Senior Golf Tees to Golf Better

It’s been said that a golf tee is as close as you can come to cheating without actually doing it.

At the beginning of each hole, you can place your tee in your desired spot, within the tee markers, of course. 

The tee then elevates the ball off the ground and creates the perfect hovering conditions for your ball to fly upon impact.

Let’s touch on this a bit more.

senior golf tees

When you are using a driver, of course, you will want to tee the ball from the ground to create an upswing, but in most other instances, such as with an iron, you will enjoy your ball being elevated to decrease the chance of hitting it fat or thin.

In golf, if you are playing a full game, you will have the opportunity to tee off 18 times. That means you get 18 chances to make the perfect lie and set up the rest of the round. We often take tees for granted and use whatever old thing we grab from our bag. However, especially for senior golfers, choosing an appropriate tee for your game can help you get more distance from your drives and knock a few points off your total.

Most senior golfers aren’t aware that there are so many tees available today. While the technology isn’t incredibly advanced, there are senior golf tees to golf better that are made to benefit your style of play.

Golf tees explicitly made for seniors can be confusing, but there are many great products designed with senior golfers in mind. If you would like to know more about the best golf tees for senior golfers, read on. We will outline some of the best tees available today and how they can help improve your game.

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Zero Friction Tour 3-prong Golf Tees

These great tees for any level of play are guaranteed to improve both your distance and your accuracy. They were designed to enhance long drives and add an average of five yards to each swing. The patented three-prong cup design is made to reduce the contact area between the ball and the tee, so you make a better connection with each hit.

  • These tees are excellent for par three courses
  • Creates longer, straighter drives
  • Every package includes a free zero friction bonus item


Zero Friction Tour 3-prong Golf Tees

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The Zero Friction 3-prong tees are available in various sizes from 1 inch to 3 ¼ inches in length and come in several different colors and tee heights. These tees were made to support the ball by using just three small prongs. The prongs help minimize the contact between the ball and the tee, which increases accuracy and distance on every shot.

Zero Friction Tour 3’s allow you to keep the ball at a consistent height, which can be adjusted to fit your preference. It will virtually eliminate friction on contact and give you maximum ball speed with a minimum spin. The Tour 3 has been used in over 70 other PGA tour wins and has been shown to increase yardage and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels. These tees are great for golfers looking for maximum control, and the PGA tour officially licenses them.

  • Offers increased distance
  • The striping system gives you control over the height
  • Three prong system decreases contact with the tee


CHAMP Zarma FLYtee

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If you are a more environmentally conscious golfer, these biodegradable CHAMP Zarma tees are just for you. These tees are designed to help players increase their accuracy as well as their distance. They are also intended to improve consistency with maximum height. You will always tell where to place the tee to hit your best shot because these tees can improve your distance from just about anywhere.

The CHAMP tees are designed with six prongs to minimize the friction on contact. The shallow cup also adds distance, and the shank is durable enough to last around five times longer than standard wooden tees. Additionally, they come with MyHite color lines so that you can measure the perfect height on each shot.

  • Six prong design
  • Ribs are reinforced for extra durability
  • Shallow cup for less contact
  • Customizable height


Pride Tees

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These expertly crafted tees are available in lengths ranging from 1 ½ inch to 3 ¼ inches and come with all of the latest golf tee technology. They are equipped with low resistance tips that allow for more great spin and greater accuracy. Each tee is designed with your clubhead in mind and comes with shorter tees that are great for iron shots. The longer tees are made for the woods and drivers.

The Pride tees work great for any level player and are especially good for those prone to foul shots. The tees come in solid colors, complete with height marks so you can have consistent setups. These are some of the best senior golf tees to golf better on the market today.

  • Low resistance tip creates less friction
  • Made from long-lasting plastic material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Range of sizes and colors to choose from

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Senior Golf Tees to Golf Better

Most golf tees will vary in length between 2 ¼ inches to 4 inches, depending on your preference. Using the right tee is essential to perfecting your game. An extraordinary general rule to use is longer tees will help with distance, while shorter tees will help with accuracy. But what kind of materials are most tees made from?

Different Golf Tees Materials

Wooden Tees

Most golf tees on the market today are made from wood or wood composites. There isn’t anything remarkable about wood tees, but they have done the trick since the game was developed. This tee style comes in various lengths and dimensions and can even be customized to fit your needs.

You can even choose custom colors or put your company logo on them. Wood tees make a fun novelty gift or giveaway for your business. However, they also create the most friction when the ball leaves the tee and are prone to breaking. Most professionals have moved on from the wooden tee, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still used.

Bamboo Tees

As a slight upgrade from wooden tees, bamboo tees have become more prevalent in recent years. These tees are known to be relatively unbreakable and outlast wooden tees continuously. These bamboo tees are much cheaper to make since bamboo is one of the world’s most common woods. They are also more environmentally friendly and won’t break the mower blade if they are left of the course.

Plastic Tees

Another tee that has become more popular in recent years is the plastic tee. These are often referred to as some of the best tees because they are available in several different heights and colors. There are far more options for plastic tees, and they can be made into several different designs.

The most popular plastic tee design is the zero restriction option that has prongs to minimize friction on impact. They are also much more durable than other tees and can last hundreds of shots without breaking.

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What are Brush Tees?

Brush tees are a prevalent option that caused quite a stir as soon as they hit the market. They are made with a plastic base with bristles that hold the ball gently in place. These tees come in various color and length options and can be customized to fit your needs. It relies on bristles to support the ball, nearly eliminates all friction as the club sweeps the tee. The resulting shot is less side spin and increased distance.

What are Zero Friction Tees?

Zero friction golf tees were created to do precisely as they seem to imply. They make a virtually friction free swing, which means that you get a more extended, straighter, and more consistent shot. Standard tees have been designed with a full circumference top, but zero friction tees are made with prongs that hold the ball with less surface making contact. Most golfers agree that less friction on impact makes for a better, more accurate shot.

What are Personalized Tees?

Personalized tees can be custom made in various lengths, designs, and materials. They can be customized to include your company name, logo, or even your favorite sports team. These tees are often bought for their novelty value, and not many golfers prefer to use these during actual gameplay.


Whether you choose a classic wooden tee or a zero-friction tee with prongs, matching your play style with the correct tee is essential to take a few strokes off your long game. In this article, the tees that we reviewed are the best senior golf tees to golf better, available today. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite tees and hit the links today.

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