Best Non Slip Bath Mats for Elderly – Avoid Nasty Slips & Trips

We bought and tested 12 products from Amazon to find the safest non slip bath mat for elderly.

Editor’s Choice for the best bathroom mat is the Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Bathroom Rug Mat. However, if you’re looking for a waterproof bath mat for your bath tub or shower, the best is the Gorilla Grip Bath, Shower, Tub Mat. It’s safe to say that Gorilla Grip is dominating this market because they have a fantastic product!

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Falls are one of the major causes of death among seniors. In fact, it has been proven that about 40 percent of seniors over age 65 have at least one fall incident each year. Thankfully, most of these falls do not result in serious injuries.

However, some falls can be fatal, especially when they happen in the bathroom. Bathroom falls are common because most bathrooms have slippery surfaces and only few dependable things to grasp onto. These explains why those falls often result in serious injuries such as fractures, head contusions and spinal cord injuries–or even death.

So, seniors should be provided with enough safety items that will help to protect them against bathroom falls. And among such items are non-slip bathroom or bathtub mats or rugs. While these usually come at a meager price, they can do a lot to save the life of an elderly individual.

What exactly are bath mats / rugs?

Simply put, they are mats or rugs used in the bathroom to help provide some friction or dryness under wet feet. And as stated earlier, the ultimate aim of using them is to prevent falls due to slippery bathtub surfaces and floor tiles.

Types of bathroom rugs

There are two major types of rugs used in the bathroom for fall prevention. These are:

  • Bath mats used on the floor of the bathroom to provide friction when the floor gets wet.
  • Bath mats used to line the floor of bathtubs–especially slippery ones.

For maximum protection for seniors in the bathroom, it’s highly recommended that both types are used (where a bathtub is present, of course).

Best non-slip bath mats and rugs for seniors

As with any other product, the market abounds with bath mats and rugs by several different brands, and this makes it hard to choose correctly. But we’ve made that easier by scouring the online marketplace and comparing the various options available–with the aim of recommending the best to you. Based on real buyer opinions, brand trust, product features, pricing, and other factors that matter, here are our top picks.

A. Best non-slip bath mats for bathroom floors


Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Bathroom Rug Mat

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As the name suggests the Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Bathroom Rug Mat is perfect for home use. It’s a large rug made of extra-thick memory foam, which is great for seniors due to its orthopedic effects on the feet.

The best part of this product is the Gorilla Grip comes with a non-slip backing that prevents slipping. And it’s machine washable. It wicks away water quickly, doesn’t get waterlogged, and is stain resistant.


Modern Bath Premium Bathroom Rug with Non-slip Backing

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The Modern Bath Premium Bathroom Rug with Non-slip Backing is a super absorbent and fast drying bath mat that quickly absorbs water, thereby keeping the bathroom floors clean. It’s constructed with thousands of microfiber bristles and features a non-slip backing that keeps it in place while in use.

Made of 100% polyester chenile, the Modern Bath Premium Bathroom Rug with Non-slip Backing is soft to touch, and this provides two advantages. Firstly, it makes for a soothing effect on the feet. And secondly, it allows for easy washing–either by hand or with a washing machine.

B. Best non-slip mats for bathtubs


The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mat

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The Original GORILLA GRIP (TM) Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mat also comes with an awesome gripping design that features grip suction cups on its undersurface to provide strong adhesion to the bathtub floor (not suitable for bathtubs with textured surfaces, though).

The mat is attractively made and resistant to bacteria and mildew. It’s free of toxic or allergic substances like phthalate, latex, and BPA. And it doesn’t reek of any awful smell.


Original Non Slip Bathtub Mat

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The Non Slip Bathtub Mat is professionally designed to prevent slips and falls in the bathtub. On its undersurface lies specially designed large suction cups that tightly grip the surface of the bathtub floor, thereby preventing slips during use.

The Non Slip Bathtub Mat is made from non-toxic latex, so there are no worries about allergic reactions. And because it’s is PVC-free, expect no awful odor. The mat is resistant to mildew and bacterial colonization, and it’s very easy to clean. Note, however, that this bathtub isn’t suitable for textured surfaces.

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