As with every other category of people, seniors are constantly in need of products and services that help to improve the quality of life.

However, because the market is always filled up with several models and brands of each product that caters to seniors, finding the right choice can be very difficult.

This blog was therefore created with the aim of helping seniors and their caregivers make the right choices when buying products that are specialized or made suitable for elderly people.


The blog was created in 2015 by Barnes Wilson, a seasoned freelance writer, web researcher, and Internet marketer, with the aim of giving back to humankind by providing high quality and detailed reviews of products for seniors.

It is hoped that the site will help seniors and their caregivers make well informed decisions after going through relevant information on the site.

If you need to contact the site author/admin for any reason, kindly send an email to: basicfreelance@gmail.com.