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Best Choices for Seniors started with the simple idea of helping older people and caregivers make purchase decisions. 

When we retired in 2015 (at ages 64, 65) we found ourselves heavily reliant on our children (and even grandchildren) for technology advice and buying products or services online. It was our goal and retirement project to become independent seniors.

We also wanted to share the knowledge we gained from our research, team up with writers and web developers - alas BestChoicesforSeniors.com was born.


As with every other category of people, seniors are constantly in need of products and services that help to improve the quality of life.

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However, because the market is always filled up with several models and brands of each product that caters to seniors, finding the right choice can be very difficult.

This blog was therefore created with the aim of helping seniors and their caregivers make the right choices when buying products that are specialized or made suitable for elderly people.

The Team

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Here we are on our wedding day, 40 years and 5 children ago!

Ingeborg - Healthy Living, Fashion & Wearables

Inge's background is in nursing care and textiles/fashion. She managed a care home for over 15 years.

Retired at 64, she loves blogging about fashion for older ladies, healthy living and wearable technology.

When not blogging she loves to go for long walks with her bichon frise, Maisie.

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Charles - Fitness, Mobility & Tech

Charles has a background as a legal professional and business owner for 30 years. He was responsible for the IT infrastructure still used in his business today.

Retired at 65, Charlie loves researching new gadgets, fitness and mobility tech.

Charlie is a keen volunteer at his local foodbank and loves giving back to society in any way he can.

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Jamie - Web Developer & Researcher

Jamie has been designing websites since 2009. And began a career in Digital Marketing in 2013. 

He helps with the presentation of the website, blog posts and sourcing new brands to work with. And he is currently seeking other independent experts to write on the blog in order to expand the team.

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