What are Landline Connection Systems?

Landline connection systems are one of two common systems used by medical alert companies (the other is a cellular connection). With the landline connection, the base station is connected directly to a wall jack. The calls initiated by the base station are carried through the landline by your carrier.

Most landline connection systems will work with any type of landline phone, such as a rotary dial, pulse, or tone telephone. Many medical alert services have upgraded to work with standard phone lines, some cable providers, and several VOIP solutions. Since coverage varies on location, you will need to confirm with the medical alert company that your carrier is compatible.

Choosing a Landline Connection System

land line connection system
What are Landline Connection Systems? 2

Several medical alert service landline connection systems are made exactly alike from the same manufacturer with only the logo and service differentiating them from the competition. Several companies also make an exclusive landline connection system.

The simplest type of landline system consists of one large button with a two-way speakerphone on top. It is easily connected to a power outlet and the wall jack.

Other landline connection systems include the large emergency button as well as a reset button that can be used if the alert button is accidently activated. These models also feature the two-way speakerphone on top of the base.

Another type of landline connection system is the small base that ensures that your two-way speakerphone on your pendant will work to speak to a call center operated without using the base station.

As companies continue to develop their exclusive landline connection systems, you will see systems featuring larger buttons, modern- shaped base stations, Braille lettering, smoke detecting features, and temperature change signals in the event of a fire. Research and compare the landline connection systems your medical alert service offers to meet your needs.

Common Features to Look For in a Landline Connection System

No matter which landline connection system you choose, these bases have several common features:

  • Each base must be connected to a wall jack (landline) to operate. With some landline connection systems, you must also connect your regular landline phone directly to the base. In the case of an emergency and you are already on a call, once you press the alert button, the system will disconnect your call and contact the call center for you.
  • Each base has a battery backup, although the amount of time varies depending on the manufacturer. Battery backups can last anywhere from 12 hours to 60 hours, with 32 to 36 hours being the average.
  • Each base consists of a two-way speakerphone. This speakerphone is typically large and is located on the top of the base. One company manufactures a taller base with the speakerphone wrapping around the base.
  • Each base has a large colored alert button. The button may read “Emergency” or “Help”. In many cases, the alert button is red.

The Drawback of Using a Landline Connection System

The only drawback to a landline connection system is the trend towards eliminating landlines in favor of cellular phones. Landline connection systems must use a landline with a wall jack to connect with the call center. Even during a power outage, the battery backup on your base station will ensure you can still get help when you need it.