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best wheelchairs for elderly

Best Wheelchairs For Elderly in 2022

Wheelchairs are a great mobility aid. Assistive seating is a daily life aid that’s recommended more often than any other type of assistance for the elderly or adults with health issues. The market is oversaturated with many brands fighting for the limelight, bringing in new technologies and innovation in the way we use these mobility … Read more

reclining wheelchairs elderly

Best Reclining Wheelchairs for Elderly

Reclining wheelchairs for elderly come with many benefits. First of all, they make life more comfortable. A reclining or recliner wheelchair additionally helps in repositioning and improves blood flow. Most recliner wheelchairs come with several adjustments, from a 90 degree sitting position all the way to 180 degrees resting position. Reclining wheelchairs usually have high … Read more

comfortable wheelchairs for elderly

Comfortable Wheelchairs For Elderly To Be More Relaxed

Your typical wheelchair that comes as a recommendation from the doctor or the insurance isn’t going to cut it, more often than not. Comfort, as a quality, is hard to measure and quantify. Wheelchair comfort is, thus, not a variable anyone will factor in. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re going to take care of … Read more

how to make a walking cane

How to Fashion Your Own Walking Cane from Raw Wood

The walking stick is one of the simplest inventions and it remains among the most reliable. One sturdy stick can help you keep your balance, give you support, and even assist you in keeping people at an arm’s length. There’s no age or gender to walking sticks. Anyone from the hikers to shepherd boys can … Read more

Falls Prevention Exercises for the Elderly to do at Home

Falls Prevention Exercises for the Elderly to do at Home

Fall prevention exercises are an improvement on general balancing ones. The core of any fall prevention exercise is improving your body’s stability and balance.  The result of these exercises ranges from an increased variety of motion to better confidence while doing daily tasks. Let’s dive straight in. Fall prevention exercises: what, why, and how? Let’s … Read more

best adjustable beds for seniors

7 Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors

Aging is a natural phase of life and it comes with its challenges. As we grow old, we realize there are things we did years ago that we can no longer do because of chronic pain in the back, neck or hips. However, aging need not be discomforting and inconveniencing. In fact, about 85 percent … Read more

5 Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors 1

5 Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors

As they age, elderly start to face mobility challenges, and they may need some little help to make movement easier for them. One of the best ways to help them with these mobility issues is to get 3 wheel bikes for seniors. 3-wheel bikes, also known as trikes or adult tricycles, are non-motorized human-powered or gravity-powered vehicles that run … Read more

best beach chairs for elderly

7 Best Beach Chairs for the Elderly

As a person gets older, their body can also reflect signs of aging. These can include reduced mobility and poor flexibility. When choosing a beach chair for an elderly person, you need to spend extra time and effort researching to make sure they have their perfect fit anywhere they go, and that the chair is … Read more

best toilet rails for seniors

7 Best Toilet Rails for Seniors

When you’re young and free of disabilities, using the toilet requires no more effort than lowering yourself on the toilet bowl and doing your thing. But for seniors, this simple task can be very difficult and time-consuming because their weak bones make it hard for them to just hop on the toilet bowl and stand up easily when … Read more

best folding shopping cart for seniors

7 Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors

As you grow older, the items you used to carry easily in the past start becoming heavy loads. And carrying such loads becomes difficult. Worse, persistently carrying heavy loads may result in back pain and other health effects. The above explains why you need to invest in a good folding shopping cart — preferably one … Read more