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Best Comfortable Shoes for Older Ladies

best comfortable shoes for older ladies

It is a known fact that women love shoes. And finding the best comfortable shoes for older ladies can be a challenging task. Shoes have been an important part of our lives but as you get older, you have to…
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Best Mattresses (Beds) for Elderly Seniors

best mattresses beds for seniors elderly

When it comes to sleep, there are two categories of persons that need to get the best out of their sleep time each night: small kids and the elderly. Unfortunately, while small kids are always properly taken care of in…
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Best Golf Clubs for Seniors (2017 Review)

best golf clubs for seniors elderly

Golf is one of the best recreational sports for seniors and the elderly. To date, it remains the only sport that the aged can safely engage in, to exercise their bodies and gain recognition for their individual talents and shooting…
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Best Shower Seats for Elderly Seniors

best shower seats for elderly seniors

Bathing is fun, no doubt. However, when you cross your 60th birthday, you’re more than likely to find that bathing is no longer pure fun or an avenue to simply relax and revel in the moment. It becomes a risky…
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Best High/ Higher Toilets for Elderly Seniors

high higher toilet seats for elderly seniors

Answering nature’s call (by way of defecating) is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re less than 50 years. However, as soon as you clock 50, waist issues and other allied health challenges make it almost impractical to bend, squat or remain…
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Best Walkers with Seats for Elderly Seniors

best walkers for seniors with seats

Walking, running and jumping are all pretty easy if you’re less than 60 years old. As a matter of fact, you can afford to do all these without conscious thought, as they are activities that are (normally) reduced to second…
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Best Stationary Exercise Bikes for Seniors

best stationary exercise bikes for seniors

The years of ‘seniorhood’ are truly golden, gray, and filled with awesome memories and good old wisdom of yore 🙂 However, as every elderly person or caregiver knows and thoroughly understands, these years are also the years of failing health…
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