7 Best Low Compression Golf Balls for Seniors (2019)

    best low compression golf balls for seniors

    There is something about playing golf. The fun you derive from the game generally depends on both your abilities and the pieces of equipment you use. The golf ball you use plays a major role in determining your yardage and trajectory among other things. As a senior player, there’s a high tendency that you don’t […]

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    7 Best Exercise Pedals for Elderly People (2019)

      best exercise pedals for elderly

      As a senior citizen, you need to exercise from time to time to keep your joints from becoming stiff. But it sometimes becomes a burden and seems stressful when it involves jogging or going out for a walk, especially during the winter when going out isn’t even an option. At times like these, your best […]

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      7 Best Portable Scooters for Seniors (2019)

        best portable scooters for seniors

        Portable scooters, also known as mobility scooters, are becoming very trendy these days, especially among seniors. It’s quite expectable since these mini vehicles help seniors reach their destinations faster without going through the stress of walking or driving. With portable scooters to the rescue, seniors no longer have to feel bad that they’re not as […]

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        7 Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors (2019)

          best folding shopping cart for seniors

          As you grow older, the items you used to carry easily in the past start becoming heavy loads. And carrying such loads becomes difficult. Worse, persistently carrying heavy loads may result in back pain and other health effects. The above explains why you need to invest in a good folding shopping cart — preferably one […]

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          7 Best Tablets for The Elderly (2019)

            best tablets for elderly

            Many people think elderly people are being left behind by technology and that they have no idea about tech stuff but that is untrue. Today’s seniors are more tech-savvy than their predecessors and many of them can easily use computers as well as mobile tablets. This perhaps explains the reason why many seniors are becoming […]

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            7 Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors (2019)

              best adjustable beds for seniors

              Aging is a natural phase of life and it comes with its challenges. As we grow old, we realize there are things we did years ago that we can no longer do because of chronic pain in the back, neck or hips. However, aging need not be discomforting and inconveniencing. As you reach your golden […]

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              7 Best Stationary Bikes for Seniors (2019)

                best stationary bikes for seniors

                It’s common knowledge that exercise is essential for sound health. And this runs true for all age groups including those in their golden years. But the ugly truth is that seniors have limited options when it comes to exercise, as most activities would leave them with aches in the knees, back, hips or other body […]

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                7 Best Garden Tools for the Elderly (2019)

                  best garden tools for seniors

                  Gardening as an activity can be enjoyed by everyone – including seniors. Only a few things can be more fulfilling than the experience of planting flowers and other types of plants and nurturing them until they blossom. Gardening has a lot of health benefits for elderly people who find interest in it. It is a […]

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                  7 Innovative Products for the Elderly in 2019

                    innovative products for the elderly

                    Technology has rapidly advanced over the years. There has been a number of innovative inventions in the last couple of decades. The world most elderly people once knew has changed and there is a need for them to adapt to the new world. Some of these innovations increase the living conditions of elderly people. There […]

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                    7 Best Grab Bars for the Elderly (2019)

                      best grab bars for elderly

                      As people grow older, the youthful vigor that they have heavily depended on over the years starts to wane. And their ability to get around with bursting energy significantly diminishes. At this point, they need to start taking extra measures to support their aging bones and protect themselves from all forms of injuries. Statistics from […]

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