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skype devices for elderly

Skype Devices for Elderly to Communicate

Making our elderly relatives happy and at ease is easier than one would think. Most of them only want a little bit of attention, they just want to be part of our lives. A way to alleviate their feelings of neglect and abandonment is by keeping in touch. Check in on them once in a … Read more

senior golf balls

Senior Golf Balls for Elderly in 2022

Golf has been one of the most popular senior sports for decades and remains still to this day. Even though lots of equipment has changed over the years, there are many aspects of the sport that rarely changes. Despite being simple in concept, one piece of equipment seems to undergo a redesign any time there … Read more

best golf clubs for senior ladies

Best Golf Clubs for Senior Ladies

Golf is one of those sports that is often associated with grace, sophistication, luxury, and of course, fun. Golf is also equally loved by the youth and those that are, well, young at heart. This sport is multi-generating because it is the perfect combination between a challenging activity and an easy-going game. You are not … Read more

best golf clubs for senior men

Best Golf Clubs For Senior Men to Shoot Under Par

Golf is a game for all ages. It’s something you can play no matter how young or old you are – and there are indeed many senior golfers making the rounds. Unfortunately, getting older can change how you play golf. No matter how gracefully you age, we all lose some strength and flexibility when we … Read more

reminder devices for elderly

Reminder Devices for Elderly Medicines and Tasks

Remembering to complete our daily tasks and honoring our commitments can be hard for anyone, but it is especially the case for elderly people. They have the added factor of a deteriorating memory to deal with, not to mention other physical manifestations of their age. This would not be much of a problem, if these … Read more

senior golf tees

Senior Golf Tees to Golf Better

It’s been said that a golf tee is as close as you can come to cheating without actually doing it. At the beginning of each hole, you can place your tee in your desired spot, within the tee markers, of course.  The tee then elevates the ball off the ground and creates the perfect hovering … Read more

types of wheelchairs for elderly

Most Common Types Of Wheelchairs For Elderly

There are so many types of wheelchairs for the elderly that we’ve seen many get baffled. Sources online don’t make it any easier. They provide a long list of categories that changes depending on which site you’re browsing. Some even go on and add a few semi-imaginary names, purely their own invention, to the mix. … Read more

senior golf swings

Senior Golf Swing Tips For Elderly Golfers

Playing golf isn’t the same for all age groups. Elderly golfers find themselves struggling with various problems, starting right from lower back pain and fatigue. How do you counter that? By playing the game better and more effectively than before. Senior golf swings only need slight improvements and they can be as effective and surprising … Read more

best wheelchairs for elderly

Best Wheelchairs For Elderly in 2022

Wheelchairs are a great mobility aid. Assistive seating is a daily life aid that’s recommended more often than any other type of assistance for the elderly or adults with health issues. The market is oversaturated with many brands fighting for the limelight, bringing in new technologies and innovation in the way we use these mobility … Read more

exercise for elderly in wheelchairs

Exercise For Elderly In Wheelchairs To Get Stronger

The fact that exercise helps improve fitness is a well-known one. However, what only a few fully grasp is that exercising also helps mitigate stress, improve the mood, and enhance day-to-day life in general in many ways. Exercise for elderly in wheelchairs is equally important for all these benefits. It’s not just about fitness, it’s … Read more