Best Bath Chairs for the Elderly (Seniors)

Last updated on: 2nd January, 2017Ordinarily, a good number of basic daily activities such as vacuum cleaning, gardening, lawn mowing, bathing, and so on are best done in the standing position. However, due to aging, elderly people are unable to…
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Best Bath Seats for the Elderly (Seniors)

Last updated on: 1st September, 2016As we grow older, it becomes only natural that some basic tasks become a little bit more complicated than they usually are. Daily activities tend to require not just more carefulness, but also items to…
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4 Best Bed Handles for Seniors & the Elderly

Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Rail

Last updated on: 29th October, 2016Assistive items are always very imperative for adults who aren’t as fully active as they used to be. Walking needs a cane as support, bathing needs a bath seat, and sleeping needs bed handles. Elderly…
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4 Best Bathtubs for Seniors (Elderly People)

KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 Bancroft 5-Foot Bath

Last updated on: 13th August, 2016If you’re looking for detailed reviews on the best bathtubs for seniors (the elderly), you’re just on the right page. Here, you’ll learn what to look for before buying any bathtub as well as the…
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Best Step Stools for the Elderly (Seniors)

AdjustaStep Deluxe Step Stool with Handle

Last updated on: 29th October, 2016When seniors live alone, there is the constant need to climb on the bed, get into the bath, take something from a shelf, or even get down from a height. They might also need to…
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Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors and Elderly People

best recumbent bike for seniors

Last updated on: 26th February, 2017Even in old age, it is very important to engage in exercise in order to maintain good health. However, not all exercises are suitable for seniors and elderly people. Only light to moderate fitness activities…
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