Best Comfortable Shoes for Older Ladies

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It is a known fact that women love shoes. And finding the best comfortable shoes for older ladies can be a challenging task.

Shoes have been an important part of our lives but as you get older, you have to adapt to your changing feet.

You lose fat at the bottom of your feet and it begins to press more firmly against the floor. This may cause a heel spur which is very painful.

You can reduce your risk of several health issues by staying active and maintaining your weight. Regular walking does a lot in helping to reduce health problems like arthritis. It also allows you to spend time with family and friends and to enjoy a fresh air.

It is important to have good shoes to make walking around fun and easy.

Get flexible shoes that will match your walking stride, hug your heels, and have a good heel counter with ankle padding. This way, the shoes will be able to bend while you walk and allow for easy movement.

Why Elderly Women Must Wear Comfortable Shoes

Changes occur in your feet as you age. These changes can cause you to fall over more easily. As you get old, you begin to lose some of the feelings in your feet which can cause you to feel as if you’re off-balance.

These changes in addition to some other physical changes can cause you to walk differently and lose your balance. Getting the right comfortable shoe will lower your risks of falling and prevent you from sustaining severe injuries.

Wearing comfortable shoes will not only give you comfort but will also reduce foot pain resulting from diabetes or any other chronic disease.

What to Look for When Buying Comfortable Shoes for Senior Women

Wearing the wrong shoes can present a problem for seniors because they don’t provide enough stability and comfort to the wearer.

It is important that older women walk in shoes that are comfy and flexible to prevent them from sustaining serious injuries and help them reduce age-related pains.

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice of shoes to buy.

  • Size: Size matters a lot when it comes to shoes. As you get older, your bones get weaker and your feet change and sometimes become wider. Get shoes that are exactly your size. They can become problematic if they’re too large and can cause different foot problems if they’re too small.
  • Height: Too high shoes can cause you to lose your balance and fall to the ground. Avoid them. You have an increased risk of falling when you’re too high from the ground. Consider wearing flat shoes because they provide stability and give you the best sense of proximity to the ground
  • Weight: Heavyweight shoes will pose a health problem. Choose lightweight shoes that make walking around fun and a lot easier. They are highly recommended because they’re easier to walk in. You won’t have to drag your fit around while in a walk.
  • Cushioning: Go for shoes with plenty of cushioning. Select shoes that allow space for extra soft inserts to make them even more comfortable. Also, avoid shoes that have over padded insoles.

Best Comfortable Shoes for Older Ladies: Our Top 5 Picks


Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoe,Black,10 W US

The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoes provide a great stability and all-day comfort right out of the box. They fit your legs just like regular shoes. Your heels will fit in them because they don’t have extra heel padding at the back. They’re good looking, firm fitting, and very comfortable.

The insteps and heels come up high enough such that you don’t feel like the shoes are slipping off your feet. They feel so comfortable that you can choose to use them as your bedroom slippers.

Their beautiful appearance makes them go with workout wears, casual pants, or jeans. Workers who stand for hours while on duty find these shoes comfortable and a great fit because they relieve heel pain. They’re slip-on shoes. And are very convenient even if you don’t have your socks on.

What we like

  • They don’t slip off your ankles with or without socks
  • They’re flexible and light weight
  • Sporty, cute, and feel like walking on a pillow
  • They’re slip-on shoe and you can walk in them for a long time without any blisters or pain

What we dislike

  • Not as soft knit as some other shoes
  • They’re slightly narrow having less room in the toe box


J. Adams Lexy Ankle Boot - Low Stacked Heel Closed Toe Casual Western Bootie

The Western Ankle Boot – Cowgirl Low Heel Closed Casual Bootie shoes do not hit you at a weird spot like most ones out there. You can wear them all day without being bothered. They allow you to comfortably wear thick socks when it’s cold and still fit you when you wear thin ones.

The booties have sleek suede. The faux leather has a good texture and is not too heavy. You’ll barely notice any dirt or spots on the shoes when you wear them in light rain.

They come with medium heels and cushioned soles that give them a relaxed fit. They’re comfortable and the openings are not too large. This makes them go well with skinny jeans. They fit perfectly with no-show socks.

They’re adorable and have excellent craftsmanship that prevents them from slipping or sliding on ice or snow.

What we like

  • The heels are not too high. Feel comfortable
  • The color scheme is amazing
  • They’re very versatile

What we dislike

  • They feel a little sloppy around the ankles. But more comfortable with thicker socks
  • You have to be careful with the zippers


ASICS Women's Metrolyte-W, Black/Black/Iris, 8.5 M US

The ASICS Women’s Metrolyte Walking Shoes are designed with breathable materials that don’t look like a mesh. These shoes have a modern design that portrays an amazing style. They don’t have separate tongues. This gives them a seamless appearance.

The coloring is great and pleasing to the eye. The inserts of the shoes are comfy, thick, light, and easily removed. They enhance moisture wicking and provide cushioning performance. The outsoles are designed to enhance traction even on slippery surfaces.

The shoes pride memory foam sock liners and modern mono-sock style that provides a comfortable and secure fit. They come with gel bottoms which make them great fit if you have narrow feet.

They’re made of dense foam soles that feature stretchable uppers that give them a sporty style.

What we like

  • Super lightweight
  • Comfortable and fits great
  • Your feet still feel okay even if you wear the shoes all day

What we dislike

  • Getting a snug fit may be difficult because you can’t lace them tight
  • Feet move around in the shoes. This can be adjusted by changing the insole


Anne Klein Women's Hastobe Leather Dress Pump, Black, 9.5 M US

Flat shoes are great for elderly women. The Women’s Anne Klein shoes are nice flats that will give you a beautiful look and still make you comfortable. The heels are very comfortable and the shoes go well with jeans, dresses, skirts, suits, and ankle pants. They’re best fit for you if you don’t like open toes.

The shoes are adorable and have shines at their sides that make them even more gorgeous. You can wear no-show socks to come up over your heels if they feel a little big. The socks will make you feel comfortable and protect your heels from abrasion.

These flat shoes are comfy have classic shape and style. They’re designed with cushioned footbeds which make them comfortable to wear all day.

What we like

  • They’re comfortable and have a classic look
  • Inserts don’t get wet and stinky after a long use
  • The soles are sturdier than most flat shoes

What we dislike

  • You have to size up half size your normal shoe size. So, if you wear a 7 in flat, order size 7.5


isotoner Women's Satin Ballerina Slipper with Bow, Suede Sole

The Isotoner Women’s Satin Ballerina slippers are good for use at home. You can also put them in your bag and carry them along with you when you visit a family or friend’s place where you’ll need to remove your shoes. You can even use them while on a flight to a long destination.

They are washable and often last long. They are lined with Velveteen. This makes them comfortable to your bare foot. The soles are quite durable since they are leather.

The slippers hug your feet without being constricting. They don’t slip off when you walk and the bottoms have cushions that make your feet feel so comfortable.

They don’t give any arch support but the padding is enough for years of reliability and comfort even when you walk around on hard floors. They are great for a little house exercise.

What we like

  • They are stretchy and can fit different sizes
  • The tops are not too tight. They don’t dig into the top of your feet like some other slippers do
  • They are lightweight and very comfortable

What we dislike

  • They shrink after being washed a few times
  • They don’t have arch support

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