The Optimal Range for a Medical Alert System

The Optimal Range for a Medical Alert System 2

It is important to stay within range of your base station in order for a signal to properly send and receive. When you press the alert button on your pendant or wristband, a signal is transmitted to the base station. When the signal is received, a call is placed to the medical alert company’s call center. An operator can then speak to you using the two-way speakerphone on the base station (or your pendant if it has two-way communication capability).

Whether you have a landline communication system or a cellular communication system, you will still need to stay within the optimal range for your particular base station. Mobile base stations are portable and can be used to place the call directly or you may use the pendant, but the wearable pendant or wristband must be within 350 feet of the portable base station on average.

The optimal ranges vary between systems and manufacturers. Keep in mind that each system is tested, but that signals lose strength if they must pass through thick building materials or other obstacles. When you receive your medical alert system, you will want to place it in a central location in your home. This way you can ensure you will have a signal around your home and in the yard. Always check the signal from every room upon installing to make sure the signal reaches the base station properly.

You can find landline communication systems with ranges between 400 and 1300 feet. Cellular communication systems may have ranges between 350 and 600 feet. Mobile communication systems can have a range between 250 and 350 feet for a portable base station using a wearable pendant. Mobile systems with the base station built inside of the pendant may have an unlimited range.  Each company and device vary in their optimal range, so make sure to ask the representative to ensure you are receiving a device that will work throughout your home.