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Best Portable Commodes for Elderly Seniors (Review)

Although the word commode can be confusing, the most common interpretation especially when it’s used with regards to seniors is “a chair bearing a chamberpot or potty within its seat”. While one might think that commodes are archaic or are…
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Best GPS Necklace for Seniors/ the Elderly (Review)

gps necklace for seniors

Since they first became available, GPS trackers have been helpful in various ways. Aside many other uses, they are now used to track the movement of individuals, especially seniors and patients battling with diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Such individuals…
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3 Best Exercise Chairs for Seniors (Elderly People)

If you’re looking to buy the best exercise chairs for seniors or elderly people, you’re just on the right page. Here, you’ll learn important information such as the importance of exercise for seniors and what to look for when shopping…
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Best Bed Rails for the Elderly (Seniors)

If you’re looking for information on how to choose the best bed rails for elderly seniors, you’re just on the right page. The market abounds with bed rails of several different types and brands, and making the right choice can…
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Best Bath Chairs for the Elderly (Seniors)

Ordinarily, a good number of basic daily activities such as vacuum cleaning, gardening, lawn mowing, bathing, and so on are best done in the standing position. However, due to aging, elderly people are unable to stand for as much time…
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