Best Front Closure Bras for Seniors (Elderly Women)

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No matter what forms their breasts might have taken as a result of age, senior women still need to wear bras to hold their breasts. And as with much younger women, elderly women wear bras to boost their self-confidence and put their sense of fashion into play.

Most bras you’ll find in the market are rear closure bras — those with hook-and-eye locks at the rear. To wear these bras, the user has to either lock the closure point while it’s placed in front of the body before turning it to the back or position the bra over the breasts and then use the hands to lock the closure at the back. Either option isn’t comfortable, but most young and agile women get used to whichever option they prefer.

However, for senior women whose bones have become weaker, using rear closure bras can be very difficult. So, front closure bras are most suitable for them. If you’re a senior woman or caregiver to a senior woman and are looking to shop for bras, then don’t settle for other than front closure bras.

What are front closure bras?

As the name implies, front closure bras are bras whose closures — usually hook-and-eye locks, Velcro straps, or zippers — are on the front rather than at the back. The closures can also come in plastic, metal drop-needle, or interlocking styles. Some front closure bras feature a racerback design, which is one of the most comfortable styles of bras to wear under any clothing.

Front-closure bras offer a smooth backline and a seamless look under clothing. And more importantly, they are easier to wear and pull off when compared with rear closure bras. This makes them ideal for elderly women, especially those with arthritis or limited shoulder motion.

Why are front closure bras better for elderly women?

The unique features of the front closure bras include the ease of wearing and removal as well as the adjustability of the closures (for loosening or tightening). These features make them easy for elderly women to wear and pull off on their own without the assistance of a caregiver.

What to look for when buying front closure bras

  • Size: An undersized front closure bra will tighten the breasts, and this could lead to some pain in the chest area. Therefore, the size of the bra should be proportional to that of the breast.
  • Weight: It’s important to consider the weight of the bra before purchase. Lightweight bras are best suited for the elders.
  • Durability: The bra should be durable and long-lasting. This saves you from having to replace bras every now and then, which could be not only annoying but also heavy on your pocket.
  • Fit and comfort: Poorly fitted bras can cause back and neck pain. Therefore, a front closure bra should be of proper fit, for it to provide the user with comfort.

Review: Best front closure bras for senior women

As with other types of bras, front closure bras abound in the market. And making the right choice from the several models and brands available can be a huge challenge.

But to help you out, we’ve scoured the online marketplace and compared several front closure bras by buyer opinions, brand trust, and other factors that matter. And based on our findings, here are the best four front closure bras you can buy online at the moment:


Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra -38 Beige

The Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra is designed with a unique multi directional stretch. It is made from 85% nylon and 15% spandex fabric blend to cradle your body and give a total but silky smooth fit from all angles.

Available in size B, C, and D cups, the Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra is designed to provide light to medium support. It has a front hook-and-eye closure for convenient and an extra wide strap which stays on your shoulders to help reduce back strain.

It is designed for women of all shapes and sizes and suits all type of clothing from sports to business, casual and leisure. This could probably be the most comfortable bra you will ever wear.

In terms of durability, this bra has got it. And that’s why it’s our top pick.

Buyer reviews

As at the time of this writing, the Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra had 878 customer reviews on 65% of the reviewers gave a 5-star rating, while 17% gave a 4-star rating. Overall, the bra has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.


Vanity Fair Women's Illumination Full Front Coverage Close Bra, Rose Beige, 40C

The Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination bra is designed with 78% nylon and 22% spandex fabric. It has a strata fabrication and satin lining throughout the interior with a flexible but padded cup. The no-poke underwire provides the full coverage that you need for comfort all day.

It is also designed to accommodate a three-way convertible crisscross, a halter style and the traditional style. The smooth fabric conceals the three-row, metal-coated hook-and-eye closure at the back with three columns to adjust for your custom comfort level.

Buyer reviews

As at when this was written, the Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination bra had 536 customer reviews on, with 74% 5-star ratings, 14% 4-star ratings, and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.


Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra, Nude,40D

The Bali Women’s Comfort Front-Close Underwire Bra is designed with 94% nylon and 6% spandex cup, a 100% polyester center belt and cup lining. It also has 100% polyurethane foam cup pad, a 100% nylon inner center belt and a 95% nylon as well as 5% spandex back.

This bra provides the perfect comfort and shaping without you having to sacrifice fitness and support. It is also designed with a front-closure and adjustable straps with tonal pattern at the cups to provide easy fastening. There is a wider band for back smoothing, a soft comfort band, and stretch foam cup for fit flexibility and comfort.

Buyer reviews

As at the time of writing this, the Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution had 519 customer reviews on 68% of buyers gave a 5-star rating, while 18% gave a 4-star rating. Overall, it presently has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Maidenform Women's Pure Genius T-Back Bra , Latte Lift,38B

The Maidenform Women’s Pure Genius Racerback Bra features full-coverage cups, a lace-covered front, a hook-and-eye closure, and a lace-covered back with adjustable racerback straps. The cup is made from 79% nylon and 21% elastane, while the lace is 90% nylon and 10% elastane.

Buyer reviews

As at the time of this writing this, the Maidenform Women’s Pure Genius Racerback Bra  had a staggering 888 customer reviews on, with 61% 5-star ratings, 18% 4-star ratings and an overall rating of 4.3 overall of out of 5 stars.

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