5 Best Lightweight Walkers for Elderly Seniors

While some of the walkers on this list have seats, if your buying criteria strictly requires a seated rollator, we have a specific post on the best walkers with seats.

At 60 years and above, everything in the life of an individual proves tricky. However, nothing is as tricky and as dangerous as the business of walking around, which often, is laced with the imminent reality of a fall and worse, an injury.

To ensure that the worst case scenario never comes to pass, seniors need to deploy the use of a walker. However, not any manner of walker will work in this context or even serve. This is where the dedicated lightweight walker variant is advocated for and actively encouraged.

However, you may ask, why should the elderly be bothered with using lightweight walkers?

best lightweight walkers for seniors

Why should seniors use lightweight walkers?

There are many reasons why seniors should use lightweight walkers…the most important of them are captured below:

  1. A lightweight walker affords a Senior the rare opportunity to walk without feeling the added weight of the walker used. A senior walking with a special model of walker that also doubles as lightweight is bound to walk faster, better and feel fatigue less often.
  2. Seniors who use lightweight walkers can easily move their walkers from place to place without much ado when the need calls for it. For instance, during travel or when they need to get their walker in a car trunk.
  3. Finally, a lightweight walker tasks the strength of the elderly users less during usage. Given the fact that the elderly often have little (disposable) strength, this reality is quite practical especially when the walker requires slight lifting (for instance, when getting into a slightly elevated door) and help is nowhere close.

Having seen the advantages of a lightweight walker, let’s now time to take a look at what you need to consider before making the all-important purchase.

Factors to consider when buying walkers for elderly people

Before considering a lightweight walker for the elderly, here are the most important things to look out for before opening your wallet or removing your credit card:

  • Ensure that the walker is well constructed and comes with an awesome warranty. The warranty is the manufacturer’s indirect way of proving how awesome the product is. Accordingly, an awesome walker should sport an impressive warranty period.
  • If the walker is a model that comes with standard tires, it is smart practice to ensure that the tires are durable and fit for purpose. Generally, larger tires perform better on a walker as they ensure smarter revolutions and easier movement.
  • Closely associated with the point above is that of good brakes. All great tires should be accompanied by great brakes, if they are not to injure the senior who is going to use them. Before you purchase thus, kindly make certain that the model comes with impressive brakes.
  • Finally, a height adjustable model is preferred and should be chosen over an ordinary model. This is because, with an adjustable model, the Senior in question can easily set up the height that he/she prefers – a reality that is well impossible when it comes to standard walkers that have no such feature.

Let’s now take a look at our best 5 picks.

Best lightweight walkers for elderly seniors: Our top 5 picks

The walkers reviewed below have been carefully selected and chosen because they meet the condition, suitable for a lightweight walker ideal for an elderly user. What is thus left for you is to simply make up your mind on the model you desire.

Are you ready?

1. Medline Freedom Lightweight Folding Aluminum Rollator Walker

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B000X1QOQU” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]Medline Freedom Lightweight Folding Aluminum Rollator Walker[/easyazon_link] is our very first choice here for a reason: this walker weighs only 11 pounds and amazingly, can support weights up to 250 pounds. It features a padded seat – paired with a backrest for added comfort.

Further, it also features a convenient storage bag under the seat where Seniors can store either important items or sweets for their grandchildren. The deal closer for this walker, of course, remains the fact that it adjusts to fit users with varying heights, right up to users who are as tall as 6’2”.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000X1QOQU” locale=”US” src=”https://bestchoicesforseniors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/51TNTOUt5tL.jpg” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″ width=”456″]

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B000X1QOQU” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]

What We Like

  • Super lightweight (this walker weighs only 11 pounds).
  • Ability to support users who weigh up to 250 pounds.
  • Padded seat and backrest for added comfort.
  • Tool free assembly.
  • Folds for hassle-free storage.
  • Easy grip brakes for added safety.
  • Ability to fit users from 4’11” to 6’2” tall.

What We Dislike

  • After intensive outdoor use, the wheels will need to be replaced.
  • The walker is not ideal for overweight users.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B000X1QOQU” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]>>> Check Price on Amazon.com[/easyazon_link]

2. Super Light Rollator Lightweight Aluminum Loop Brake Folding Walker

If you’re looking for an ideal walker that will perform brilliantly outdoors, sports a dedicated seat and is meant to serve Seniors in the best possible way, you won’t go wrong with the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00IUZ0U0M” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]Super Light Rollator Lightweight Aluminum Loop Brake Folding Walker[/easyazon_link].

While the name of the walker sounds like a combination of strings and keywords, the quality itself is top notch and the product is built to last almost forever.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00IUZ0U0M” locale=”US” src=”https://bestchoicesforseniors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/51zRHw0j0FL.jpg” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″ width=”500″]

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B00IUZ0U0M” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]

What We Like

  • 6” Caster wheels perfect for outdoor use.
  • Super lightweight at only 13.5lbs.
  • Adjustable height to suit varying user needs.
  • Standard pouch that goes under the seat for extra safety and convenience.
  • Excellent and easy to use brakes.

What We Dislike

  • Some users opined that the front wheels are not as flexible as they would have appreciated.
  • This walker is not designed to support users who are more than 250lbs.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00IUZ0U0M” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]>>> Check Price on Amazon.com[/easyazon_link]

3. EVA Medical Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Folding Walker with Wheels

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00CYQ0SN2″ locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]EVA Medical Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Folding Walker with Wheels[/easyazon_link] is really a revolutionary, compactly designed walker. Having the rare ability to fold right into a suitcase and sporting sides that are completely detachable, this walker is the best option for the upwardly mobile senior who has need of a walker or who will appreciate the added support one ensures.

Its anodized aluminum structures ensures maximum safety while remaining lightweight, making it the personal favorite of many Seniors who do not often appreciate the complexity many walkers present. The deal closer, of course, remains its 5” wheels that can comfortably operate either indoors or outdoors without any challenges or added input from the Senior user.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”445″ identifier=”B00CYQ0SN2″ locale=”US” src=”https://bestchoicesforseniors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/414Aak7uQSL.jpg” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″ width=”500″]

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B00CYQ0SN2″ key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]

What We Like

  • Revolutionary compact design that can comfortably go right into a suitcase when folded.
  • Super ideal for travelling.
  • Slip resistant rubber tips.
  • Vinyl contoured hand grips for added safety and comfort.
  • Opens/closes on the push on a button (this feature is ideal for Seniors with dexterity issues).
  • Each walker side operates independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces and greater stability while standing.
  • Adjustable height system that serves all users, irrespective of their individual height or personal preference.

What We Dislike

  • For slippery or wet tiles, using this walker may prove tricky.
  • The rubber hand grips are not as soft to the hand as some users would have appreciated.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00CYQ0SN2″ locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]>>> Check Price on Amazon.com[/easyazon_link]

4. Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B002VWK3FW” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker[/easyazon_link] is a perfect example of a walker that has been modified to fit the realities and tasks the modern Senior needs to execute. This walker is accordingly fitted in a manner that is geared towards comfort and practical reality. It comes with a seamless, padded seat paired with a zippered pouch underneath it for privacy and security of personal items. Its seat is (also) paired with a backrest that is padded and can be folded up or down.

In addition, its ergonomic handles are easy to grip and are easily adjustable, to suit the height of the user or his/her personal preference. Sincerely, the features and specs of this walker continue on and on – listing them all isn’t even feasible, that is, if we are to complete this post today.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B002VWK3FW” locale=”US” src=”https://bestchoicesforseniors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/51G0C8SQL2L.jpg” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″ width=”500″]

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B002VWK3FW” key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]

What We Like

  • Ergonomic handles that are easy to grip and are adjustable.
  • Removable, hinged, padded backrest that can be folded up or down.
  • Easy to use brakes.
  • Seamless padded seat.
  • Zippered pouch underneath seat that serves as carriage for personal effects.

What We Dislike

  • Some customers do not like the fact that this product is not made in the US.
  • The brakes of the walker need to be replaced after about a year of use.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B002VWK3FW” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]>>> Check Price on Amazon.com[/easyazon_link]

5. Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B001HOM4U2″ locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker[/easyazon_link] is a special unit on its own. It is a walker that has the ability to fold on the push on a single button – and this special button can be operated by the use of the fingers, palms or simply by the side of the hands. This means that, no matter how bad one’s hands are or how he/she is unable to deploy the use of the hands, it is possible to open, close and importantly, use this walker without any assistance. What is more – the walker can be used on all manner of terrains and is very travel friendly.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001HOM4U2″ locale=”US” src=”https://bestchoicesforseniors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/41jPpY2geUL.jpg” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″ width=”405″]

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B001HOM4U2″ key=”wide-orange” locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]

What We Like

  • Vinyl contoured hand grip.
  • Each side operates independently – thereby facilitating easy movement through narrow spaces.
  • Insurance of great stability while standing.
  • Meant to transverse all manner of surfaces, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Sturdy tires that are meant to last a long time.

What We Dislike

  • This walker is not meant to bear the weight of an obese person.
  • Carrying items with this walker is certainly very tricky business.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B001HOM4U2″ locale=”US” tag=”choicesforseniors-20″]>>> Check Price on Amazon.com[/easyazon_link]

So, there you have it – the best lightweight walkers for elderly people. Which are you opting for – and why?

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