7 Best Low Compression Golf Balls for Seniors

There is something about playing golf. The fun you derive from the game generally depends on both your abilities and the pieces of equipment you use. The golf ball you use plays a major role in determining your yardage and trajectory among other things.

As a senior player, there’s a high tendency that you don’t hit the ball as hard as you used to several years ago. And you most likely have a slower swing speed, resulting in low yardage.

This is where low compression balls come in. They allow you to enjoy the game as you used to regardless of your weakness.

best low compression golf balls for seniors

Best Low Compression Golf Balls for Seniors: Our Top 7 Picks

There are several low compression balls on the market. These are the best ones that will give you the yardage you desire even with slow swing speed.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, (One Dozen)

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Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are high-quality balls that feel soft off the club. They hold up well even in courses that have a lot of sand. They are super soft and bounce higher than most balls on the market. The balls fly straight and do fine with high arching shots. They are great for seniors with a moderate swing as they are smooth and have a responsive feel.

It’s interesting to know that on half wedge shots and pitches, they get high in the air and land soft, rolling out a foot or two. They don’t come in low and spin backward. They, however, may not spin as much as you’ll expect on close in chip shots. With these balls, you could easily play 9 holes without hitting a tree or a cart path.

These super softballs are packaged in 4 sleeves containing 3 balls each. They are very suitable for senior players with 80mph swing speed or lower. They are basically new technology you should employ to make your golf game fun. The balls go far enough that you could get more yardage with them.

As for color, they are available in various colors. You can choose from the different options available. You should, however, be cautious of the color you pick. The blue ball, for example, may become difficult to see against a blue sky. This may create some difficulty watching your shot.


  • The balls are super soft
  • They are durable
  • They fly high enough
  • They fly straight
  • An excellent choice for senior players
  • The balls go far
  • They have a great feel off the club


  • They have a tendency to slice

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

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Go for Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls if you’re a mid-high handicapper and have a reasonable swing speed. These are low compression balls with a soft feel but not mushy. They have great control around the green and you get impressive yardage using them.

They are very suitable for senior players with a swing speed of 90mph or less as they produce more yardage than many others. Consider them if you don’t hit the ball as far as you used to because they offer great distance off the tee.

The travel distance they offer is impressive even when you use them in light rain with damp conditions. You will still be able to drive the ball several yards past your usual yard with other balls. This will make your golf game even more fun, especially if you’re an older player.

Titleist TruSoft Golf Balls are also recommended for people who are new to golf and are looking for the best ball to use. They are nice balls that feel soft when you hit them.

Overall, these soft golf balls are a great choice for older players who want to make their golf game more interesting by getting more yards. They are also perfect for new golfers who want the best golf balls.


  • They are excellent balls for senior players
  • They have a good performance around the green
  • Recommended for older golfers with a slow swing speed
  • They are high-quality golf balls
  • They are suitable for new golfers


  • Not a good choice for players who hit the ball up to 275 yards off the tee

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls, (One Dozen)

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These are soft low compression balls that come sealed in the box. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are very soft and launch very high off the tee. They are premium balls that spin on chips and pitches. They also have excellent feel off the putter and an impressive consistent trajectory.

The golf balls are great for seniors as they are easy to see. And you get a better distance than most other balls on the market. They are durable and have a great feel off the club and around the greens.

Some golfers compare these balls to the Pro V1 balls and conclude that these balls outperform them in many aspects. Senior golfers can get more yardage with these soft low compression balls. The balls are basically a step forward.


  • They have a consistent trajectory
  • They have a great feel off the club
  • They are very suitable for seniors
  • The balls are soft and durable
  • Impressive spin-off wedges


  • They have a tendency to slice

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

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Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls are perfect for medium to high handicappers who have slow swing speed. They are low compression softballs that fly long and straight. You gain several yards with the balls. It is interesting to know that they also check up on the greens using iron, fairway, and rescue shots.

E6 Golf Balls are suitable for senior golfers; they enable you to play high-quality balls designed for slow swing speed golfers. And also enjoy excellent performance around the greens. They basically make getting older fun; you still get great distance.

E6 balls are soft and go straight; they go far and can become difficult to find, especially if you hit them out of bounds or into the waters. As an older golfer who doesn’t hit balls as far as you used to do several years ago, these balls will give you the best distance for your current swing speed.

The balls are great and recommended. They are fairly durable but you may get some surface scratching when you bounce off a cart path or any hard object. Also, you may begin to lose some yards after using them for a while. When you begin to experience this, it’s absolutely time to swap the balls for new ones.


  • You gain more yards even with a slow swing speed
  • The balls are perfect for seniors
  • The balls go straight and exactly where you aim
  • They have a good performance on the green
  • They are soft and have a good feel off the club


  • They may become difficult to find when you hit them out of bounds

Wilson Staff Duo Soft Optix Golf Balls

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Wilson Staff Duo Soft Optix Golf Balls have no problem with distance off the tee. At 29 compression, they are super soft and give you more on every drive. They go straight and won’t sound like you hit a rock when they come off your driver. The balls stop and hold the green well, and feel smooth off the putter.

Wilson Staff Duo Balls are available in different colors. The red balls seem to have the highest visibility rate as they stand out in the air and on the greens. You won’t have to bother about losing your ball as it is easy to see. The orange balls are also easy to find in the rough and fairway. But the blue balls are difficult to find. You may not even see where they land and only find them when you’re on top of them. The yellow and white balls are way better.

These balls are recommended for avid senior golfers who seek softer balls to get the compression they desire. They are very easy to control and have good speed on the green. They give you far distance even with slow swing speed.

The low compression property of Wilson Duo Soft Balls gives them the ability to convert slow club heads into longer drives. This allows you to be in control of your swing since getting a great distance won’t be an issue. The balls are very forgiving and excellently spin well on approach shots.

They offer a more interesting golf experience to seniors with 85 to 90 mph swing speed. One downside is that they tend to pick up dirt since they are a matte finish. This isn’t really a huge problem considering the fun they offer.


  • The balls fly long and straight
  • They feel smooth off the putter
  • They are easy to control
  • They have a very soft feel
  • The balls are a good fit for avid senior golfers that want softer balls
  • The red and orange colors are particularly easy to find on the course
  • They spin well on approach shots
  • The balls are very forgiving


  • They have a tendency to break after several rounds
  • They pick up more dirt than regular balls

Volvik Golf DS-55 Low Compression Golf Balls

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Volvik Golf DS-55 Low Compression Golf Balls are designed to let you feel your hit. They are available in different colors; pink, green, orange, and white. The orange balls are most preferred by golfers because they stand out in the greens and are easy to see. It’s no surprise that the pink balls are mostly used by female golfers since women generally love pink.

The balls have an amazingly soft feel and give straight shots. They don’t have a matte finish, so you don’t have to worry about your balls picking up dirt.

They are arranged in a pack containing 12 balls. You can choose to have the pack containing only orange balls, pink balls, white balls or green balls. The assorted pack is a combination of all the colors. This is a good choice if you prefer using different colors on different rounds.


  • They have an amazingly soft feel
  • They give straight shots
  • They are available in various colors that make them easy to see


  • They are somewhat heavier than other low compression balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (One Dozen)

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Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are softballs that perfectly suit senior golfers with moderate swing speed. They feel good in the short game and have reasonable stopping power. The balls have a lot of distance and a really soft feel. It’s a good idea to add them to your standard set of balls.

The balls check-up decently on the greens and are long enough off the tee. They are a good fit for older golfers that have slower swing speed or high handicappers.

These golf balls are easy to hit and control. You can hit them accurately to your target. Even on poor hits, they still fly long and straight. But, of course, don’t expect miracles if your swing technique is bad.

They are available in white and yellow colors. The yellow balls are great but they become dull after some rounds.

You may notice some nicks on the balls after several holes because the covers are not super durable and they scuff easily.


  • They are easy to control
  • They have an impressive stopping power
  • They check up well on the greens
  • They fly long and straight


  • The covers are not really durable enough


When choosing a golf ball, don’t only rely on the brand name. Some less expensive balls even outperform premium ones. The most recommended golf balls for seniors are the low compression balls with a soft feel, longer distance, and good performance on the green. Visibility is an important factor you should also consider, especially when deciding on the color to choose.

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