Automatic Fall Detection Defined

Automatic fall detection is based on a sensor within a wearable waterproof pendant. When the sensor detects a fall, it will automatically send a signal to the base station and contact the emergency call center.

In most cases, you will not need to press the medical alert button for help since the fall detection pendants automatically call for help as you may be unconscious or unable to speak or move. Medical alert companies do not guarantee a 100 percent fall detection rate although the detection rate is high and reliable, even so if you can press the alert button after a fall, you should.

Since many falls occur in the bathroom due to wet surfaces, the fall detection pendants from most companies are waterproof to ensure you wear the device at all times.

Finding Fall Detection Devices

Automatic Fall Detection Defined 2

Not all systems are equipped with fall detection sensors. You will want to research and compare products between medical alert companies before choosing a specific system. Although the fall detection hardware is virtually the same between companies, the logo and service may be different.

Medical alert system hardware may be the same and provide the fall detection sensors, however it is up to the company whether or not to include this feature in a package or as an additional feature (at an additional cost). If it is an optional feature, the medical alert company can turn the feature on and off as needed.

The Benefits of Choosing Fall Detection Devices

Although the fall detection devices are not 100 percent guaranteed in the case of a fall, the sensors are highly reliable. If you should fall in the bathroom, kitchen, or stairwell and are unable to communicate, the call center will receive a transmission alerting them to your fall. Emergency services are dispatched immediately. Depending on the severity of your fall, this quick action may save your life.

Since the fall detection device works with your medical alert system, you should be covered when outside in your yard. This includes the risk of falling during yard work in the spring and summer or falling on ice during the winter.

Types of Fall Detection Pendants

Several companies make fall detection pendants that you can wear as a separate device to your regular alert button. This second device may be an additional fee with a monthly subscription plan.

Other companies include the feature in with their medical alert system, although you may have to pay a little more for the premium service. One company markets a small black fall detection device that can be worn as a pendant or on your keychain.

Check with your medical alert company to see what fall detection technology they currently offer clients.

What Fall Detection Features to Look For in a Device

You want a fall detection device that automatically detects falls with the newest and most reliable technology. The fall detection device should send the signal directly to the call center or straight to 9-1-1 emergency services. Make sure that your fall detection pendant is waterproof with a long battery life.