Best Easy to Read Watches for Seniors / Elderly

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Checking the time can be as simple as taking a glance at your wrist.

This can, however, become difficult and frustrating if you cannot see the hands on an analog watch or the figures on the digital watch clearly.

The small faces and numbers on regular watches can be a problem to seniors experiencing diminished vision as result of aging. It can also be a challenge to people facing a loss of vision due to low vision conditions.

Easy-to-read watches are recommended for seniors who love to have a watch on their wrist but are experiencing this natural part of aging.

best easy to read watches for seniors

What are Easy-to-Read Watches?

Easy-to-read watches are watches that are particularly designed for clarity. They are preferred by the visually impaired and elderly men who have lost or are losing their sharp sight to old age.

These watches usually don’t perform other numerous functions like normal watches do. They’re simple, clear, and easy to operate. They have thick straps, large faces and bold numbers for easy viewing. Some models feature illuminated backlit dial which allows for better viewing even in complete darkness.

Generally, easy-to-read watches give seniors the pleasure of telling the time without struggling to see small numbers on the faces of watches.

Why Are Easy-to-Read Watches Ideal for seniors?

Watches that are easy to use for fully sighted people may not be appropriate for individuals who have a low vision. Elderly men – who are visually impaired – should have as much input as possible in selecting low vision watches.

Telling time shouldn’t be frustrating for seniors. As a senior, it is important you have an easy to read watch on your wrist just in case your glasses aren’t handy. A regular watch may not get the job done.

For some easy-to-read watches, you can check what time it is even at night or when the light is low by simply pressing a button to light up the face.

What to Look for When Buying Easy-to-Read Watches for Elderly People

Whether you’re looking to buy an easy-to-read watch with an accurate timing or a beautiful design, here are few tips to help you choose the right timepiece.

  • Value of the watch: It is important to consider the value of a watch before even talking about the price. It is better to spend a little extra dollar to buy a quality watch than to buy several low standard watches for a few bucks. Quality matters.
  • Face of the watch: A large face having a contrasting color with the hand is clearer and is recommended for elderly people. Their sight becomes weak as they age. The size and the contrast will allow them to quickly know what time it is without having to strain their eyes or use glasses.
  • Wearer’s wrist: Seniors with small wrists should consider going for watches with plenty of holes in the strap. You’ll find them easy to adjust and become a perfect fit. Having a watch with a leather strap dropping off your wrist can be very annoying.

Best Easy-to-Read Watches for Seniors: Our Top 5 Picks


Timex Men's Easy Reader Large Dial Watch

If you’re looking to get a wrist watch that can be read by a visually impaired man, the Timex Men’s T28071 Easy Reader Black Leather Strap Watch is the best fit for you. It is really big and easy to read. It has a large face and an obvious contrast between the white hand and black face which makes it even easier to read.

It comes with a light which makes it easy for you to read it in complete darkness. The watch prides an excellent workmanship and high-quality leather. You’d feel this awesome workmanship when it’s in your hand. It’s got a huge face and a simple perfection in its design.

This is one watch you should give a trial if you’re having a hard time seeing a watch. It has a huge face and large numbers. The best part is that it wears well with both casual and business outfit.

This watch is simply perfect if you don’t want to put on your spectacles every time you want to check your time.

What we like

  • It comes with Timex Indiglo lighting
  • It has a nice classic look
  • White hand and black face makes it super easy to read
  • Batteries last for a very long time

What we dislike

  • The leather wears out after like 5 years of use. You can swap it for a metal one


Timex Men's T2H281 Easy Reader 35mm Black Leather Strap Watch

The Timex Men’s T2H281 Easy Reader Date Leather Strap Watch is a simple quiet analog watch that offers you exactly what you need. You simply can’t go wrong with simple.

The watch is encased in a silver case and a white face with large easy-to-read numbers. It comes with a date window and the Indiglo night light. You will always know what time it is whether in a bright or completely dark environment.

The black smooth calfskin leather band that comes with it complements the white face. You can shower with your watch or even take to up to 99 feet of water without damaging it. It will still continue to thick and remain accurate like the very first day.

This excellent piece works with no problem and packs plenty of compliments.

What we like

  • It is flexible
  • It works well in both office and exterior work conditions
  • It is casual and professional
  • Doesn’t hurt your hand after a long wear and the weight is okay

What we dislike

  • The whole of the dial doesn’t light up with the Indiglo light. But this won’t come in your way of telling what time it is
  • The strap is not the best


Timex Women's T2H341 Easy Reader Black Leather Strap Watch

The Timex Women’s Easy Reader Leather Strap Watch is an easy-to-read watch that has clear and big letters on a white face. You can easily see the minute lines in between the numbers even if you have aging eyesight. The strap of this watch is quality leather and the color is perfect. Not dull and boring.

Gently push the one and the only button on it to light up the face to be able to check time in a dark environment. Use this same button to set the time. You don’t have to remove it when you’re going close to water because it is water resistant.

Timex Women’s Easy Reader Leather Strap Watch is soundless and has no obnoxious ticking. You feel comfortable with the watch on your wrist that you may forget to take it off at night.

What we like

  • Soundless ticking
  • Decent sized face
  • Plenty of holes in the wrist which makes it adjustable
  • The band is stylish

What we dislike

  • The metal around the crystal covering the face is soft. It can scratch easily


Armitron Sport Women's 25-6355PNK Pink and Silver-Tone Easy to Read Watch

The Armitron Sport Women’s 25-6355PNK Pink and Silver-Tone Easy to Read Watch is a rugged easy-to-read watch that can withstand a lot of hardship. It can withstand getting hot and cold or getting dirty and wet on a regular basis without needing to change the battery. The watch is strong and can hold up to outdoor activities.

It is thin and has a sporty and slim look that is pleasing to the eye. The thin head and band complement the appearance of the face. The hour indicators are enhanced by the additional dot indicators on the white outer ring of the dial.

It is simply a casual analog timepiece with a durable design.

This small watch is easy to use and will save you the stress of having to pull out your cell phone every time. It will help you to avoid all the distractions from your phone.

What we like

  • Long lasting battery
  • It is water resistant
  • The watch has a second hand
  • It is durable and very comfortable to wear

What we dislike

  • The watch looks nice but doesn’t have a classic appearance
  • The strap loop does not hold down the band firmly


Casio Women's LTP-S100L-7BVCF Easy-To-Read Solar Watch with Brown Band

The Casio Women’s LTP-S100L-7BVCF Easy-to-Read Solar Watch Brown Band is a solar-powered watch that delivers excellent value. It comes with a display stand that you can use to hold it when you’re not wearing it. This is very useful at night when you want to go to bed.

When you’re not wearing it, keep it on the display stand close to the window where there’s bright light. But don’t keep it where it will be hit by a direct beam of light.

It’s got an adjustable band so you have nothing to worry about if you have a small wrist. It keeps accurate time and you won’t have to wind it every time or even change the battery.

The black hands and white face make it very convenient to read without having to strain your eyes. The watch is attractive and the combo of the watch itself and the band is awesome.

What we like

  • It’s solar-powered. No need for battery replacement
  • It features an easy-to-read face
  • The face is scratch resistant

What we dislike

  • No Indiglo light
  • You have to adjust the time when it first arrives. It’s easy to set, though
  • The strap is stiff. You can replace it if it feels uncomfortable

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