7 Innovative Products for the Elderly

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Technology has rapidly advanced over the years. There has been a number of innovative inventions in the last couple of decades. The world most elderly people once knew has changed and there is a need for them to adapt to the new world.

Some of these innovations increase the living conditions of elderly people. There are a number of technological equipment that seeks to ease the day-to-day activities of people in their old age. Although it is difficult for the elderly to become accustomed to the new inventions, helping them familiarize with the technology could help rid their inhibitions.

Caregiving tasks are made a lot more stress-free by the new technological items for elderly people. Having to take care of an elderly round the clock is a very difficult task. Teaching the elderly how to use the technical support product reduces the demand on caregivers and increases the sense of independence of the elderly.

7 Must-have Innovative Products for Seniors

Living independently in their own homes is very empowering for seniors. Most of them do not want to burden other people charged with their care.

Technological advances over the years are beginning to make it a possibility for the elderly to live properly on their own. Living a self-sufficient lifestyle at an old age is even more possible with the products listed below.


LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser with 28-Day Electronic Medication Organizer, 6 Dosage Templates, Easy-Read LCD Display, Sound & Light Alerts & Key for Prescriptions, Vitamins, Supplements & More

An automatic pill dispenser is a pre-programmed device that helps to organize and dispense medication at the specified times. The device is locked when filled up with drug dosage for particular drugs. They have an alarm system that serves to remind users to take their drugs at the pre-programmed time.

The device provides an alternative for caregivers charged with the task of administering the drugs to the elderly. It is very easy to use, all the elderly has to do is to turn the dispenser upside down and the drugs fall into a cup or their hand. People of all ages sometimes forget to take their medication. Caregivers can also sometimes forget especially with their busy lives and varying schedule. An automatic dispenser once pre-programmed will remind you every time to take the drugs at the appropriate time.

The device also helps to prevent medication errors to a level of accuracy. Taking the wrong medication or skipping doses is not uncommon among people of all ages. Much more among the elderly who might sometimes skip doses or retake the same dose because they are uncertain or have forgotten they took it earlier. With the device, there is no need to worry about taking the wrong dosage because they have been pre-sorted. Also, uncertainty about having taken the dosage can easily be cleared by checking if there are still unused dispensed drugs.

Taking the correct medication in a timely manner largely contributes to the improved quality of life of the elderly. It also reduces the burden placed on caregivers.


Medline Toilet Safety Rails, Safety Frame for Toilet with Easy Installation, Height Adjustable Legs, Bathroom Safety, Foam Armrests, Easy to Clean, Aluminum Frame, 250lb. Weight Capacity

Toilet safety rails are installed in and around the toilet to give support for the elderly when sitting or standing up from the toilet seat. They are good for increased functionality and safety in the toilet. The elderly are sometimes plagued with decreased mobility and minor disabilities that affect them. Tasks that they could easily carry out before without help becomes burdensome and dangerous.

Toilet rails are available in different shapes and styles to suit different sizes and decor in toilets and to suit different needs. Some of the design of the rail is good for walls, floors and around the toilet seats depending on the area where the elderly needs support during movement in the toilet.

Many toilet safety rails have nonslip grips on the armrest, which is good for seniors who need something to grab on to while raising themselves from the toilets seats or lowering themselves on it. The grips are well padded and comfortable to give maximum comfort. Also, some toilet safety rails come with an added basket for keeping the toilet essentials close and for keeping small books and magazines for those that would like some company while using the toilet.

The elderly that can use the bathroom without help from a family member or a caregiver can enjoy a higher quality of life. They do not feel like they are a burden to the people around them and are able to do things as freely as they want.


Smart Caregiver Wireless and Cordless Weight Sensing Bed Pad – 10” x 30” (Monitor or Alarm Included).

Bed alarms and sensor devices allow caregivers and family members to monitor their elderly when in bed. The device tracks the movement of the elderly and alerts caregivers of a possible change or fall. The alarms work off pressure with pressure sensing pads incorporated into the bed or on the floor of the room. The pads recognize the pressure placed on it when the elderly lay on the bed and sends an alert when the weight reduces or moves.

As the body ages, it becomes weaker and more fragile. It becomes more susceptible to falls which can lead to a load of other things. Bed alarms and sensors are a great way to detect sensors help to detect motion while they are in bed so they get help should the need arise.

Falls at home is one of the major concerns of people with elderly relatives. These falls can have an adverse effect on the confidence of the elderly and they begin to fear to do things without help from family or caregivers. Also, some of the falls causes serious injuries which can lead to long bed rest.

Bed sensors also come with an alert button that is used to alert the caregivers when the elderly needs urgent help. It is scary to leave an elderly relative alone at night. Knowing they can hurt themselves just by getting out of bed is certainly something to be worried about. Installing Bed sensors alleviates the fears because of the surety that they will get the help required when they need it.


Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Graphite/Black, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

For elderly people, fitness is a significant challenge. Fitness trackers can help to promote and monitor physical activities among the elderly. Daily activities such as walking become more difficult as the body ages and elderly people end up not doing a lot of physical activities. Monitoring and encouraging physical activities become very important as it helps to battle the increased risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes type 2, obesity and stroke.

Fitness trackers help to keep track vitals such as blood pressure and heart rate which are indicators of the state of human health. This is a great way of monitoring the health status of the elderly and helping them do the necessary things to keep up a good state of health. A well-recorded heart rate data also helps with contexts when going for medical check-ups.

Fitness Trackers also helps to improve eating and sleeping habits. The trackers can record time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages. It shows activity trends and gives health insights for the overall well-being of the elderly. It can also help to adopt a very healthy eating lifestyle with the insights that it gives about the overall well-being of the body.

Using fitness trackers is a great motivation to indulge in more physical activities. The numbers make it more fun as it feels more like a game than a boring obligation. Also, numbers can be compared between friends and family for a little friendly competition. A fitness tracker also confronts you with accountability, the numbers are a reflection of how much work was put it and is a challenge to do more.


Hugo Mobility Elite Rollator Walker with Seat Backrest and Saddle Bag, Blue, 1 Count

There may come a time when walking from place to place becomes a difficult task for the elderly. Having walkers with seats is a great option to explore for when there won’t be people around to aid them in moving around. Walkers come in different varieties. There are two-wheeled, three-wheeled and four-wheeled walkers. However, the standard design is an aluminum or metal frame with tires to help with movement.

Walkers with seats ensure stability while moving with mobility features like brakes. The brake presents an option of a quick stop. All that is needed is to hold the hand of the brake for as long as you want to stop. Releasing the brake automatically resumes motion. The device is easy to use and ensures safe mobility.

Some walkers come with storage options to help carry items that the elderly might have to move around with. The storage options is a basket or a pouch. For people who need to carry around an oxygen tank, a basket is a great option. Medications and other smaller items can be stored in a pouch to avoid falling through the holes of a basket.

When the elderly have trouble walking, they lose their independence with it. They have to rely on people to help them with moving around, including visits to the toilet which can be embarrassing and lead to a loss of confidence. With walkers, they regain their sense of independence because they no longer need anyone to rely on anyone for mobility.


Medline Toilet Safety Rails, Safety Frame for Toilet with Easy Installation, Height Adjustable Legs, Bathroom Safety, Foam Armrests, Easy to Clean, Aluminum Frame, 250lb. Weight Capacity

commode is a portable toilet used inside the home when a person can no longer move around. There are different variations of the portable commode but it ideally looks like a chair with handlebars around it. It has a receptacle beneath to collect waste and then emptied and cleaned. A commode does not have water running through it.

Portable commodes help to support an aging lifestyle. They can be placed over the toilet or used as a standalone unit in the bedroom. They can be used without support from a caregiver. Most of the portable commodes are made with aluminum to prevent rust and to withstand the weight. The seats are padded and often with arm and backrests to ensure a comfortable experience for users.

Portable commodes need to be cleaned after use. There should be someone charged with emptying the commodes and cleaning after every use. Portable commodes can serve a dual purpose. They can also be used to move around with some of the models offering mobility options. Also, there are models of commodes that can be used in the shower.

Since the portable commodes can be used independently, it affords the elderly the freedom they need while using the toilet. It also reduces the stress on caregivers who otherwise have to help the elderly.


Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Equipment and Asset Tracker for Business, Loved Ones and Real-Time Fleet Tracking and Management with App

GPS trackers offer a simple solution to the concern of the family members of the elderly about their movements. With a GPS tracker attached to the elderly, the caregiver can easily check their whereabouts using a smartphone or a computer. This is useful in cases where the elderly can wander or get lost. Or when they want to go on a walk without help from a caregiver.

The concerns of caregivers about the elderly getting lost of putting themselves in dangerous situations are alleviated with GPS trackers. Monitoring the elderly gives a sense of comfort, knowing that the elderly ones are taking good care of themselves and are safe.

With the aid of GPS trackers, an elderly person can live independently. They can do the things they want without their family having to be scared of their safety. The GPS device can be programmed to send a notification when the elderly wanders outside of a predetermined boundary line. It can also send a notification if the elderly goes beyond a certain speed limit if they are driving.

A caregiver can freely let the elderly take walks on their own or run errands. The device will send a notification if the elderly deviates from the walking path or easily find them if they get lost while running an errand. The device significantly reduces the workload of the caregiver while also giving the elderly an opportunity to live life on their own terms.

Growth is a constant in life. Sooner or later, everybody experiences old age. Although the experience might be different for everyone, having devices that make old age bearable is a great development. Nobody wants to be a burden to others, but the weakened old bones need support. Having devices to continue to work independently makes life easier for caregivers and family.

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