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best garden tools for seniors

7 Best Garden Tools for the Elderly

Gardening as an activity can be enjoyed by everyone – including seniors. Only a few things can be more fulfilling than the experience of planting flowers and other types of plants and nurturing them until they blossom. Gardening has a lot of health benefits for elderly people who find interest in it. It is a … Read more

Best Fitness & Activity Trackers for Seniors 1

Best Fitness & Activity Trackers for Seniors

If you’re looking for the best fitness and activity trackers for seniors or elderly people, we’ve got you covered. Fitness tracking devices such as wristbands and smartwatches are becoming more and more popular because they’ve been severally proven to be effective in helping people to stay motivated to achieve their health goals. A study by Lisa Cadmus-Bertram of … Read more

5 Tips to Help Seniors Keep Fit 2

5 Tips to Help Seniors Keep Fit

It goes without saying that seniors aren’t as physically active as the younger ones. This is quite understandable because older adults are mostly retired and being out of the active work force is expected to take a hit on physical activity. If you’re a senior and you’re looking to find a way to keep fit, … Read more

Fitness Trackers vs. Pedometers: What are The Differences? 3

Fitness Trackers vs. Pedometers: What are The Differences?

If you’ve been lucky to use both a fitness tracker and pedometer, you should be able to tell the difference. But for those that have used one of the two or neither, you might struggle to figure out the differences. In this post, we have highlighted the major difference between the two devices in order … Read more

fitness tracker for seniors and elderly

How Do Fitness Trackers Calculate Calories Burned?

There are several things a fitness tracker can do and one of its most popular features is its ability to calculate calories burned. Interestingly, the technology employed in producing this function is not known to many users of this device. Understanding how your wearable works in burning your calories is something you should know as … Read more

5 Reasons Seniors Should Use Fitness Trackers 4

5 Reasons Seniors Should Use Fitness Trackers

If you had your way, you’d love to grow old while your body stays younger and without any health issues. But the truth is old age comes with health concerns and the best way to deal with these challenge is to have the right information. One of the things you should know is, using a … Read more

best fitbit for seniors

Best Fitbit for Seniors & Elderly People

When it comes to fitness tracking technology, Fitbit has become a household name. In fact, for most people, the brand name “Fitbit” has replaced the generic term “fitness tracker”, just as “iPad” has replaced “tablet”. This is no surprise, as Fitbit has consistently churned out a wide range of top-quality fitness trackers that has met … Read more

7 Best Yoga DVDs for Seniors 5

7 Best Yoga DVDs for Seniors

Yoga promotes a healthy and strong body, mind and spirit; and at the same time reduces a number of ills that come with ageing.  It helps to… maintain muscle softness and flexibility; reduce joint swelling; increase joint mobility and strength- thus improving overall balance and stability. aid digestion and improve cardiovascular and sleep. improve and … Read more

3 Best Exercise Chairs for Home - Chair Resistance Isn't Futile! 14

3 Best Exercise Chairs for Home – Chair Resistance Isn’t Futile!

We tested 5 different brands. It was exhausting. But we were determined to find the best exercise chairs for home use, depending on different budgets and activity levels. Editor’s Choice for the best on our list is the AB Doer 360 Despite its name, it’s not just for abs. This piece of gear receives our stamp of … Read more

best stationary exercise bikes for seniors

Best Stationary Exercise Bikes for Seniors

The years of ‘seniorhood’ are truly golden, gray, and filled with awesome memories and good old wisdom of yore 🙂 However, as every elderly person or caregiver knows and thoroughly understands, these years are also the years of failing health and a steady decline in the ability to help oneself to otherwise simple and previously … Read more