Why Would I Need a Lockbox with my System?

lockbox can save emergency services time when they are trying to get to you in an emergency. If you are unable to unlock the door, emergency services, neighbors, or family can access the lockbox outside. The lockbox features a code, similar to a padlock, and can hold one to five keys.

Why You Should Consider a Lockbox

Why Would I Need a Lockbox with my System? 2

When emergency crews cannot open you door and you are unable to come to the door, they have no choice but to forcefully enter. This can lead to expensive repairs and replacements of your door, windows, or frame. A lockbox ensures your house keys are kept secure, but accessible to emergency services.

The medical alert company that issues the lockbox will update your profile to include the lockbox code and its location outside of your home, so emergency services can find it quickly and get to you sooner.

You may want to give trusted family members or a neighbor the code to the lockbox to ensure that help is nearby.

Types of Lockboxes

There are two types of lockboxes: hanging and mounted. The hanging lockbox resembles a padlock with the numbers on the front for the code. You can hang the lockbox in your garden, at your backdoor, or in another place in your yard.

The mounted lockbox looks like a safe and can be mounted onto the side of the house, porch, or garage. Some medical alert companies only carry one type of lockbox.

Each lockbox should be shatter-proof and large enough for you to set and reset the code. When you input the code, the lockbox will unlock. In most locks, the front of the lock will disengage for you to add or remove keys. Most boxes can hold several keys at once.

Where to Find Lockboxes

Most medical alert companies do offer lockboxes to clients. Some companies include a free lockbox with the purchase of a system, but may charge a low monthly subscription fee to use the box. Other companies sell them as an additional feature. You may pay a one-time cost of $30 to $50 for the lockbox or pay a monthly subscription rate.

If you decide to purchase your lockbox through a brick-and-mortar store or an online retailer, confirm with your medical alert company that they are willing to update your profile with the code and location of the lockbox.