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7 Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors (2019)

    best folding shopping cart for seniors

    As you grow older, the items you used to carry easily in the past start becoming heavy loads. And carrying such loads becomes difficult. Worse, persistently carrying heavy loads may result in back pain and other health effects. The above explains why you need to invest in a good folding shopping cart — preferably one […]

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    5 Best 3-Wheel Bikes for Seniors [2019 Review]

      As they age, elderly start to face mobility challenges, and they may need some little help to make movement easier for them. One of the best ways to help them with these mobility issues is to get 3 wheel bikes for seniors. 3-wheel bikes, also known as trikes or adult tricycles, are non-motorized human-powered or […]

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      Best Bed Handles & Rails for Seniors (the Elderly) [2019]

        bed handles for seniors

        Assistive items are always very imperative for adults who aren’t as fully active as they used to be. Walking needs a cane as support, bathing needs a bath seat, and sleeping needs bed handles. Elderly ones, especially those with one medical condition or the other, need bed handles to ensure security while sleeping and while […]

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        Best Toilet Handles (Rails) for Elderly Seniors

          When you’re young and free of disabilities, using the toilet requires no more effort than lowering yourself on the toilet bowl and doing your thing. But for seniors, this simple task can be very difficult and time-consuming because their weak bones make it hard for them to just hop on the toilet bowl and stand up […]

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          Best Car Handles for Elderly Seniors (2019 Review)

            best car handle for elderly seniors

            As a senior or caregiver, you sure understand how old age can complicate very simple activities like getting in and out of cars. The weak bones ache and the frail muscles protest at the slightest movement. And this explains why it can take an elderly person as much as 5 minutes to enter a car […]

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            Best Lift Chairs for Seniors [2019 Review]

              Easy Comfort Infinite electric recliner

              As a senior, you’d probably have known that resting on a lift chair is one of the best ways to relax after a busy day. Only few things are more soothing than bringing your body to its most convenient resting position and probably getting some subtle massage. This helps to ease off piled-up stress within a short […]

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              5 Best Lightweight Walkers for Elderly Seniors

                best lightweight walkers for seniors

                While some of the walkers on this list have seats, if your buying criteria strictly requires a seated rollator, we have a specific post on the best walkers with seats. At 60 years and above, everything in the life of an individual proves tricky. However, nothing is as tricky and as dangerous as the business of […]

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                Best Walker with Seats for Elderly Seniors

                  best walkers for seniors with seats

                  Walking, running and jumping are all pretty easy if you’re less than 60 years old. As a matter of fact, you can afford to do all these without conscious thought, as they are activities that are (normally) reduced to second nature. However, after sixty or thereabout, things naturally become trickier — making walking a reality […]

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                  3 Best Step Stools for Elderly – The Safest Stools to Protect Your Next Step

                    best step stool with handle

                    When seniors live alone, there is the constant need to climb on the bed, get into the bath, take something from a shelf, or even get down from a height. They might also need to get into a car or get down from it. But these tasks are usually difficult due to their weak bones. […]

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