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how to give a bed bath

How To Give a Bed Bath Properly

When taking care of someone who is bedridden, one of the responsibilities is to assist them in maintaining their hygiene.  Whether you are a nurse, a healthcare aide or just someone who is taking care of a loved one, learning to give bed baths is a fundamental skill and will help you keep your charge … Read more

personal tracking devices for elderly

Personal Tracking Devices For Elderly Safety

There are numerous devices out there that are geared toward improving seniors’ lives and giving them more freedom. A GPS tracker is a device that can allow elderly caregivers to keep an eye on their loved ones when they are out of the house. GPS trackers have many features, but these devices have been developed … Read more

high higher toilet seats for elderly seniors

Best High Toilets for Elderly Seniors

Answering nature’s call (by way of defecating) is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re less than 50 years. However, as soon as you clock 50, waist issues and other allied health challenges make it almost impractical to bend, squat or remain in a low-squatting position for any reasonable amount of time. This is when higher toilets … Read more

best grab bars for elderly

7 Best Grab Bars for the Elderly

As people grow older, the youthful vigor that they have heavily depended on over the years starts to wane. And their ability to get around with bursting energy significantly diminishes. At this point, they need to start taking extra measures to support their aging bones and protect themselves from all forms of injuries. Statistics from … Read more

safe rugs for elderly

Best Non Slip Bath Mats for Elderly – Avoid Nasty Slips & Trips

We bought and tested 12 products from Amazon to find the safest non slip bath mat for elderly. Editor’s Choice for the best bathroom mat is the Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Bathroom Rug Mat. However, if you’re looking for a waterproof bath mat for your bath tub or shower, the best is the Gorilla Grip Bath, Shower, Tub Mat. It’s safe … Read more

Best Toilet Seats for Seniors 1

Best Toilet Seats for Seniors

Need to take care of business on the golden seat (there is an actual golden toilet)? Simple! Just sail in, squat, do your thing and sail out, in record time — hopefully. Unfortunately, this ideal situation is not the reality for seniors and the physically challenged. Squatting or even changing positions requires strong joints and … Read more

Best Bath Chairs & Shower Seats for Seniors 2

Best Bath Chairs & Shower Seats for Seniors

Ordinarily, a good number of basic daily activities such as having a bath, vacuum cleaning, gardening, lawn mowing, and so on are best done in the standing position. However, due to aging, elderly people are unable to stand for as much time as they used to, during their more active years. This explains why the … Read more

Best Bed Alarms for Elderly Seniors 3

Best Bed Alarms for Elderly Seniors

If you’re looking for an unbiased review of bed alarms for seniors, you’re just on the right page. Read on to understand why bed alarms are important for seniors and caregivers and what features to look for when looking to buy a bed alarm. Below, you’ll also see the best bed alarms you can find in … Read more

Best Portable Toilets & Commodes for Elderly Seniors 4

Best Portable Toilets & Commodes for Elderly Seniors

If you’re a senior or caregiver to an elderly person, you’d agree that rising from the bed or chair and walking all the way to the toilet can be very tiring for old people, especially those with walking disabilities and those whose bones have become very weak due to old age. For these categories of … Read more