Senior Golf Balls for Elderly in 2022

Golf has been one of the most popular senior sports for decades and remains still to this day.

Even though lots of equipment has changed over the years, there are many aspects of the sport that rarely changes.

Despite being simple in concept, one piece of equipment seems to undergo a redesign any time there is an advancement in technology.

That essential piece of equipment is, of course, the golf ball itself.

senior golf balls

Despite countless redesigns, the golf ball has retained many of its original characteristics. However, as technology advances, improvements in material and design have led to a more enjoyable way to play one of the nation’s favorite games.

Most ball manufacturers make several golf ball options depending on the user’s preference for trajectory, feel, spin, and hardness. Even though you might not have the power behind your swing that you had in your 20’s, choosing a more in line with your playing style can help you shave some points from your game.

The options can seem overwhelming, but you want a ball that feels natural with your swing at the end of the day. So which senior golf balls are best for your style of play? In this article, we found the best senior golf balls around to get your back on the green and playing better than ever.

Are you in a hurry?

If you are in a hurry, here is all you need to know about our top pick, the Taylor Made Tp5:

This ball is the only tour-grade model that is made using 5-layer technology. These balls are designed to improve every golfer’s performance and feel and are a favorite among seniors. The tech in these balls is designed to enhance feel, control, flight, and velocity and take your game to the next level.

  • Improved speed
  • Tri-Fast core for maximum energy transfer
  • Dual spin cover for exceptional spin
  • Maximum distance with less power

The Tp5’s are an excellent choice for senior golfers because the technology in these balls allows maximum distance with minimal energy.


Taylor Made Tp5

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The new version of the Tp5 ball is loaded with improvements from the previous model. This version features a 5-layer ball with Tri-Fast and Dual Spin technology that creates a top play with any club in your bag.

The added stiffness to the 4th and 5th layers means they are built to last. In contrast, the softness of the other layers increase energy transfer and maximize velocity. The shell is designed to improve accuracy by minimizing spin on longer drives.

This ball is excellent for seniors due to its responsiveness on both drives and putts.


  • 85 compression
  • More spin on the greens
  • Performs with any club
  • Less spin for more accuracy
  • 5-layer design for improved energy transfer


Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

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These SuperSoft balls are a 2-piece, low compression model that perform well above their low price. They are made from ultra-low 35 compression point cores and are the softest balls available on the market.

The feel of these balls, combined with the low drag aerodynamic technology, gives you a low spin ball designed for faster speed, more distance, and improved accuracy. You can count these balls staying true to their direction as well as travel a great distance. They are easy to spot due to their bright colors, and they are the perfect companion for green play.


  • Perfect ball for beginners or casual players
  • Vibrant colors for easy spotting
  • Soft feel with excellent distance play
  • Great for long drives or short putts


Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (One Dozen)

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Srixon is known as one of the best golf ball brands in the business, and for a good reason. Their Soft Feel balls allow players of any age or skill level to reach maximum potential in their game. Softer balls are excellent for senior play since they allow for more carry with less effort.

If you are looking to maximize your distance, but your swing isn’t as powerful as it once was, these are an excellent option for you. These balls give you an advanced feel with minimal effort and are generous with any club or on any part of the course. They are built with seniors in mind but won’t break the bank either.


  • Soft and thin shell provides a depth of feeling on the greens and chip shots
  • Patented dimple design is engineered to provide more consistent results with every shot
  • Firm outside and soft inside provides higher launching and greater distance
  • Affordable price

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As age creeps up on us, we begin to lose that eagle-eye vision that we once had. Tracing the ball from launch to landing can become a difficult task. On the long drives, finding our placement is nearly impossible.

Even if we begin to lose some distance in our old age, it can still be a struggle to spot a regular ball even off the fairway.

That’s why it is a great idea to choose a painted ball with a bright and easy to spot color. That way, we can spend more time playing the ball and less time searching for it in the grass.


You probably know by now that buying the cheapest ball on the market is often not the best idea. In most cases, you get what you pay for, and that saying holds for golf balls as well. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to get decent balls.

Look for a ball that is going to give you a decent spin and on target follow troughs. Any of the balls recommended above are cost-effective choices that will provide you with the spin and control you need to play a decent game.

Location and Weather Conditions

Your general location and the type of golf course you play at most will undoubtedly play a role in which ball you choose for your game. If you play on most soft courses, you will need a ball with plush greens with longer carry. If you are playing on a coastal or windy course, you will want a ball with appropriate dimpling to stay above the wind.


When you decide which ball will make the cut and end up in your bag, you need to decide which is an essential factor for you and your game. If you are reading this article, you are most likely not still booming drives deep into the fairway. You need to select a ball that matches your swing speed to optimize the distance you can drive the ball. However, there are other factors than just distance that need to be considered as well.

An excellent way to make sure your power stays with the ball is to choose one that is covered in surlyn, which will spin less often than a ball that is covered in urethane. Additionally, these balls are often more cost-effective. If you are looking to increase distance, you should choose a 2-piece combination ball with a soft core, giving you a lower spin.

If you have more of a medium swing speed, you should consider a 3-piece ball with an extra layer underneath. These balls will increase speed and give you more distance with a lower impact.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Tracking Devices For Senior Golf Balls for the Elderly

What is the difference between a senior ball and a regular golf ball?

In most situations, senior golfers tend to have a lower clubhead speed than those of a younger age. Of course, this isn’t true for every senior golfer, but many of us find that a ball that reacts more to a lower swing speed can significantly improve our game. The golf balls included in this review are all selected for their lower swing speed optimization.

What about distance on senior golf balls for the elderly?

A golf ball matched to your individual swing speed will help speed up the ball on contact. This allows for a long drive and shorter distances into the greens from your second shot. Of course, distance isn’t everything, but if you can maximize your power on your first swing, it generally makes the remaining shots much easier to handle.

What about spin and core compression?

The golf balls that we have selected for this review are all options that have been designed to optimize the amount of spin for swings with lower clubhead speed. Even though these balls are core compressed for longer drives, they still perform very well on even chip and wedge shots.


Just because you are in your golden years doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the game you love. With balls specifically designed to react to lower clubhead speeds, seniors can add that distance to their game that they have been looking for. Of course, these balls won’t make you a pro, but they can help you take a few strokes off your score.

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