Velcro Tennis Shoes for Elderly Players

Velcro tennis shoes, in comparison to other types of sports footwear, solve several problems that might become a hassle later-on.

For example, putting on and taking off regular sports shoes becomes harder with increasing age. Velcro tennis shoes are very easy to put on and take off.

velcro tennis shoes for elderly

That’s just one of the main benefits. A few others include:

  • Velcro tennis shoes for the elderly provide better support to the feet than regular footwear.
  • People who find difficulty in tying shoelaces could use doing away with laces altogether.
  • Elderlies with feet, toe, or heel pain are ideal candidates for these light, easy, comfortable shoes.
  • People who’ve had strokes can have several health issues that can make them unable to go through the typical hassle involved in tying up shoes and taking them off, Velcro strap tennis shoes are the lifesaver for them.
  • People with health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, etc. also sometimes find that Velcro strap shoes feel way better than regular ones, regardless of their age.
  • They are much more flexible.
  • A pair of Velcro shoes is infinitely more comfortable than most other footwear.

All of the products we’ve reviewed and listed in this guide are a great fit if you have any of the above requirements. With that out of the way, let’s see which are the best Velcro tennis shoes for elderly in 2021.


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Leader Show Men’s Casual Walking Shoes


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Skechers Men’s GOwalk 5 Wistful


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Avia Men’s Avi-Union II

Before you start

Make sure you read this article in its entirety because we’re also going to answer many questions that you might have throughout the piece. It’s also common to not know about certain issues or some key considerations, in which case you won’t be researching them. We’ve put all of those things into this piece to give you a wholesome buying experience for Velcro tennis shoes.

Recommended product: Leader Show Men’s Casual Walking Shoes

Don’t have the time to go through the entire piece? Don’t worry. Most likely, our recommended pick is going to solve all your problems and be the perfect fit for you.

We recommend Leader Show Men’s Casual Walking Shoes.

The best part about this pair is its comfort. These are highly comfortable and high-quality Velcro shoes for walking, running, working out, etc.

Our Top Pick


Leader Show Men’s Casual Walking Shoes

No products found.

Our top pick is the shoe we recommend – Leader Show Men’s Casual Walking Shoes. These are a good fit for women as well, as long as you get the right size for yourself. These shoes are good for wearing throughout the day.


  • Rubber sole and MD + rubber outsole provide exceptional longevity and flexibility.
  • The Velcro hook and loop closing system makes the shoes easy to wear and take off.
  • The shoe is lightweight and durable.
  • Great cushioning that helps maintain ideal airflow.
  • The breathability of the material ensures proper air circulation on the inside.
  • The honeycomb mesh on the upper adds to the overall breathability and comfort.
  • The footbed of this Leader Show pair is very soft.
  • Can be used for walking, running, working out, etc.
  • Available in 9 color variants and multiple sizes.
  • Great price point.
  • The shoes are appropriate for both, men and women.
  • Elderlies with foot problems will also enjoy the cushioned, soft interior of the shoe.


  • No known drawbacks.


Skechers Men’s GOwalk 5 Wistful

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Our editors’ choice for the best Velcro tennis shoes for elderly is Skechers Men’s GOwalk 5 Wistful. These are double Velcro athletic shoes designed for performance. As such, the ideal usage of the GOwalk 5 is running (or working out). If you’re strictly looking for a walking shoe, then the GOwalk 5 is still a great option for you.


  • The shoe is 100% synthetic, including a synthetic sole.
  • It has a nearly 1.5-inches tall heal, which works as great support for the feet.
  • The smooth and durable mesh fabric enables the feet to breathe easily.
  • The shoes use responsive cushioning and high-rebound comfort pillar technology.
  • Comes with an air-cooled Goga Mat insole system which adds to the comfort quotient of the shoes.
  • The GOwalk 5 comes in three color options: White/Navy, Khaki, and Black.
  • These shoes are machine washable (cold water, gentle cycle, air dry).


  • Velcro strap length is limited, meaning you cannot tighten them beyond a particular point. So, go for the perfect size and you’ll be in the clear.


Avia Men’s Avi-Union II

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The Avia Men’s Avi-Union II is our best value offering. It’s super-comfortable and provides all the necessities elderlies need to look out for. Truly a bang for the buck, the Avi-Union II is the ideal value offering on the market right now.

The Avi-Union II is primarily designed for workers and delivery personnel who find themselves in slippery and wet conditions very often. Although not the strongest or most durable shoe on the list, this pair will definitely be a great fit for you if you want an easy entry, great cushioning, and secure fit.


  • 100% synthetic build with a durable rubber sole.
  • Built with synthetic leather that comes with Defender (Scotchgard) technology for water- and stain-resistance. Leaving marks on the shoes is hard.
  • The sock liner has memory foam for better fit and comfort.
  • Avi-Union II comes with an old and slip-resistant tread pattern (rubber) that provides a better grip than usual Velcro tennis shoes.
  • Two-strap hook and loop closure for easy wear and take off.
  • Highly recommended for elderlies with heel pain.


  • Lacks in high arch support.
  • Somewhat limited toe space.

Runners up: shoes from Skechers and New Balance

If the ones above don’t fit the bill for some reason, we have reviewed more for you. These shoes are surely not the best, but very close seconds in many aspects.

We’ll go through quick summaries of these products instead of discussing their pros and cons in detail.


Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike On

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Generally, Skechers shoes are great for elderlies looking for comfort and heel support and this Afterburn pair is no different. It has perforated hook and loop straps at the vamp which secure the fit further.

The mesh lining is high-quality and the shock-absorbing midsole is a great add-on. Comes with a highly flexible and durable traction sole made of rubber.

In fact, the best part about these shoes is the traction. Snow, ice, water, and other slippery conditions where other shoes might fail, Afterburn provides unparalleled traction.

 The inner fabric is not high-quality.

New Balance: 928 V3, 411 V2, and 813 V1

These three New Balance pairs are more of an honorary mention than a recommendation. In some cases, however, they can be the perfect fit. Let’s see what makes all three unique.


New Balance Men’s 928 V3 Walking Shoe

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The 928 V3 has been a great Velcro strap shoe for a while now. It comes with a removable PU footbed, which can make cleaning easier. The midsole is a compression-molded EVA foam that offers great comfort. These are men’s shoes made for endurance.


New Balance Women’s 411 V2 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

No products found.

411 V2 are women’s hook and loop walking shoes made out of leather (with a rubber sole). Sometimes, leather is a better alternative than rubber. The overall design of the 411 V2 is athletic, with performance in mind. It additionally packs comfortable support, cushioned midsole, and high-quality collar and heel pillow rest. Overall, they feel so nice and are appropriate for all types of walkers.


New Balance Women’s 813 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

No products found.

813 V1 are also predominantly women’s walking shoes but slightly different than 411 V2. You can consider these to be a cheaper alternative to the 411. They come with several proprietary New Balance technologies such as Rollbar and Walking Strike Path. They are comfortable, sturdy, and stylish.

Best Velcro tennis shoes for elderly buying guide

We discussed seven pairs of shoes in this piece so far. Depending on your needs and unique requirements, one of these will be the ideal fit. However, it helps to know how to buy a Velcro tennis shoe that’s going to be perfect for you.

For example, if one of these becomes out of stock or if you want an alternative pair of shoes, what will you look out for?

If it’s your first time buying a Velcro tennis shoe as your primary footwear, then we have a helpful buying guide just for you.


It’s very important to take note of the quality of the product. Buying a Velcro simply for the ease of use it provides is a grave mistake. A low-quality build, mesh, sole, or material will be more damaging than useful.

Quality can be tested on multiple parameters. First of all, you need to make sure that the sole is a durable rubber one. EVA foam midsole or memory foam soles are great. The mesh and lining have to be sturdy. The straps also need to be durable, long and made of a good material otherwise the Velcro will unbind with usage, which can be anything from a mild annoyance to something that renders the shoes non-functional.


You should expect good Velcro shoes to be around $30-60. Some are often higher, like medical-grade heel and pain relief Velcro tennis shoes from Orthofeet can easily cost around $125. While on the other hand, some are cheaper as well.

What you want to spend on Velcro shoes depends purely on how important they are to you. If you have problems that can be averted by Velcro shoes, you can go for a costlier option, while if comfort and ease of use are your only priorities, shoes around $20-30 will suffice.


Adding on to the first point, the sole is a key element in any shoe. Soles in Velcro tennis shoes for elderly are often rubber-based but not that durable. Make sure you test the heel and only go for pairs that claim to work across different terrains.

Higher heel support is also sometimes preferable as it helps relieve pain in the toes, ankles, or feet in general.


Traction is the most important factor if you walk in a snowy, icy, or watery atmosphere very often. Velcro tennis shoes might not be the perfect candidates for footwear in these situations but can do the job pretty effortlessly.

Note that not all Velcro shoes offer similar levels of traction. Some are greatly better than others. Always go for shoes that claim to be for help with traction. A great grip can go a long way and help you save time or avoid a walking stick.


This is one of the most underrated aspects of Velcro shoes. Many buyers choose the pair they want without considering the width. The size of the shoe and the width are two completely different things. If you make your decision based purely on the shoe size, you might end up getting a pair that has very limited toe space or one that’s very constricting on the sides.

A good fit is a perfect size along with the perfect width.

Most of the Velcro shoes we’ve reviewed here come with variable straps which you can use to further loosen and tighten them.


Many brands will try to use marketing lingo as features to sell their products. These might be good technologies or regular features, so always double-check any feature that you find yourself falling for.

 Checking reviews is one of the best methods for gaining insight into the true features of a product.

Frequently asked questions

You might be left with questions or concerns regarding Velcro tennis shoes. Let’s troubleshoot your queries one at a time.

Are Velcro tennis shoes the same as normal Velcro shoes?

Yes. Velcro shoes with straps (single or double) are multi-purpose shoes. Their most commonplace use remains to be walking, while some are designed with performance in mind. The shoes that have performance qualities are good for running and working out.

Regardless of which shoe you go for, if it’s good for casual walking and long-duration usage, it’s going to be good for tennis as well. Tennis is a game where you need to make abrupt stops and starts, and the Velcro shoes that we’ve reviewed all fit the bill.

You’re highly likely to have a good tennis experience with any of the ones we’ve listed above. It’s not necessary to buy a pair from Adidas or Nike to play tennis. These Velcro strap shoes will suffice for non-professional or casual tennis games.

What do alphabets mean in sizes?

It’s typical to find shoe sizes written as 2E, 4E, 10D, etc. Here’s a guide to sizes with alphabets in them:

2E stands for “wide”. These are slightly wider than typical shoes that come in the same size.

4E stands for “extra wide”, and you can expect them to have a lot of toe space.

D or M stands for “medium width”. So, if you see a size like “10.5D (M)”, it means the width isn’t extra wide, but just regular.

XW or X-Wide is a fancier term for 4E.

4E is wider than 3E, 6E is wider than 4E, and so on. You need to know your foot width beforehand and make a purchase accordingly.

Width is typically a range and not a specific size. From narrow to wide, width ranges can be useful in selecting the perfect fit for your feet. Also, both your feet can have different widths.

Are Velcro shoes machine washable?

Not all Velcro tennis shoes are machine washable. And in general, it’s better to not wash any product with Velcro in it as it can cause damage. For best results, wash your shoes with warm water in a sink.

Some Velcro shoes come with better quality bonding between the strap material and the Velcro strip, in which case they explicitly claim machine washability. You can safely machine wash those pairs, given you follow the recommended steps.

Do these shoes taper at the front?

People with wide feet and especially wider fronts are concerned about tapering at the tip. Most Velcro tennis shoes don’t taper and are quite comfortable for people with wide feet. If you get the perfect fit, you don’t need to worry about tapering at all.

Will the memory foam retain its quality for the long-term?

The answer to this depends on the shoe in question. Some shoes come with memory foam midsoles that retain their qualities for a few years, while others can start losing it within a few months of usage.

When memory foam loses its quality, the shoe will flatten out at the base and can become uncomfortable, defeating the entire point of going for a Velcro shoe in the first place.

All the pairs we’ve reviewed, especially the ones at the top, come with great memory foams that retain their qualities for years.

What is “hook and loop”?

“Hook and loop” is the technical term for Velcro. Velcro itself is actually a brand name for a hook and loop fastener. So, if you see hook and loop written on a shoe but no mention of Velcro, don’t panic. Both terms are used interchangeably.

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