7 Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors

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As you grow older, the items you used to carry easily in the past start becoming heavy loads. And carrying such loads becomes difficult. Worse, persistently carrying heavy loads may result in back pain and other health effects.

The above explains why you need to invest in a good folding shopping cart — preferably one that is suitable for seniors.

Shopping carts help you to get rid of the burden of carrying heavy loads that could cause pains to your back and shoulders. It’s important to choose the best one that will fit your lifestyle and do a great job as expected.

Best Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors: Our Top 7 Picks

There are various shopping carts on the market, but here are the best ones carefully hand-picked based on their quality, durability, and several other factors.


VersaCart Transit Original Folding Shopping and Utility Cart, Water-Resistant Heavy-Duty Canvas with Cover, Double Front Swivel Wheels, Compact Folding, Transport Up To 120 Pounds, Signature Blue

The VersaCart Transit Utility Cart is a lightweight and easy-to-fold cart that doesn’t take up much storage space. It is a perfect choice for shopping if you don’t have a car since it is made with a heavy-duty bag that can transport up to 120 pounds.

There’s even more reason to use this cart if you own a car; it can easily fold up like an umbrella stroller and fit perfectly into your car trunk.

It’s an easy-to-steer cart that will navigate well on rough terrains, unlike some that move as though they have a mind of their own.

The cart is designed with rubber wheels that move quietly and smoothly. This helps to avoid unnecessary attention when you roll it down hallways and other quiet areas. As a prevention against water damage, it comes with a flap that can be pulled over the top if you’re caught in a downpour. This gives perfect protection because it is water resistant.

Overall, this cart is durable and has a large capacity to accommodate quite a number of items. It is a good choice if you need to use a cart on a daily basis.


  • The wheels are quiet and move smoothly
  • It has a large capacity
  • It doesn’t take up much storage space
  • It’s lightweight and be carried comfortably


  • The wheels are not extra durable and they may break a few years down the line. You may have to visit your local hardware store for a replacement
  • If you’re tall and have a long stride, your foot may hit the wheels as you walk


Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart, Easily Collapsible and Portable to Save Space and Heavy Duty, Light Weight Trolley with Rolling Swivel Wheels

You should consider getting the Wellmax Grocery Utility Shopping Cart if you need to haul items to your car, office, home, or move items from one place to another. It is a durable cart recommended for seniors or people with back pains.

This sturdy cart provides a very easy shopping experience. It can be easily collapsed and fit in the trunk. Its lightweight makes it easy to be lifted out and wheeled to the grocery. With its easy maneuverability, you won’t have any problem loading out your items from the trunk into the cart and wheeling it around in your home.

This is a high-quality utility cart that can be used for shopping, carrying luggage, and going to the farmers market. It has a large capacity, which helps you to carry your items at once and not make 2 to 3 trips.

The assembly process is super easy and it folds up quickly. You only need to fix the two large wheels and your cart is ready. This requires no expertise and can be done by an 80-year-old granny.

One of the most interesting features of the cart is the rotating front wheel, which helps you maneuver the cart as you wish. You don’t have to tip the cart if you need to turn.


  • It is super easy to assemble
  • It has a rotating front wheel
  • It is durable and can withstand a rugged terrain
  • The large basket can accommodate a lot of items
  • The cart can carry a heavy load


  • It’s not a good choice for tall people about 6’0’’. They may have to bend over to push


Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart, Extra Large, Black

The Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart is a bulky cart made of durable steel. It comes in a big box and assembly could be a bit tricky. The cart won’t give you a problem if it is properly assembled. It can hold up weight and can comfortably handle up to 3 containers of cat litters weighing 20 pounds each - all at once.

The wheels are quiet and roll nicely. But have in mind that the front wheels do not swivel, so you’ll have to tilt a little bit to turn. This wouldn’t be much of a problem since the handle makes this easy and convenient. The wheels are sturdy and can withstand going up and down the stairs. This makes it a good choice if you live above the ground floor.

The cart folds up easily. Even with its bulky size, it’s still lightweight and easy to lift. To get the most out of the cart and to make it function as expected, make sure you follow the instructions properly when assembling it.

Overall, it does a great job for shopping, moving your laundry, and moving your luggage.


  • It is sturdy
  • It folds up quickly and easily
  • It is made of durable steel
  • The wheels are quiet and roll nicely
  • A good choice for going up and down the stairs


  • Assembling the cart is a bit tricky and requires maximum concentration
  • The front wheels do not swivel
  • It is bulky and may take up storage space


LS Jumbo Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart with Dual Swivel Wheels and Double Basket- 200 lb Capacity

If you need a cart that can handle a weight of up to 200 lb, you’ve gotten one. Jumbo Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart is designed with heavy-duty steel to transport heavy loads. It is a very good choice if you need to haul heavy laundry, especially if you’d be coming down and going up the stairs.

The large rear rubber wheels combine with the front swivel wheels to make maneuvering the cart very easy. These wheels are solid and roll quietly and smoothly as you push the handle.

The cart can be used conveniently on sidewalks without any problem as it can be easily lifted over the steps.

Using the cart on the stairs is not hard. Just tip it and pull it up using the back wheels. Although, this may pose a little difficulty if the cart is loaded. Remember it has a capacity of 200 lb.

Even though it can accommodate a huge load, be careful not to load it with too much weight than you can handle if you need to transport items from one point to another. The front wheels are quite small and may make it hard to go over cracks on the road when the cart is loaded. In this case, you may need a hand to lift it at the front while you push the handle from behind.


  • It has a very large capacity
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It is a high-quality and durable cart


  • It is hard to navigate when filled with heavier loads
  • The cart is quite long when folded. It may not fit a midsize trunk
  • Not very easy to assemble


Goplus Jumbo Folding Shopping Cart, with Double Basket and Swivel Wheels, Utility Cart for Grocery Laundry Book Luggage Travel

The Goplus Jumbo Double Basket Cart comes assembled. All you have to do is snap on the wheels and start moving your cart.

It is a large cart with a weight capacity of 88 lb; this can transport a large number of shopping items in one trip. It is a high-quality and well-made cart that holds up really well on uneven sidewalks and steep hills. The back wheels are large enough to allow you to climb up the stairs without worrying about having broken wheels.

As a safety tip while using this cart, carefully watch out for bumps on your way, especially if you’re pushing the cart in front of you. Also, avoid grasses at the edge of sidewalks, so that you don’t encounter any problem while pushing it.

This sturdy heavy-duty metal cart has front swivel wheels that make it very easy to maneuver. It’s a good thing that it comes with separate baskets that are perfect for more groceries or personal items. You probably would consider using a liner so that small items don’t drop off when you go shopping.

Overall, it is a large cart with enough room and extra space on the back. It is very easy to push forward and pull backward.


  • It is big and roomy with extra space
  • The front swivel wheels are easy to maneuver
  • It is durable and can handle heavier loads


  • Older people may require a little more strength to fold it up


Newly Released Grocery Utility Flat Folding Shopping Cart with 360° Rolling Swivel Wheels Heavy Duty & Light Weight Extra Large Utility Cart

This is a great aid for seniors. The Newly Released Grocery Utility Cart is large and sturdy with a mesh grill at the bottom, designed to prevent small items from dropping. The swivel wheels make steering through the grocery store or your home very easy. Both the front and back wheels move smoothly and allow easy changing of directions. They are solid and roll nicely on smooth and hard surfaces.

It is a well-constructed cart with a great size designed to allow you to carry a large number of items all at once. One impressive feature is the rubber used to cover the handle. This is a very important feature when using it outside in very cold weather.

Assembling the cart is easy if you follow the straightforward instructions. You may find the wrench included in the package handy. The utility cart folds and unfolds easily. It folds flat and can fit into your car trunk without any issue. The clip that comes with it is useful for holding it firm and preventing it from springing open when you fold it.

This may not be a perfect choice if you’re tall around 5‘6‘’. You may have to stretch your arm fully to hold it away from you.


  • Easy to steer and move around
  • Assembling it is easy and quick
  • The folded cart doesn’t take up much space
  • It is designed with a mesh to prevent items from dropping while on transit


  • Not a perfect choice for tall people


Folding Shopping Cart, Portable Stair Climbing Utility Cart with Swivel Wheel and Waterproof Canvas Bag, 177 Pounds Capacity (Type 5)

This Folding Shopping Cart is a sturdy utility cart with some unique features that differentiate it from the other carts on this list. It is manufactured with a cloth insert that prevents little items from dropping. The cart is lightweight and very easy to handle. It folds up flat and takes up just minimal storage space. This makes it fit into the trunk easily.

This portable shopping cart is very easy to assemble that even a 6-year old can do it in a few minutes. It is firm and nicely welded together without annoying pointy sharp bits. It is well-made and sturdy enough to handle a heavy load.

The folding shopping cart is specially designed to do well in climbing the stairs. The triple wheels at the back make stairs climbing very easy. The wheels roll nicely and do a great job navigating through cracks on sidewalks.

It comes with Velcro straps for holding the liner. The straps sometimes loosen easily when placing items in them. So, you may have to re-position them when loading the cart. The lightweight and portability make it a great choice for senior citizens. When folded up, it can be easily carried in one hand by an 80-year-old granny.


  • It has triple back wheels specially made for climbing stairs
  • It is lightweight and very portable
  • It folds up flat and takes up small storage space
  • It is super easy to assemble and maneuver


  • The straps that hold the liner lose easily when loading the cart

Folding Shopping Carts for the Elderly: Wrap-up

When searching for a shopping cart for senior citizens, put several factors into consideration. Look out for utility carts that are lightweight, easy to maneuver, can be installed easily, and durable. Whichever cart you eventually choose should do a great job of taking off the burden of carrying heavy loads from the car to the home, office, or from any point to another with ease.

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