5 Best Shoes for Older Women

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An online poll was recently carried out and the results were very interesting: more than 80% of young women aged 18 – 30 years opined that shoes were their most important dress article.

However, as from 30 years, the responses started becoming random – and clearly shifting away from shoes or any sort of foot wear.

However, at 60 years, something interesting occurred: respondents outrightly opined that they hated shoes! This ‘hatred’ became deeper as the female respondents aged and at 80, many held that they could barely stand any sort of footwear!!

For us, this was quite intriguing…and we set out to find out why this was so. The answer took us completely by surprise: older women don’t love shoes because they are hardly comfortable!

best comfortable shoes for older ladies

Why elderly women must wear comfortable shoes

Elderly women need to wear comfortable shoes, to be well, comfortable. However, on a serious note; here are the reasons why an awesome and supremely comfortable pair of shoe is very important for an elderly woman:

  1. With age, come various challenges such as leg pain and general body aches. An ordinary shoe for a woman is likely to add the challenges faced by the elderly woman already. Why add it?
  2. Most Senior ladies have challenges with weights and moving around with weighty things. Since most shoes today are not particularly light, this causes serious discomfort in their lives and movement – hence the hunt for dedicated shoes that will solve this challenge.
  3. Finally, most elderly women are plagued with medical challenges such as arthritis. For such older ladies, their legs already cause them more than enough discomfort. Why add to the discomfort by insisting on ordinary shoes that do not guarantee comfort in any way?

What to look for when buying comfortable shoes for senior women

When shopping for comfortable shoes for Senior women or ladies, here are the things you should take special note of:

  • Ensure the shoes are easy to wear and pull off. This is because the last thing the Senior lady would appreciate is a pair of shoe that takes 10 or more minutes to either put on or take off.
  • Another thing to make certain when shopping for shoes for the Senior woman is to make certain that the shoes fit and would not slip off…elderly ladies naturally have their own worries…it is not a smart thing to add the bother of a pair of shoe that keeps slipping off (to the bag already full of worries and challenges).
  • Ensure that the selected pair of shoe is also soft. It is practically impossible to claim that a pair of shoe is comfortable when it is infact, very hard to the leg or feel, generally.
  • Finally, avoid heels. Heels are for younger women who still have the stamina to resist a fall when they trip or slip. The last thing anyone would love to see is grandma tripping off and falling right as she steps out because of some silly heels!

Now that we’ve seen what needs to be checked before that pair of shoe is bought for the elderly woman, let’s now take a look at the best 5 options we’ve selected. Kindly note that all the options reviewed below meet the criteria set out above. This means that the difficult task has already been executed for you; what is left is for you to make your choice.

Here we are:

Best comfortable shoes for older ladies: Our top 5 picks


Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoe,Taupe/Coral,8.5 M US

The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoe is our very first choice here for a reason: the shoe is very easy to wear and take off, a fact that can be seen even from the pictures alone. Further, the shoe comes in a variety of sizes and offers up to 10 different colors – a reality that is quite rare in the female shoe world. Further, this shoe is fitted with a bamboo lined foot bed for anti-bacterial and more importantly, odor control. The tipping points: it is radically lightweight and most importantly, fits comfortably.

What We Like

  • Radically lightweight.
  • 5 GEN midsole cushioning.
  • Bamboo lined foot bed for anti-bacterial odor control.
  • Seamless construction that ensures a super comfortable fit.
  • Rebound foot bed that energizes every step.

What We Dislike

  • Some customers complained that the sizes are a step bigger than their normal size. To combat this, be sure to order a size that is smaller by a step.
  • Other customers indicated that would appreciate a more fancy design.


J. Adams Lexy Ankle Boot - Low Stacked Heel Closed Toe Casual Western Bootie

The Sole Addiction Women’s Chelsea Bootie is a pair of shoe that has a lot of ‘swag’. For the Senior lady that is interested in looking cute and trendy, this pair cannot disappoint. The craftsmanship is perfect – making the shoe likely not to give way for years to come. Aside the fact that the shoe is trendy and made in a super durable fashion, it is also instructive to note that, it is super easy to slip them on – while ensuring supreme comfort in-between.

What We Like

  • Timeless Western style that is super trendy.
  • 100% vegan fabric.
  • Endless outfit combinations with more than 40 colors and designs.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Ability to serve all year round, irrespective of the weather in question.

What We Dislike

  • Using the shoes a lot in the sun causes them to fade with time.
  • Some customers who equate quality with price felt that the shoes are way too cheap for their current price point.


ASICS Women's Metrolyte-W Walking Shoe, Mid Grey/Elfin Yellow/Aluminum, 8 M US

The ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoe is a casual and easy pair of shoe, mere looking at it. However, the shoe comes with a plethora of designs and colors to cater for all manner of tastes and preferences. What is more; it is handmade and features a synthetic sole. That is not all, this pair evidently takes comfort to the next level and this is evidenced by a memory foam sockliner that enhances underfoot comfort and cushioning – permitting long use without any form of discomfort or challenges. Further, the shoe also features a low profile midsole and a wet grip out sole that together, make the pair unstoppable – even on completely wet surfaces.

What We Like

  • Synthetic sole.
  • Memory foam sockliner for enhanced comfort.
  • Low profile mid-sole.
  • ComforDry sockliner that ensures that users’ legs are in a clean, dry, comfortable and importantly, moisture free environment.

What We Dislike

  • For older women with very wide feet, this shoe may not be the best option for them.
  • Sizes are generally a step too tight or small.


Anne Klein Women's 7Alwaysnice Black Multi Fabric Shoe

The Women’s Anne Klein, Always Nice Flat is a simple but powerful shoe it is difficult to ignore as an older woman. This shoe is easy to slip on and off but importantly, it is quite easy to walk with, anywhere where one chooses to. The major attraction to this pair is the fact that it can be worn to a formal occasion and also, to a casual one – all without losing dignity or appearing either over or under dressed. Feature wise, the pair is made of fabric, basically. However, it sports a synthetic sole and has a nice, fabric lining that protects it – whenever the user sweats or engages in physical activity.

What We Like

  • The pair can be used for both formal and informal occasions, easily.
  • The shoe can be put on and put off easily.
  • Super comfortable when worn.
  • Fabric upper design with chain detail (this adornment makes it looks very superior).
  • Synthetic sole.

What We Dislike

  • There is absolutely nothing that we dislike about this pair of shoes. Fortunately, users and other customers also agree.


isotoner Womens Satin Ballerina With Bow, Suede Sole Slipper, Black Soft Tie Bow, 8 9 US

The ISOTONER Women’s Satin Ballerina Slipper is truly a ‘slipper’ – when understood from the standpoint of supreme comfort and easy adaptability. Featuring Suede soles, these shoes, while appearing extremely simple are actually quite comfortable and when worn, feels exactly like walking on air – while everyone else uses tar J  The tipping point for this pair however is its soft low-profile faux suede sole that largely accounts for the shoes chic style and supreme comfort. Why we particularly love this pair is that it can be worn to any event one chooses to without falling out of place, irrespective of the type of event it is or its audience.

What We Like

  • Suede sole.
  • Cotton-blend terry sock cushions.
  • Luxurious stretch satin for sophisticated style.
  • Soft, low profile outsole – perfect for any occasion.
  • Machine washable.

What We Dislike

  • This pair of shoes are flexible, a fact some customers do not appreciate.
  • Some customers opined that the shoes are a bit expensive.

Wrap Up

Getting the ideal pair of shoes for the elderly lady is not a task for the faint hearted…certainly; there are a ton of considerations that have to be made. However, with careful forethought and wise selection, it is easy to see that an ideal pair can be got. This article has sufficiently proved that.

Best of luck as you shop!

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