Senior Tennis Players Use all These Products

One of the great things about tennis is that anyone can play it, no matter their age or skill level. Tennis is one of those sports where there’s always something new to work on and push yourself towards as a goal. The sport uses dynamic movements that are ideal for joint health, while running around a court is – of course – excellent cardio exercise.

Most tennis clubs have a senior league where senior tennis players get together and enjoy games against people of a similar age and skill level. You’d be surprised how often players over 60 hit the courts.senior tennis players

Tennis players are often only as good as their equipment, so here are some of the products all senior tennis players use.

The Tennis Racquet 

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Every tennis player needs a racquet. You can’t play the game without one, after all. You can purchase a tennis racquet from most sporting goods stores, tennis clubs, and online retailers. Some department stores like Walmart and K-Mart offer tennis racquets, but we prefer things from professional outlets.

We recommend buying a racquet in-store over buying one online. The benefit of buying in-store is that you’ll have the chance to try the racquet before you buy it. Every aspect of the racquet affects your game. Everything from the length, shape, weight, and grip size to the strings affect how you hit the ball. You should also consider the fact that some racquets feel heavier than they are when swinging them, known as the “swingweight.” It’s important you try different racquets out and get a feel for one before buying it. Demo racquets, whenever you can, to find the best one for you.

One question about tennis racquets for seniors we get is how heavy they should be. It can be a challenge to answer this question. Lighter racquets aren’t as good at shock absorption; they pass more of the impact of hitting the ball to the user. That’s no good for your elbow or shoulder. Heavier racquets absorb shock better but are more cumbersome to use. There’s such a thing as being too heavy. Look for a tennis racquet that offers a nice balance between the weight and shock absorption.

Racquet Accessories 

Playing tennis eventually wears out the grip tape on the racquet handle. You should have no problem finding tape as anywhere that sells racquets also sells tape for them. There are other racquet accessories to consider, including overgrips, dampeners, and lead tape.

Overgrips improve the thickness of the racquet handle. A thicker grip is more comfortable to use and could benefit senior players. Dampeners are another thing that may help senior tennis players. These shock absorbers dampen the shock of the ball hitting your racquet, making even lighter racquets better at absorbing shocks. Lead tape weighs more than standard tape, letting you play with the racquet frame weight.

Of all the different accessories, vibration absorbers are the most recommended for senior players. These dampeners take some of the pressure off your joints when playing tennis and keep your arm healthy.

Tennis Balls 

The tennis club provides the balls for competitions, but you’ll want to consider buying your own for playing at home and by yourself. There are many different tennis balls brands, but the dimensions and yellow color of tennis balls are relatively uniform.

Tennis balls are also relatively easy to find and buy. They are sold in most department stores and sporting goods stores. Tennis balls are so common you might even find them at corner shops and gas stations. They’re also pretty cheap, at around $10 per can of three balls.

Different brands of balls are made for various courts and play styles. We recommend finding out which balls the tennis club near you uses and buying the same kind. That way, you’ll never be thrown off by a different style of tennis ball. It helps if the club has a tennis shop that sells them.

A small pack of three balls should be more than enough for most games. The fewer balls you have, the less you’ll have to collect and retrieve between games.

Racquet Bag 

It would help if you had somewhere put all the equipment you buy; enter the racquet bag. These bags are specially designed to fit a tennis racquet’s contours, with sleeves and pockets to keep other items like accessories, balls, and extra clothing. Most sporting goods stores sell tennis racquet bags, like most online outlets. Look for a bag with a shoulder strap as they are easier to carry.

Most companies that manufacture racquets also make racquet bags. With that said, you don’t need to get a specific brand’s bag for your racquet so long as the dimensions match up. Make sure you choose a bag with ample room to carry all the essential things you need.

Drinks Bottle 

As with any sport, it’s vital that you stay hydrated when playing tennis. It would be best if you pack a drink bottle of cool water into your bag, ready for when you need it.


Tennis is an outdoor sport, so you can expect to be playing in the sun. Pack some sunscreen in your bag and apply it before hitting the court. Don’t forget to be generous when re-applying the sunscreen, as you’ll likely sweat some of it off.


Don’t forget to bring a towel! Towels are an excellent way to wipe off the sweat of a game. Dry yourself off between games or even between points. Any towel will do fine, but you might want to consider getting a special pro tennis towel to look the part.


Male tennis players tend to wear shirts made from polyester and other materials that don’t absorb sweat. These shirts are paired with shorts that sit above the knees. Female tennis players are encouraged to wear whatever feels comfortable to them, but most wear tank tops/shirts and skirts. Shoes are another important consideration for senior tennis players. Choose comfortable shoes that absorb some of the shocks of running and moving to prevent foot, knee, and joint damage.

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