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Latest Reviewed Products & Guides

Latest Reviewed Products & Guides

Velcro shoes are generally thought to be the most suitable shoes for elderly people. They’re easy to wear and pull off without the need

We bought and tested 9 devices to find the Best Simple Computers for Seniors taking into account different skill levels and budgets of all

We bought and tested over 13+ brands from online retailers to find the most comfortable bras for elderly.According to our survey, your criteria for

As they age, elderly start to face mobility challenges, and they may need some little help to make movement easier for them. One of

Answering nature’s call (by way of defecating) is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re less than 50 years. However, as soon as you clock 50,

While the market abounds with microwave ovens by various brands, not all models are suitable for elderly people. The ideal microwave oven for seniors

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Hello, we're Ingeborg & Charlie.

We've been married for over 25 years and are enjoying our retirement, dabbling with technology and occasionally impressing our grandchildren with our knowledge of iPads and Android phones. 

Ingeborg has a background in nursing care and used to own a nursing care home. She loves writing about healthy living, older ladies fashion and wearables.

Charlie is a retired legal professional and is enthusiastic about technology, fitness and enhancing his own mobility.

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