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senior golf balls

Senior Golf Balls for Elderly in 2022

Golf has been one of the most popular senior sports for decades and remains still to this day. Even though lots of equipment has changed over the years, there are many aspects of the sport that rarely changes. Despite being simple in concept, one piece of equipment seems to undergo a redesign any time there … Read more

senior golf tees

Senior Golf Tees to Golf Better

It’s been said that a golf tee is as close as you can come to cheating without actually doing it. At the beginning of each hole, you can place your tee in your desired spot, within the tee markers, of course.  The tee then elevates the ball off the ground and creates the perfect hovering … Read more

senior golf swings

Senior Golf Swing Tips For Elderly Golfers

Playing golf isn’t the same for all age groups. Elderly golfers find themselves struggling with various problems, starting right from lower back pain and fatigue. How do you counter that? By playing the game better and more effectively than before. Senior golf swings only need slight improvements and they can be as effective and surprising … Read more

best senior golf clubs

The Best Senior Golf Clubs

Golf is a sport associated with grace and sophistication, not to mention fun. Young and older people alike are fond of playing a round of golf. Golf strikes a perfect balance between being challenging and being easy-going. Players don’t need to have a perfect physique or strength, nor do they need to play golf eight … Read more

bed exercises for elderly

Bed Exercises for Elderly People Looking to Stay Healthy

There are various bed exercises that you can try whether you’re a bedridden patient or unable to stay out of bed due to health conditions. These exercises will keep you active and fit. A healthy body is one that moves, stretches, and relaxes constantly. All the exercises we’ll talk about here aim at providing you … Read more

Core Exercises for Elderly

Core Exercises for Elderly to Improve Stability

Exercises that strengthen the core of the body help improve its stability. A weak core is home to many problems. Not only are you more prone to injuries due to falling, but you’ll also have a poorer balance as well as very constricted mobility. Let’s explore what we can do to help our body. What … Read more

Falls Prevention Exercises for the Elderly to do at Home

Falls Prevention Exercises for the Elderly to do at Home

Fall prevention exercises are an improvement on general balancing ones. The core of any fall prevention exercise is improving your body’s stability and balance.  The result of these exercises ranges from an increased variety of motion to better confidence while doing daily tasks. Let’s dive straight in. Fall prevention exercises: what, why, and how? Let’s … Read more

Wheelchair Exercises For Elderly with Limited Mobility

Wheelchair Exercises for Elderly with Limited Mobility

Wheelchair-bound seniors need special exercises to stay fit and active. Traditionally, the word exercise paints a very physical picture. But it’s not a rule for exercises to be physically tiring or heavy. A lot of sitting activities and movements qualify as great exercises. In this article, we’ll be talking about several such exercises that help … Read more

fun balance exercises for elderly

Fun Balance Exercises for Elderly People To Improve Balance

There are several reasons older people are more likely to fall than their younger counterparts. Chronic illnesses are a significant factor, but older people also contend with eyesight impairment, potential side effects of medication, and reduced physical fitness. These factors are understandable as people tend to become less active the older they get, and older … Read more

senior tennis camps

How To Last Through Senior Tennis Camps

People call tennis the “sport of a lifetime” because players can keep going well into their 70s and 80s, if not further. Tennis might be a game of concentration and endurance, but it’s also a lot of fun and therefore appealing to everyone. One of the best ways to get started with tennis or take … Read more