Best Golf Clubs For Senior Men to Shoot Under Par

Golf is a game for all ages. It’s something you can play no matter how young or old you are – and there are indeed many senior golfers making the rounds.

Unfortunately, getting older can change how you play golf. No matter how gracefully you age, we all lose some strength and flexibility when we get older.

This is why you should consider getting some of the best golf clubs for senior men.

Let’s dive right in.

best golf clubs for senior men

These clubs compensate for the impact of aging, making it easier to hit balls long and deep no matter what. The best golf clubs for senior men have more flexible shafts and do most of the work for players. These clubs are commonly made from graphite because it is lighter than steel and more flexible, letting golfers put more force into their swing. Hitting with more force is one way to compensate for a drop in strength.

As you contemplate the different golf clubs for seniors, be sure to check for variations in the point, length, kick and flex. These variations could influence your shot distance and accuracy. A long shaft makes it more challenging to control drives. Stick to shafts between 43 and 45 inches for best results. Senior players tend to prefer a lower kick point. Lower points eliminate low and sluggish shots caused by reduced head speed.

Please keep in mind that different manufacturers have different stock options. Also please keep in mind that every player is different. You may need to do a little trial and error to find the best golf club for you. With a little time and patience, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

 With all that out of the way, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the best golf clubs for senior men.


The Cobra KING F6

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The Cobra King F6 is a golf club made with men in mind, senior men in particular. The frontal CG position on the club offers more roll and better penetration with ball flight. The back-CG position allows for more forgiveness and lower ball flight. These features help make up for any drop in strength and flexibility.

The clubface has been re-engineered to have a variable thickness. The club is hotter, lighter, and thinner to expand the Sweet Zone and improve overall ball speeds. Players can adjust the loft settings to fine-tune their launches and get more control over the ball trajectory. Having this lets you get the most out of your swing no matter the swing. You’ll have more control over the finer points of the launch conditions for your shot.

Cobra also put together a trench that goes around the face perimeter. This trench minimizes the thickness and weight of the driver, giving you better ball speed for deeper shots.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more forgiving driver.


The TaylorMade Men’s M2 Driver 460cc

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This TaylorMade driver is tailor-made for senior players. The titanium shaft on the club is thinner and has a deep six-layer carbon composite crown. The driver comes with a narrower leading edge than most other clubs. The edge also has a carbon composite that helps better distribute weight across the club. Better weight distribution is a blessing for any senior golf player dealing with a drop in strength.

The club features a redesigned speed pocket that offers incredible flexibility to improve the speed of the ball as it flies through the air. The toe section features a titanium panel that has been sunk in a little, to give the club a wider footprint.

The face on the club is around 7% bigger than the face on the previous edition. This gives senior players a more ample Sweet Spot. You’ll have no problem changing the shaft on the club thanks to being able to change the sleeve between aluminum and plastic. You should have no problem at all tuning the club either.

If you want a driver that helps you hit deep and score under par, then this is one of the best golf clubs for senior men to consider.


TaylorMade 2017 M1

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The TaylorMade 2017 M1 deserves a spot in any list of the best senior golf clubs. The club features an at-track system that has evolved over time to make the weight of the club more moveable. The club comes with three stock shafts and an added Lamkin UTX cord grip.

The lightweight aluminum club has twelve settings along the 4-loft sleeve. Older players are sure to appreciate how lightweight the club is, with the white section being even thinner with more angles. Check the other side of the club and you’ll spot some major improvements over previous versions of the club.

The 2017 M1 contains 43% more carbon. The extra carbon stands out most with the toe panel on the club. The M1 has a larger footprint due to the recessing toe panel, which saves on volume. You’ll have an easier time adjusting the flight of your ball and are sure to see a difference in the spin and shape of your shot.

The front and back tracks feature fifteen positions each, with twelve positions and four head lofts on the hosel. This is a club that offers nothing but freedom of choice with 10,800 potential setups for the head.

Older players that favor a slow swing speed should check out these golf clubs for seniors.


The Cleveland Launcher HB

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The Cleveland Launcher HB allows older players to improve swing speeds without extra effort on their part. This club is ideal for slow swings.

The club has a deeper center of gravity, which shifts lower towards the back of the head. A lower center of gravity improves playability and spin for players and gives each shot a better launch angle. The HB is easily one of the lightest golf drivers available on the market. It was designed specifically to offer better swings and distance without increased player strength.

This driver is by far one of the best golf clubs for senior golfers thanks to the improved aerodynamics of the speed crown. Thanks to modern technology, the face weight is reduced even more so that ball speed increases for balls hit off-center. Players are sure to notice that they get a deeper and higher launch from shots thanks to the lower center of gravity.


Wilson Golf Profile SGI Golf Set

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The Wilson Golf Profile golf club set is an excellent choice for beginner players and those out of practice. The golf club set has everything one could need to play golf and improve their skills.

With stainless steel iron clubs, a sand wedge, a putter, and a 460cc driver, every shot, hole, and the course will be at your mercy.

The club set includes a carry bag made with adjustable straps and a self-activating stand for more convenience and ease of use. You’ll have no problems being your own caddy thanks to this handy bag. The carry bag even has three pockets for balls and tees and added pockets for personal belongings.

The shafts are made with graphite to ensure each club is lightweight. The clubs all have comfortable but sticky grips to give you a firm grip even in rainy conditions. The irons and the sand wedge stand out in particular, especially with beginners.

The irons feature perimeter weighting that gives the clubs a lower center of gravity. The lower center of gravity leads to better accuracy and distance on shots. The sand wedges are sure to be a big help if you get caught in the sand.

While the set is generally designed for older and taller men, it comes in both left and right-handed varieties.

These clubs might not be the best option for advanced and professional players, but they should still be considered among the best golf clubs for seniors.


iDrive Hybrids

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The iDrive Hybrid golf clubs are among the most affordable and lightweight golf clubs available today. These clubs are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to improve their golfing performance without breaking the bank.

These clubs are all built in the United States and built to last at that. The hybrid iron set includes everything you could need to boost your golf game with minimal effort. There’s a little extra weight behind the Sweet Spot that gives players better accuracy through a tighter shot dispersion.

The clubs feature an aerodynamic design for smoother swings with less drag overall. That the clubs are made from graphite only improves the maneuverability of the clubs and makes them even more lightweight.

Senior players are sure to appreciate the arthritic jumbo grips on the clubs, which are cushioned for softer grip and longer play, and are great for players with arthritis and other forms of joint pain. This set of golf clubs comes highly recommended for any player with diminished hand and arm strength.

 The only potential downside to the clubs is that you don’t get a carry bag included in the purchase. You’ll have to purchase one separately or already have one. Golf club carry bags aren’t too expensive, but it’s always nice to see them bundled in.


Majek K5 Senior Golf Club Set

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The best golf clubs for senior men aren’t necessarily going to be traditional ones. We’ve seen some unique clubs in our time, such as the Majek K5 All Hybrid clubs. This golf club set includes nothing but easy-to-use hybrid clubs. The clubs were all co-engineered by the engineering department at UCLA.

Each club in the set includes a lightweight sensor flex velocity shaft made from graphite. The shafts are designed to maximize swing speeds for older players. They feature an aerodynamic design that decreases drag on the club head for faster swings and deeper shots.

The clubs have a deep cavity on the back with some extra weight behind the Sweet Spot. This extra weight gives players plenty of forgiveness for any miss-hit shots. A lower center of gravity in the club offers better shot launch too. The arrow and crown markers help with shot alignment and are colored back to reduce glare on sensitive eyes.

 This is another set where the major downside is that it doesn’t come with a carry case included.


Founders Club The Judge Golf Set For Seniors

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Is this golf club set some of the best golf clubs for senior men in terms of advanced technology? Probably not, but what they lack in technology they more than make up for in terms of affordability and functionality.

The Judge Golf Set includes cavity-back irons that feature wide soles for higher launch and better spin. You’ll have more control over the ball, making it easier to score under par.

The 460cc 10.5-degree driver is made with a lightweight graphite shaft for faster swing speeds. You’ll hit the ball harder and further without extra effort on your part.

The 3-wood and 4-hybrid clubs are easy to use. They offer plenty of extra distance from the tee, rough, and fairway alike. The set includes a mallet putter, which may put some people off. You’ll need to supply your own putter if you want a traditional one. The mallet is pretty good though and features alignment markers for more precise shots.

 The set includes an ergonomic lightweight stand bag with zipped pockets to store shoes, gear, and other accessories and belongings. The shoulder strap makes it easier to carry across the course.


Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron Combo Set

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No list of the best golf clubs for senior men would be complete without some Callaway representation. In particular, the recently released Mavrik Hybrid Iron Combo Set stands out for being senior-friendly. The set was designed using artificial intelligence and constructed with innovative technology for the best results.

The clubs combine Flash Face Cup and 360 Face Cup to get the best ball speeds possible, leading to longer shorts. The clubs have a tungsten energy core with tungsten-infused weights to highlight their center of gravity. This gives you better flight and while ensuring balls land as smoothly and cleanly as possible. The clubs also contain urethane microspheres to reduce vibration for a better feel when hitting the ball.

The hybrid golf clubs include Flash Face SS20 technology. This technology combines a strong steel face with Face Cup technology and Jailbreak to get maximum ball speed from every shot. The altered center of gravity offers better launches, carry, and distance for your shots.

The set comes in a variety of combinations to get the right mix for you. Mix and match irons, hybrids, and wedges for the ultimate combination. Every club comes with Tour Valet 360 Soft Style Golf Pride Grips. Please note that the set doesn’t include woods, a putter, a driver, or a carry case. This is just a set of irons.

Final Thoughts

Golf may be a game of skill, but you’d be surprised what a difference the right equipment could make. Owning and using any of the golf clubs listed above is sure to make any session more relaxing and enjoyable for senior players. They also make excellent gifts for older relatives who enjoy golf.

It would be best for older players to buy clubs specifically made with seniors in mind. These clubs are made with technology and features that make life much easier for the senior golfer. From reduced vibrations to comfier grips and a better center of gravity, these golf clubs for senior men have everything you need to stay active and enjoy golf for years to come.

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