Do I Need a Pendant with 2-Way Communication?

The medical alert company’s call center contacts you through the two-way communication speakerphone located at the top of your base station. Basic communication systems for both landline and wireless use a base station with two-way communication ability.

How Two-Way Communication Works

two-way communication pendant

If you press the alert button, either on the base station or on your pendant or wristband within range of the base station, the base will initiate a call to the call center. An operator will answer your call within 30 to 45 seconds through the two-way communication speakerphone.

Two-way communication is also available through the pendant on some models. In this instance, if you press the alert button on the pendant within range of the base station, the call center can speak with you directly through the pendant. Some pendants are mobile and consist of the base station and speakerphone within the device. As long as you have cellular coverage through the carrier, the pendant will make the connection to the call center.

The Benefits of Using a Two-Way Communication Pendant

Although your base station may have a range of 350 to 500 feet or more, if you are too far away from the speakerphone component, then the call center operator will be unable to hear you. If the operator cannot hear you, emergency service will automatically be dispatched to your residence.

Using a two-way communication pendant means you never have to worry about facing an emergency alone. The operator will be able to speak with you no matter where you are in your home or in your yard (as long as you are within range of the base if you have a landline communication system).

Finding the Two-Way Communication Feature

Not all pendants are equipped with two-way communication. You will want to compare companies and products before choosing a communication system. Ask the representative about the types of pendants with two-way communication they offer. The pendants will be a part of the communication system and they are available for landline systems, wireless systems, and mobile systems.

Choosing a System with Two-Way Communication

There are several types of systems with two-way communication available through the pendant. Many times the hardware is manufactured by the same company and only the logo and service are different.

One of the most popular systems available on the market today is a wireless communication system that includes a portable base, charging cradle, and pendants or wristbands with an alert button. The portable base can be worn as a pendant and features two-way communication with the operator. The battery life for the portable base is around 24 hours, so you will need to make sure you charge it frequently.

Another pendant several medical alert companies carry is in the shape of a little black square. This box has an alert button and a two-way communication speakerphone. It can be worn as a pendant or on a keychain. This system has an impressive battery life of 60 days.

If you are on the go a great deal, choose a wearable pendant that is the alert button, base station, and speakerphone all-in-one. These pendants have a sleek design and usually feature a gray diamond-shaped button. They work through cellular coverage and have a battery life of up to 36 hours.