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Best GPS Trackers for Elderly – Location Tracking To Protect Your Loved Ones

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Since they first became available, GPS trackers have been helpful in various ways. Aside many other uses, they are now used to track the movement of individuals, especially seniors and patients battling with diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Such individuals tend to miss their way or wander away, and a GPS tracker can help to prevent this.

If you’re looking for a detailed review of the best GPS tracking devices for elderly seniors, then you’re just on the right page. Here, we’ll be explaining some basics about GPS trackers, how they work, and why they’re needed by caregivers. We also review and compare some of the best devices available at the moment. Read to get all the details.

What are GPS tracking devices?

GPS tracking devices (or GPS trackers) are units that helps determine and track the precise location of its carrier. The location can then be recorded and stored on the device or transmitted to a central database.

GPS trackers are essential for protection of lives and movable property. While some are multipurpose and can be used for tracking virtually anything, others are specifically designed for humans, pets, vehicles, aircraft, etc.

GPS means Global Positioning System, a satellite-based navigation system comprising over 30 well-spaced satellites that provide precise details of their position in space back to earth. These details are displayed by specialized receivers embedded in various devices.

With the GPS, you can know the real-time location of any individual, animal or object by simply tracking your focus with a GPS receiver device.

Since its launch, the GPS has been applied in every sphere of life. Retailers, nonprofit organizations, utilities departments, and intelligence agencies have used it extensively in their operations.

Why are GPS trackers necessary for seniors?

Among humans, elderly seniors and kids are at the highest risk of getting lost. This risk is even higher in elderly people struggling with mental conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

GPS tracking devices are more than necessary for our elderly seniors. If truly we value their lives and respect their status, we should do everything to protect them — including getting them GPS trackers. Here are some reasons GPS tracking devices for elderly are paramount.

Peace of mind: Caregivers should be certain of the exact location of elderly seniors at all times, especially if the seniors are dementia or Alzheimer’s disease patients. Using GPS trackers for such seniors will ease the task of finding them if they wander away and get lost.

Security: GPS trackers allow for geographical fencing. This feature alerts the caregiver whenever the monitored senior is going or being taken beyond certain geographical limits. These devices also come with buttons that enable them to call for help whenever they are in dangerous situations.

GPS tracking devices for the elderly: What to look for before buying

Considering a GPS tracking device for elderly individuals?There are some important features to weigh up before making a purchase.

  • Real-time reporting: Not all tracking devices show real-time information on the location of the monitored individual. Some show reports that are delayed by minutes or hours. But those with real-time reporting feature are the best.
  • Ease of use: Like children, elderly seniors need a device that is very easy to use. Their gradual intellectual deterioration may make it difficult for them to utilize a complex device.
  • Battery life: It goes without saying, but the longer the battery life, the better the device. GPS trackers with battery life running into weeks are the best.
  • Hardware quality: The device must be made of a high quality material — not easily breakable, water resistant, and lightweight material.
  • Wearability: GPS trackers that are easy to wear are better. This explains why you should opt for GPS trackers with wearable straps or clips.
  • Panic button: An ideal GPS tracker should have a panic button, which when tapped can send an emergency SMS to the caregiver. This is necessary because monitored seniors might find themselves in dangerous situations that are unknown to the caregiver.
  • 2-way voice calling: This feature is a huge plus. It works like a speed dial, allowing the tracked senior to dial any of the 2 or 3 registered numbers at the touch of a button.

Best GPS tracking devices for seniors: Our Best Picks

More and more caregivers are becoming aware of the need to use GPS tracking devices to monitors seniors under their care. This explains why there is increasing demand for these devices.

Expectably, the booming demand for personal GPS tracking devices has prompted increased supply. And now, the market abounds with GPS trackers of several different makes and brands. So, it’s very challenging to make the right choice when looking to buy a GPS tracker.

However, to make the uneasy task of choosing the best device a little easier, we have scoured online stores and have made a comparison between several GPS for elderly devices available at the moment. This comparison is simply done based on real buyer opinions, brand trust, and the important features highlighted above.

Based on our research, here are the top 5 best GPS tracking devices elderly people and seniors.


Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Equipment and Asset Tracker for Business, Loved Ones and Real-Time Fleet Tracking and Management with App

The Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker is a good match for seniors because it ensures unsurpassed accuracy and provides real-time location tracking. It also reveals motion changes — thanks to the 3-axis accelerometer feature. This accelerometer feature also prolongs battery life by powering off the device whenever the tracker is not moving.

What makes this device particularly awesome is its ability to track and save up activity records for up to one year. This means you can review the movement of the monitored individual over a one-year -period by looking through the speed, time, and position of the monitored individual across Google Maps. Also interesting is the fact that you can track the device using your PC, tablet or smartphone by simply connecting it to the Spy Tec GPS platform.

The device’s geo-fencing feature allows the caregiver to mark areas of the map as the device’s boundaries, based on where the monitored individual is not expected to go beyond. Whenever the device is carried beyond the mapped area, the caregiver is alerted. Certain areas can also be marked as “forbidden zones”. Each time the device is taken into such zones, the caregiver is alerted instantly.

The Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker also allows you to set alert triggers, which send you an SMS or email alert whenever the device breaks a particular speed or location limit, is low on battery, starts or stops moving, or enters or exits specified areas. All these can be custom set.

The device is small — just about the size of a matchbox — and lightweight. So, it can be kept in the monitored senior’s shirt or pant pocket or strapped to their belt. Battery life is excellent. The device lasts for about two weeks with continuous use, and even longer with intermittent use.

And just so you know, the Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker is multipurpose. So, whenever the monitored senior passes on, it can be used to track kids, pets, cars, and other mobile entities at risk of loss.

Using the device attracts a monthly subscription plan with fees varying based on tracking frequency. The real-time tracking plan requires no contract or activation.

What we like

  • Instant, real-time location tracking
  • No need for a prepaid SIM
  • Geo-fencing feature
  • SOS call feature
  • Small and lightweight
  • Records locations, movement, and speed for up to one year
  • Accelerometer for motion detection
  • Automatic power-off function when not in motion
  • PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone support
  • No-contract subscription plan
  • Multipurpose — can also be used for kids, pets, cars, etc.
  • Very long battery life (at least 2 weeks)
  • Excellent rating on Amazon.com

What we dislike

  • The monthly subscription charges are a bit high (not much for the quality, though)


YEPZON Freedom 3G GPS Tracker with SOS Button for School Age Kids, Seniors, Travel, Personal Safety 2G and 3G and WiFi Indoor Tracking Built-in SIM Free Smartphone App

While there are many GPS tracking devices available in the market at the moment, only few are made in the form of a necklace. And worse, most of that few come with serious flaws ranging from inaccurate tracking to durability issues.

But there’s one device that ticks all the boxes for an ideal GPS necklace, and that’s the Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator. Although, the device isn’t a necklace in the real sense, it can pass for and work perfectly as a necklace. The device is a small pocket-sized tracker that comes with a neck-strap for wearing it on the neck of the tracked individual.

Now, let’s go into a proper review of the Yepzon One.

The Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is a small, simple-looking but stylish-designed personal GPS tracking device that is more than suitable for elderly seniors. It’s a wearable tracking device that sends tracking information to any configured smartphone. All the caregiver has to do is download the custom Yepzon app on their smartphone, activate the GPS device, and input configuration settings.

The device is powered by a badass battery that lasts weeks to months depending on frequency of use. It comes with an in-built motion sensor that puts off the device when the carrier isn’t moving and powers it on when it senses motion.

The Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is very small and lightweight, and it can be worn on the tracked individual using the included neck strap. It can track in any location, and can send location data every 10 seconds, if required.

The Yepzon One locator is waterproof and dirtproof, so it’s durability isn’t questionable. It’s powered by a 850mAh Li-ion battery that lasts at least 2 weeks or up to months depending on settings and use.

Please note that using the device comes at a monthly cost ($4.95 per month for 5MB of tracking data). However, when you first buy the device, you get six months for free usage (30MB of data per month).

The device package includes the tracker, a neck strap, charging cable, and a protective neoprene case. It’s backed by a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

What we like

  • Very small and lightweight
  • 10-second location tracking
  • No need for a prepaid SIM
  • Geo-fencing feature
  • SOS call feature
  • Motion sensor
  • Automatic power-off function when not in motion
  • Supports any smartphone
  • No-contract subscription plan
  • Affordable month tracking plans
  • Multipurpose — can also be used for kids, pets, cars, etc.
  • Very long battery life (weeks to months)
  • Very good rating on Amazon.com

What we dislike

  • No SOS call button
  • No real-time tracking feature
  • Tracking accuracy reduces when device is indoors
  • Tracking app sometimes has issues with iOS


Trackimo Multi Purpose 3G GPS Tracker | Portable, Real Time, Waterproof, Speed Monitoring | Small, Compact, Light | Free Year of Service

If you want a really fine balance between functionality and affordability, the Trackimo TRK-100 may just be your best bet. Although the device doesn’t have a call feature, it sends alert over e-mails and text messages, and it’s one of the most accurate devices around. What’s more? You get a whole free year no subscription on this tracking device.

What we like

  • Really light weight, at just 4.8 Ounces.
  • 12 months free usage (no subscription required).
  • Very fast location feedback.
  • Long lasting battery life (up to 100 hours).
  • Auto alarm/feedback ‘Panic’ button.
  • Motion sensitivity increases battery life.
  • Geo-Fencing feature.

What we dislike

  • Out-of-coverage inaccuracies can be over the top.
  • Due to the design, the ‘Panic’ button could inadvertently go off.
  • No auto-adjust mode, which could lead to decreased battery life.


NEW! 3G VisionOne GPS Tracker & Personal Alarm -SOS Alarm, 2-way Talk, Fall Detection, Spy Mode, Geo-fence, Speed Alert, Real-time GPS Tracking Device, Smartphone Apps, Kids, Elderly, Personal, Drones

Never mind. That’s just the name. The Personal GPS Tracker by VisionOne GPS simply works like any other basic GPS tracking device, offering real time location feedback of objects from the tracker to the receiver. What makes it standout however, is the ‘Silent Call’ feature (SPY tracker mode) that calls the receiver when certain parameters are breached.

What we like

  • Acceptable weight, at just 7.2 Ounces.
  • Waterproof feature; enhancing durability.
  • 2-Way communication like a phone call.
  • Long lasting battery life (up to 100 hours).
  • Geo-Fencing feature.
  • Real time feedback of location (and movement speed).
  • Very affordable at a range of $110 – $125

What we dislike

  • Some users complained have complained that the device took some getting used to.
  • The SOS button sometimes inadvertently goes off, raising false alarm.
  • Depending on your settings, the device’s battery may drain faster than expected.


ERAY 2016 GPS Tracker Watch for Kids Elderly GPS Bracelet Google Map SOS Button GPS Bracelet Personal Tracker GSM GSP Locator T58 Watch for iOS Android-Silver

The ERAY GPS Tracker Watch is a special wristwatch with in-built GPS tracking feature. It’s doubling as a personal watch makes it suitable for seniors, as it’s easy to get used to. The device provides real-time, live location tracking. To make this possible, it supports LBS, which provides indoor tracking in addition to GPS which is better for outdoor tracking.

The ERAY GPS Tracker Watch features a voice call button and 2-way voice call function, so the monitored senior can communicate with the caregiver when necessary.  There is also a voice message feature that allows sending recorded messages instead of making live voice calls.

Powered by a 500mAh battery that delivers for up to 60 hours, the device requires a SIM card to function. It’s noteworthy that the device doesn’t come with the SIM card included.

What we like

  • Wearable (as a watch)
  • Includes LBS technology for increased accuracy
  • Instant, real-time tracking
  • No need for a prepaid SIM
  • Voice call and voice messaging feature
  • Small and lightweight

What we dislike

  • Prepaid SIM card required (not included)
  • Setup isn’t easy
  • Not-so-good Amazon.com rating

GPS bracelets for seniors: Are there any good options?

No doubt, your best bet is a GPS tracking device that can be worn discreetly on the monitored individual — such as a GPS tracker made into a wearable bracelet.

It’s quite understandable that a pocket GPS tracker or any other type that is too obvious will most likely be thrown away by the monitored senior. And that’s why wearable GPS trackers (bracelets, necklaces, watches, shoes, etc.) are more preferable.

Having recently discovered the booming demand — and the increasing number of Google searches — for GPS tracking bracelets, I decided to conduct some extensive research to figure out the best options available. (Just so you know, I’m an avid web researcher and product reviewer). And what I found out might shock you.

While scouring the web for the best GPS tracking bracelets available, I couldn’t find any — in short. From Amazon and other reputable online retailers to Q&A sites and forums, I was unable to find a good or reliable product.

On Amazon, Walmart and few other online retail stores, there were no GPS trackers in the form of a bracelet — as at the time of this writing. While I stumbled on a few product review posts that promoted GPS tracking bracelets, I soon discovered that none of them is presently available in the market. And according to what I found out, these products either delivered poorly or their production stopped for other reasons.

So, long story short, there are NO reliable GPS tracking bracelets in the market at the moment — as at the time of this writing. If you disagree, you can do your search.

GPS watches for elderly: Are they worth considering?

During my web search for good alternatives to GPS bracelets, I found some GPS necklaces, few watches, and few shoes. While the idea of GPS shoes might sound alluring, I found only one brand, for which I found no single buyer review. So, I really can’t recommend that.

As for the GPS watches, most of the ones I found were not really GPS locators. They’re fitness watches with in-built GPS function, which helps to improve the accuracy of steps and activity. Again, they can’t help to find lost individuals. And the few ones I found that can really work as GPS locators had very bad reviews on Amazon.com. An example is the ERAY GPS Tracker watch, which had an overall rating of 2 stars out of 5 as at the time of this writing. So, I hold that they’re not all that reliable.

Last update on 2021-06-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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