Assistive Devices for Elderly Daily Living

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Older adults routinely struggle with mobility and safety issues. Assistive devices such as bed assist bars, gait belts, stand assists, calf braces, grabbers, etc. are an affordable and reliable solution to many problems.

Depending on your case, you might want a very different selection of assistive devices than someone else.

In this piece, we’re going to tackle a number of assistive devices for elderly that help them perform day-to-day tasks in a better and more efficient way.

Assistive Devices for Elderly Daily Living

There are products on the market that claim to be for the elderly but come with their own set of problems. They might be for the older adult, but these products fail to take the different types of health conditions and age-related issues that older adults have into consideration. For example, many types of weight assists don’t work for overweight elderlies, while some aren’t steady enough for frail or very old people to use them reliably.

 We’ve only recommended products that don’t have such problems. And even if they do, they’re clear on who their target group is.

Regardless of health issues, we always recommend elderlies go for a Medline Bed Assist Bar. These are very versatile and help older adults in several ways. Elderlies of all ages and health conditions can make good use of it.

These steel rails are very easy to use, comfortable to grip, and the product is very steady in general.

  • Assembling one of these is hassle-free.
  • Storage and portability are both easy as it can be quickly dismantled and reassembled with very few separate parts.
  • Getting in and out of the bed is seamless with the help of one of these.
  • The grip is padded and curved, which makes for an ergonomic, safe, and reliable experience.
  • The feet of the assist bar are designed to not skid and offer greater stability.
  • It works for both, left-handed and right-handed elderlies.
  • There’s a strap that further secures the fit.
  • Both the gripping bar and the legs are height-adjustable.
  • The material is sturdy, strong, and long-lasting.

Elderlies who face trouble getting in and out of the bed aren’t the only ideal candidates for the Medline Bed Assist Bar. In fact, many adults with different backgrounds can use it for several different types of support. If you have bone problems, or if you’re recovering from a surgey, this product will still be a great fit.


Medline Bed Assist bar With Storage Pocket, Height Adjustable Bed Rails for Elderly Adults, Assistance for Getting In & Out of Bed At Home, Black, 1 Count

The Medline bed assist bar is our favorite when it comes to recommending assistive devices. The reason is simple. Thousands of active users are testimony to its great benefits. On our usage and review, we found the build quality to be higher than what’s usually offered at this price point.

So, who is it for? Here’s a list of people who can use the Medline Bed Assist Bar and why.

  • If you have hip and spine issues: this assistive bar will help you steady up and improve the ease of doing day-to-day activities, especially when getting out of bed.
  • People with mobility issues arising due to underlying health conditions will enjoy the firmness with which it sticks to the floor.
  • If you’ve had a knee replacement, spinal surgery, leg surgery, etc. recently, then you must be requiring assistance getting in and out of the bed. This is a great fit for you.


  • Provides additional stability to people who require help getting in and out of bed.
  • Changing positions while in bed becomes easier.
  • If you’ve had surgery or you’re recovering from a health condition, this product can be a great help.
  • Fits most sizes of beds.
  • Can be used for general walking as well.


 No known drawbacks.


Sammons Preston-50618 Gait Belt with Metal Buckle, 2' Wide, 54' Long Heavy Duty Gait Transfer Belt, Essential Walking and Transport Assistant for Elderly, Disabled, & Medical Patients, Neutral Stripe

A gait belt is highly recommended for elderlies who do regular exercises. Even if the intensity of the exercises is low, a gait belt will help you secure yourself better.

Generally, gait belts aren’t considered for exercises. Yoga mats and resistance bands are enough for most. However, for elderlies, a gait belt can be more important than either of those.

This gait belt allows a seamless transfer between the wheelchair and bed or other seats. Additionally, gait belts help provide balance and stability to the body.


  • Multiple color and length options to choose from.
  • If you need help when transitioning between seats, such as a car, wheelchair, bed, etc., a gait belt will allow you to do it with more ease.
  • If you have injured limbs, others can easily grab you by the gait belt, especially when you’re about to fall. This is a very underrated yet useful feature of reliable, strong gait belts like this one.
  • Comes with a sturdy metallic buckle.


  • There is some shrinkage after washing and drying. This is not significant.


Carex Suction Shower Grab Bar – 12” Ultra Grip Shower Handle - Dual Locking Grab Bars for Bathtubs and Showers – Seniors, Disabled, Handicap, Elderly Assistance Product

One of the best assistive devices for the elderly is a shower grab bar. Typically, older adults and adults with health conditions can face many issues in their day-to-day tasks. But the riskiest situation is always when taking a shower, or when moving in and out of a bathtub.

Slippery conditions are downright treacherous for most elderly people. A suction grab bar is a godsend. A strong, reliable, and easy to use shower grab bar such as this one takes the ease of taking a bath or shower to another level.


  • Easy installation on nearly any surface including fiberglass and tiles.
  • Very easy to remove. No hassle of assembling or dismantling at all.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Dual locking suction cups provide a safe and strong grip on smooth surfaces.
  • Includes a LED indicator to tell whether or not the bar is properly fastened (red means unfastened, green means safely fastened).
  • You can use your full weight without any concern while getting up or sitting down.


  • Some surfaces need cleaning before they can go full green. Don’t use it if it’s half red, half green, or fully red (unless absolutely necessary).
Getting it right can take a while depending on the type of tiles you have. However, with time, you’ll know which surfaces work best for it to work.


Calf Brace for Torn Calf Muscle - Shin Brace for Calf Strain - Shin Splint Brace - Calf Wrap - Calf Support Leg Brace for Shin Splints - Neoprene Lower Leg Calf Compression Sleeve Men Women for Calf Strain Injury Tear Runners Remedy

These calf braces double up as shin braces for calf strains. Although you’ll find a number of shin braces out there, Roxofit’s Calf Braces are known to be a trustworthy, reliable, and comfortable product for the elderly and the injured.

It helps with pain relief, spasms, stiffness, as well as weakness in the calf region. It’s good for people who have shin splints, cramps in their leg muscles, as well as those with a calf strain.


  • Specifically designed with injury recovery in mind.
  • Made out of comfortable and soft material (neoprene based).
  • The velcro strap system (hook and loop) makes applying and removing the braces very easy.
  • Provides walking support, is good for those who actively walk around and exercise, and works as a great pain relief system thanks to its snug grip.
  • It’s fully adjustable and allows you to fit it on your calves regardless of age, gender, and leg shape.
  • Doesn’t slip or shift even on wearing throughout the day.


  • As it’s not a one-size-fits-all product, some people might find it uncomfortable. It can be slightly loose in very rare cases for some people.


Able Life Universal Stand Assist, Adjustable Standing Mobility Aid, Chair Assist Grab Bars with Cushioned Support Handles, Independent Living Aid

Stand assists are great for you if you’re at risk of falling or losing your balance in your day-to-day activities. These risks are more pronounced when standing up or sitting down. Able Life’s Universal Stand Assist helps you out here. It’s strong, durable, and very safe to use. It’s compatible with nearly all types of seats, sofas, recliners, couches, and chairs as it comes with a high degree of height, width, and depth adjustments.

The Able Life Universal Stand Assist improves your balance and stability.


  • Versatile adjustment options: height (22 inches to 32 inches high); width (19 inches to 26 inches); and depth (23 inches to 26 inches).
  • Can hold weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Very comfortable and ergonomic padded handle grips.
  • Effortlessly easy to assemble, use, move around, and dismantle when necessary. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes to assemble it for the first time.
  • Adjustable legs help you use it with recliners.
  • You can use it either with removable cushions or fixed cushions.


  • Without attaching it to a cushion (either around or under it), you won’t be able to maximize its efficiency.
  • If you’re not used to assembling parts that require proper bolting, it can be a little exhausting to get it together. The lack of instructions telling you how to assemble the lock washers doesn’t help either.


Grabber Reacher Tool, [Newest Version] Long 32” Steel Foldable Pick Up Stick with Strong Grip Magnetic Tip For Store Shelves, Lightweight Trash Picker Claw Reacher Grabber Tool for Elderly - by Luxet

Luxet’s Grabber Reacher is one of the best and most trustworthy grabbing sticks on the market. It’s comfortable to use, convenient, and has a long coverage. If you struggle with picking trash, cleaning the home, getting some items, accessing hard-to-reach spots, and so on, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

Additionally, physically impaired elderlies can use it to help grab everyday items.


  • Durable and long-reaching, made of steel.
  • It’s a very lightweight grabber and easy to use.
  • People who have to avoid bending can use this grabbing tool for a variety of purposes.
  • You can easily lift the heavier stuff, such as filled water bottles with it.


  • The rotation mechanism can get jammed up and require proper cleaning every once in a while.
  • There’s no locking mechanism, you have to maintain a tight grip to keep something held through this tool.


Car Handle with Car Assist Door Handle Grip Strap, Glass Breaker and Belt Cutter- for Elderly and Disabled

This car handle comes with several add-ons such as a car assist door handle grip strap, glass breaker, flashlight, and belt cutter. It can truly be a lifesaver in many cases. It’s made out of very high quality and durable material and can be used for several different purposes.

Its simplicity is its best feature. The PushOn Car Handle simply does what it’s supposed to do and does a great job at it. It’s a tremendous help for people with physical disabilities as well.

It’s great for people who’ve recently had hip replacement surgery. A handy tool (no pun intended) that provides the extra leverage you need, it can save a lot of time in many cases, especially once you get used to it.


  • It’s a great help for getting in or out of the car. Injured or disabled people, apart from the elderly, will also find that the PushOn Car Handle is a great addition to their life.
  • This car handle is very compact and easily portable.
  • There’s no need to install it with any tool. It’s easy to set up and remove in most cases. Setting it up is as easy as placing the tip of this handle inside the door striker. Quick and easy to attach as well as detach.
  • It comes with a built-in flashlight.
  • It also has a belt cutter and glass breaker.
  • Comfortable rubber grip.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Supports very heavy weights so that you can put all of your body weight on it while entering or exiting your vehicle.
  • It’s not just for cars. People with vans and trucks can also use it. In fact, it’s a handle for vehicle doors of all types.
  • If you frequently require assistance when getting in and out of the vehicle, then this can take care of the hassle for you.


  • PushOn Car Handle doesn’t work with cars that have door striker bolts.
  • The flashlight isn’t high-quality. They should really improve the product with a better flashlight.
 There are no instructions in the box. No manual. Nothing at all to explain how to use it. It’s easy to get baffled with the process of using it. We still can’t seem to figure out what the strap is for.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most common assistive devices?

Mostly, stand assists are referred to as assistive devices for the elderly. However, that’s not true. It’s more of a catch-all term for a variety of assistive devices. There’s something for everyone. Let us help you. Here’s a list of assistive devices:

  • Assist bars, stand assists, gait belts, calf braces, etc., as we discussed throughout this piece.
  • Sock aids.
  • Automotive standing aids.
  • Ladder assists.
  • Toilet safety rails.
  • Vehicle support grab bars.
  • Medical alert systems.
  • Bath mats.
  • Reacher grabbers.

And so on.

Why should elderlies use assistive devices?

Most elderly people face mobility, stability, and balance issues on a daily basis. Assistive devices help them by providing the much-needed support, which helps them do daily tasks with ease and confidence.

Essentially, assistive devices help elderlies lead a better life.

When should I use a walker?

If you’re at risk of falling or if you have injured/broken bones, walkers make it infinitely easier to walk around. There are many different types of walkers. Some are nonskid, some have rubber tips, and so on. These features increase the stability of the product.

Are assistive devices a good alternative to therapy?

No. Assistive devices should be seen as an aid, not a solution. Some problems can indeed be solved with an assistive device, but nothing can beat physical therapy, especially if you’re injured.

Household usage or prescribed usage?

If you’re going for an assistive device on your own accord without being prescribed one by your therapist or physician, you still need to consult with them. Some assistive devices might not be good for you.

When do I need a mobility aid?

Elderlies struggling with issues with movement and those at risk of falling require mobility aids. The risk of falling is too great to ignore. It can be a doorway to injuries that can cause further damage and take away your independence. If you feel the slightest need for a mobility aid, you should go for one. We’ve listed several great mobility aids throughout this piece, and all of them are reliable and safe even for beginners.

Wrapping up

Although there are a number of assistive devices to choose from, what you go for solely depends on what your needs are. If you regularly exercise, for example, then a gait belt is great. If you have trouble mainly in getting in and out of the bed, then our top pick, the assistive bed bar, is the best product for you.

We’re sure you found a product to your liking in this piece. If you’ve been living without any assistive devices so far, then don’t fret, the transition to any of the products we’ve reviewed here is going to be very smooth.

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