Do I Need an Add-On Check-In Service?

Do I Need an Add-On Check-In Service?

Several medical alert companies offer an additional feature called a check-in service. This feature is not included in basic packages, so you will need to either opt-in for the service or choose a premium package that supports the feature.

With check-in service, you will receive a daily call from the medical alert company’s call center operator. This operator will confirm that you are well and do not need any extra assistance. It is another layer of safety and security that the medical alert service provides.

Depending on the company, the daily check-in call can be a live personal operator or a daily automated call that you must answer. When you answer the automated call, it may ask you to press a button to confirm you are fine and do not need assistance. The daily check-in calls with a live agent should only take a few minutes out of your day.

Why You Should Consider the Check-In Service

check in service operator

In the event of an emergency, you may not be able to press you alert button in time for help. You could be out of the base station’s range or have lost consciousness after a fall (a fall detection pendant is a useful device in this case). When the operator cannot reach you during your daily check-in or you do not answer the automated check-in call, the call center is alerted to a possible emergency.

Depending on the emergency preferences you have given the medical alert company, emergency services and/or family members are contacted to check on you. Every moment counts in an emergency, so a quick response could aid your recovery.

Your family can also be notified after a conversation with a live operator if you suffer from a deteriorating disease and your health is beginning to fail. Any important issues are caught immediately with the help of the check-in service.