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LifeStation is a leading provider of medical alert systems that services their customers both directly as well as through partnerships with hospitals and healthcare agencies. They are a company that has very high standards for their employees and aims to make sure that their customers are assisted as professionally as possible.

  • Cancel the service at any time with 30 days notice if you are unsatisfied
  • Given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • In business for 39 years
  • ​UL-Listed monitoring center
  • CSAA Certified Specialists

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About LifeStation

LifeStation is a New Jersey based company that has been in business since 1977. They are one of the most established medical alert providers in the industry and specialize specifically in the sale of their medical alert systems. According to, LifeStation has the lowest cost, best contract terms and top monitoring in their field. The company is a part of AARP’s National Event & Expo and their product has been featured on TV.

Available Products

At Home Medical Alert System

The At Home Medical Alert System features top of the line monitoring. Each emergency call is fielded by a highly trained, CSAA certified specialist. The system is UL listed and has an automatic weekly test timer which ensures that your equipment is working properly. The help button is waterproof so that you can even wear it in the shower. This system is also available with cellular for seniors without access to a landline.

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  • Includes base station and choice of pendant or wristband help button
  • 500 foot range from the base station
  • Base connects to wall outlet and has 32-hour standby power
  • Connects to landline
  • Cellular optional for those without landline
  • Not GPS enabled; GPS pendant available separately
  • Auto fall detection pendant available for higher monthly charge

LifeStation’s Mobile Emergency Button

The Mobile Emergency Button is a help button that travels with you and runs on cellular so that you can take it anywhere you go. It connects directly to a 911 operator whenever you press the button, and there is no call limit or charge for airtime.

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  • Include Mobile Emergency Button
  • Runs on two AAA batteries and should last for years without needing replacement
  • Not landline enabled
  • Cellular enabled
  • Not GPS enabled
  • No Automatic Fall Detection

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Equipment Options

A few of Lifestation’s add-on options: 

Lockbox: $2.99/month

  • Allows caregivers and emergency responders access to your home if you are unable to answer the door

Bathroom & Hallway Button: $2.49/month 

  • Extra help buttons for bathrooms, hallways or bedrooms for extra protection and access in emergency situations

Additional User Help Button: $3.99/month

  • Allows access for an additional user on the same alert system

Monitoring Services

If you fall or have an emergency and press your help button which you wear as either a pendant or wristband, you are automatically connected to a LifeStation care specialist. The monitoring center is UL listed and the care professionals are highly trained and CSAA certified to assist you whenever you need help and give you the best assistance possible.

If you cannot speak, LifeStation immediately follows your personalized emergency action plan which is designed specifically so that the emergency services, friends, family, and caregivers are contacted in whichever order you have chosen. The care specialist will always remain on the line until help has arrived. LifeStations complimentary “AlertMessage” service automatically notifies caregivers via e-mail any time a loved one has an emergency, tests their system or needs any maintenance on their system.


The standard LifeAlert Medical Alert Home system is available in a landline model and is also cellular compatible for those who do not have landline access. The range for this system is approximately 500 feet from the base station to the pendant. This range is usually a sufficient distance to cover the subscriber in most areas of their home and can sometimes extend just outside into the driveway. It is advisable to test the unit in all parts of the home so that in the event of any emergency situation, the user knows where they are covered.

The LifeStation GPS pendant and Mobile Emergency Button both run on a cellular network, so they do not have limited ranges and will work anywhere a signal is available.

Battery Life

The base of the Home Medical Alert system plugs into the wall for power but has a 32-hour backup battery in the event of an outage. The Mobile Emergency Button runs on two AAA batteries and should last at least a year or two before the batteries need to be replaced depending on how often it is used.


LifeStation offers three different payment options which are Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly. If you choose the Annual plan, your payment will be slightly cheaper on a per month basis which will save you money in the long-run, but you should be advised that if you choose to cancel, you will be responsible for paying for each of your remaining months. The monthly plan would be a better option for those looking to use their service on more of a trial basis. Adding accessories such as the Lock Box or additional help buttons will increase the monthly price.

  • Prices range from $25.95 to $29.95 per month without additional accessories
  • Equipment cost included in monthly price
  • No Activation Fee
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Equipment

Installation Process

LifeStations medical alert system is shipped directly to you and includes an easy to follow setup guide which should only take about 5 minutes to go through. The system only needs to be plugged in, connected to the landline if it is a landline model, powered on and tested. If there is any difficulty with the setup for any reason, a representative can assist you.

Customer Service

LifeStation offers 24/7 customer service and technical support. They can be reached at (877)-833-2020 for existing customers or (866) 725-8679 for other inquiries and will always have staff members ready to take your call. System repair and replacement are at no additional cost and are provided to the customer whenever necessary.


LifeStation has received a perfect grade of A+ from the Better Business Bureau and have been a BBB Accredited business since April of 2013.

Our Recommendation

One of the best signs for a company providing medical alert devices is that they hold their monitoring centers and employees to the highest possible standards and have been in business for a long time. LifeStation fits this criterion as a company that emphasizes reliability by having their staff and call centers meet strict guidelines, and they have been in business for nearly 40 years. When considering their affordable pricing and quality alert systems, it is easy to recommend LifeStation for your medical alert needs.

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