conserve energy and still take their bath in supreme comfort.
  • Shower seats present less risk of an accident than standing up — especially if the bathroom is tiled. An elderly user is thus less likely to meet with an accident when using a shower seat (as compared to when one is not used).
  • A shower seat is more comfortable than standing or using a bathtub. For serious minded users who do not often require the luxury of a bathtub, a shower seat presents an awesome option of taking their baths.

Buying shower seats for seniors: Things to consider  

Before buying a shower seat for a senior citizen, here are some very important things to consider:

  • Ensure that the model you’re buying is completely ‘non-slip’.
  • Insist on a very light model.
  • Buy only a model that is slim enough to go through the narrowest of doors or else, can be folded and easily moved.
  • Your ideal shower seat for seniors should be very easy to assemble – preferably without any tools.
  • Pick on a model that can be adjusted to suite the various heights of users.
  • Finally, ensure that the model you buy provides easy transfer support from wheelchairs and walkers to the shower seat.

Best shower seats for elderly people (seniors): Our top 5 picks

Having cleared all the points you ought to know before you can validly pick on the best shower seat, we will now present our top 5 picks.

Please, kindly note that the models reviewed here meet all the criteria set out above. What will thus be your major concern is to simply pick up the model that best catches your fancy.

Happy shopping.

1. Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair

The Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair  is simply one of the very best shower chairs today money can buy. Fitted with a sliding transfer bench from wheelchairs and walkers, this shower seat is designed not just for the elderly, it also brilliantly tackles for the needs of elders who are less fortunate to be in wheelchairs or are dependent on walkers or rollators.

The shower seat itself is made of textured plastic and has back support – both of which are made of non-slip surface. Aside these clearly awesome and super impressive features, nylon straps lock and hold the seat of this shower apparatus in place to ensure an event or an unforeseen mishap.

What we like

  • Transfer bench (perfect for elderly users who use a wheelchair, walker or rollator.
  • Non slip surface.
  • Nylon strap locks.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Tool free super easy assembly.
  • Anti-back strain design.

What we dislike

  • Some users would have loved the seat softer.
  • Other customers (with small bathrooms) opined that the shower seat did not fit very nicely in their bathrooms.

Buyer opinions

The overall buyer opinion of this shower seat is awesome…users are in love with the transfer bench and love the fact that the seat is practically built and designed with the elderly and disabled in mind.

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2. MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench/Bath Chair

If you’re shopping for a bath chair that is excellently built and also incorporates a backseat that can be removed, 5 level height adjustments to fit you (whatever your height may be) and super easy transfer from a wheelchair or rollator, then, you should be taking a keen and interested look at the MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench/Bath Chair.

Made of legs that are sturdy, rustproof and slip proof, this shower chair is for the elderly gentleman or lady who is still interested in taking his/her shower on terms of their choosing and in grand style whilst doing so.

What we like

  • 5 different height adjustments.
  • Anti-rust and slip-proof suregrip legs.
  • Ability to accommodate weights up to 250lbs.
  • Optional (and removable) back rest.
  • Seat can be assembled for either right or left hand applications.

What we dislike

  • Users complained that the instructions that shipped with the shower seat did not help them much…common sense did.
  • Some customers are not comfortable with the detailed and comprehensive design of the shower seat and would prefer something simpler.

Buyer opinions

The summary of buyers’ opinions of this shower seat is that it is easy to assemble, very sturdy and super practical to use.

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3. Shower Chair with Back by Vive

Looking for a traditional chair that is fitted to actually look every inch as a day-to-day chair but with the rare functions and features of a shower chair? Your best bet is the Shower Chair with Back by Vive. Designed with full back support and two armrests, the shower chair looks every inch a traditional chair that also serves as an awesome shower seat.

Sporting an impressive lifetime guarantee (not warranty) and capable of bearing up weights to 300lbs, this lightweight shower chair is poised to provide you with impressive comfort whilst you seat securely and take your bath – a reality few bath chairs can match.

What we like

  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Support of up to 300lbs.
  • Lightweight – and perfect for movement and travel.
  • Arm support.
  • Removal back design (so that a stool is got instead).

What we dislike

  • Some customers opined that they would have loved the chair better if it had sturdier handles.
  • Some users also complained that shipping was not particularly fast.

Buyer opinions

Buyers of this bath chair have opined that, they love the plethora of options this chair has. They also opined that they are impressed with how the features of the chair do not add unnecessary bulk to the overall design. In summary: great product with super awesome features.

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4. Tool-free Spa Bathtub Shower Chair Seat Bench

The Tool-free Spa Bathtub Shower Chair Seat Bench is a comfortable shower seat with small drainage holes that clearly transcends 2016 – its model year. The shower seat can be assembled without the need for any tools and seats Seniors in a relaxed, durable and secure manner, especially those who are prone to falls during bath time.

The seat is quite wide – providing ample opportunity for comfort. However, it is also lightweight and very easy to carry around, making it an ideal travel companion or an ideal model if you desire to use a bath seat in more than one bathroom and would rather not bother buying two (different/separate) units.

What we like

  • Durable design.
  • Ability to seat up to 300lbs.
  • Removable back support.
  • Height adjustable legs.
  • Unique drainage holes.

What we dislike

  • Some customers have opined that this bath seat does not fit into their bathtubs.

Buyer opinions

Customers opine that this seat is easy to put together. They are also unanimous that showering is so much easier with the chair and they no longer face the balance problems they hitherto had prior to its use.

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5. AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

The AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair is a dedicated ‘stool design’ shower seat that is engineered with a non-slip surface. The non-slip surface itself is powered by drainage holes for increased safety and comfort.

The bath stool is further designed with adjustable legs with non-slip rubber safety tips and the unique ability to bear weight up to 300lbs. This stool fits almost any bath mat and does not require any manner of tool for assembly after purchase. As a matter of fact, even a grand-mother can easily assemble the stool together within a few minutes.

What we like

  • Slip resistant seat and legs.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Supports up to 300lbs.
  • Tool free assembly.
  • Lightweight + corrosion resistant frame.

What we dislike

  • Some customers opined that the stool does not fit in their bathtub.
  • Other users opined that the legs should have been sturdier.

Buyer opinions

The quality of this bath chair is well beyond reproach. This (and its practical design) is what has endeared it to its users and customers worldwide.

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Above a certain age, there is no point trying to shower or take your bath without any direct assistance. One of the very many direct assistance you can use is a bath stool – or a shower seat – which we sincerely hope you have decided to acquire today.

Happy shopping – and a very safe bath!

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