Medical Care Alert Review

Medical Care Alert Review 2

Medical Care Alert is a Michigan-based, family-owned company providing medical alert systems to the elderly so that they can remain both independent and protected. The company uses the highest quality BOSCH medical alert equipment and sells their systems at an affordable price. The company has won numerous awards, and a very high percentage of their customers are happy enough with the service to refer them to friends and family.

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • In business for 14 years
  • Nothing to buy
  • No long term commitments

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About Medical Care Alert

They have been in business since 2002 and is a Michigan-based company with monitoring centers in both New York and California. They have been awarded the “Super Service Award” by Angie’s List readers in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Their service is offered by American Response Technologies, Inc.

Available Products

Home Medical Alert System

The Home Medical Alert System is designed to give seniors peace of mind anywhere in their home. It has an excellent 1,000 ft. range which keeps them covered even in very large homes and is available with a cellular module for an extra $5 per month. The microphone and speaker are more sensitive than most units in the same class, and the alert button is waterproof, so you can safely take it into the shower.

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  • Quarterly plan includes help button which can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, or as a clip-on and base station. Semi-Annual Plan includes two help buttons and base station, and Annual plan includes two help buttons, base station, and lock box
  • 1,000 ft. signal range
  • Base station plugs into an outlet and has 72-hour battery backup. Alert buttons last three years without needing to be charged
  • Connects to landline
  • Cellular module optional
  • Not GPS enabled
  • AutoFALL fall detection pendant available as add-on for $10/month

Home & Yard Medical Alert System

The Home & Yard Medical Alert system is perfect for seniors who like to garden or do activities in their yard. The 2-way voice pendant is waterproof and has a 5-acre range. You can also answer phone calls through the pendant, and the base station can accommodate up to 4 pendants or buttons.

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  • Includes voice pendant, base station and lanyard, wrist/wheelchair strap holder and belt clip
  • 600 ft. range from the base
  • Voice Pendant Includes rechargeable batteries that feature 4 hours talk time and up to 4 months standby on a full charge. The base station connects to the wall and has a 24-hour battery backup.
  • Connects to landline
  • Not cellular enabled
  • Not GPS enabled
  • No automatic fall detection

Home & Away ELITE Medical Alert System

The ELITE system is their high-end model. It features a lightweight all-in-one pendant that runs on AT&T cellular and allows you to go anywhere you choose. The cellular service is built into your plan, and there is no cell phone required.

Medical Care Alert Review 5
  • Includes all in one pendant and charging station
  • Unlimited signal range. Functions wherever AT&T cellular service is available
  • 36-hour battery life
  • Does not connect to landline
  • Cellular-enabled
  • GPS enabled
  • Automatic fall detection available as optional add-on for $10/month


Medical Care Alert offers three pricing options on their medical alert systems. They are Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual. The Annual plans are slightly cheaper per month than each of the other two and allow you to save some money in the long-run.

HOME & YARD$32.04$34.95$34.95
HOME & AWAY ELITE$36.62$39.95$39.95

All prices are represented as monthly costs. Fall detection can be added to the Home & Away Elite system for approximately $10 extra per month. 

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The business does not require their customers to sign any long-term contracts. There are three subscription types offered for each system that will determine the monthly price paid. They are:

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual
  • Quarterly

Customers can cancel their service at any time by sending an e-mail to the customer care team here or by calling 1-248-946-8172.

The customer receives an RMA number as well as instructions on how to return the unit. As soon as undamaged equipment is received at the company, you will no longer be billed, and any pre-paid balance on your account will be pro-rated for a refund.

If the return occurs within the 14-day trial window, the subscriber receives a full refund of all pre-paid monitoring services. If the return occurs beyond this 14-day trial period, the customer will instead be issued a pro-rated amount of any unused, pre-paid subscription fees.

It is worth noting that any damaged equipment may result in a deduction to be paid by the customer. If the customer is found directly responsible for damage to the unit (i.e. negligence, deliberate alterations), they will no longer be entitled to any refund. 


There is a full lifetime replacement warranty on both their base units and wearable transmitter buttons. Service repairs and battery replacements are all covered by the company at no additional cost to the customer.

How Does It Work?

When you purchase a medical alert system, you’ll have a personal profile put on file. This profile includes important information such as:

  • Name and address
  • Preferred emergency contacts
  • Medications and preexisting conditions
  • Any other pertinent information that may help responders in case of emergency

Like most medical alert systems, when you press your medical alert button, you will automatically be connected to the US-based medical alert monitoring center.

EMT-certified agents will be on the other end waiting to assist you. The agent will have all of your profile information available to them to determine the best course of action and get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

In the event of an emergency, each of your emergency contacts will be notified immediately via SMS-text message and a phone call to alert them of your status.

Certified agents are on call 24-hours a day, 365 days a year with no exceptions.

Fall Detection

Fall detection is offered with both the Home Medical Alert System and the Home & Away Medical Alert System to provide an extra layer of protection for customers who feel it could benefit them.

The cost of fall detection is an additional $10 per month.

The way fall detection works is simple. It is designed to automatically detect any fall and immediately send a signal to the emergency response center. Help will be dispatched even if the user is unable to speak or respond. The fall detection button can be worn in the shower and can also be pressed at any time for assistance.

Monitoring Services

When you press your medical alert button, you are instantly connected to the Medical Alert Monitoring Center which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with EMT-certified agents. Once alerted, the agent will check on your status and dispatch your local EMS if you are in an emergency situation and then notify family members, neighbors or caregivers depending on who you designate.

When you sign up for the medical alert service, you complete a personal profile which contains your name, address, preferred emergency contacts as well as medications being taken and other pertinent information that can save your life in an emergency. Doing so will ensure that the right people are reached and that the emergency responders can get into your home to help you when you need assistance.


Each of their medical alert systems has ranges in which they will operate properly. It is important to know how far you can travel from your base station and still be able to contact the Monitoring Center.

The Home Medical Alert system features a 1,000 ft. range from the base station while the Home & Yard System has a 600 ft. range. The Home & Away ELITE system runs on cellular so you will be covered anywhere there is an AT&T signal.

Battery Life

The Home and Home & Yard systems both have base stations that connect to the wall for power. The Home system has a 72-hour battery backup in the event of a power outage while the Home & Yard system has rechargeable batteries that charge while the unit is plugged in and will last a full 24 hours without electricity.

The help buttons for the home system do not need to be charged and last approximately three years before having to be replaced. The voice pendant for the Home & Yard system gives about 4 hours of talk time on a full charge and lasts four days on standby. The Home & Away ELITE system lasts 36-hours on a full charge.

Installation Process

The installation process is very simple. Everything you need will be shipped directly to you. The base units of the systems that have them are plug and play units which means that if they run through your landline, you just connect the unit to the phone jack, connect it to the power source, power it on and press the button. There is no complicated setup process for any of the alert systems.

Customer Service

The company can be contacted a few different ways if you have inquiries. Their main headquarters is located at 43334 7 Mile Road, Suite 400, Northville, MI 48167-2249. Customers can e-mail the company at [email protected].

Customer service hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm Eastern, Saturdays from 9am-3pm and are closed on Sundays.​


Medical Care Alert currently has a perfect A+ rating according to the Better Business Bureau. The company has been an accredited business for under ten years, but do not have any current complaints on file. There was one complaint issued by a customer in the past three years, but that complaint has since been closed.

The lone customer review is positive, and the relative using the system reported being satisfied with the service to date.

Although there isn’t much in the way of negative experiences available, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of service. Their policies are available on their website, which should prevent any types of surprise fees or service issues. 

Our Medical Care Alert Review

This is a trustworthy, family-owned company. They haven’t been in business quite as long as some of their competitors but the medical alert systems and options they offer are just as good. Whether you are looking for a system that protects you at home, around your property or on-the-go, Medical Care Alert has a system that will fit your budget and keep you covered.

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